Furious Angels: Chapter Three

December 17, 2008 at 2:06 am (Furious Angels) ()

Chapter 3


Scene 1:  Diggory and Moose are sitting at desks across from each other in a classroom.  Diggory is flipping through a textbook while Moose mainly just stares, bored.


Moose:  So Dig good buddy, you’ve been awfully academic this evening.


Diggory:  I’m entirely surprised you know words that large.


Moose:  I may appear to be a dumbass but I have much more to talk about than tits and beer.


Diggory:  Such as?


Moose:  Go ahead, try and philosophize with me.


Diggory:  Philosophize?  You flipped through a dictionary and memorized a few choice words, is that it?


Moose:  Go ahead.  Ask me what I think the purpose of life really is.


Diggory:  First, why would I care about the purpose in life?  Secondly, why would I care about your take on the ultimate question?


Moose:  Boredom and more boredom.


Diggory:  (Pause).  Fine, all I’m doing is looking ahead in this textbook anyway.  Give me the gospel according to Moose.


Moose:  S’no gospel so much as a theory on why we’re all here.


Diggory:  And it is?


Moose:  What else?  Humans have got to procreate.


Diggory:  That simple?


Moose:  That simple.


Diggory:  Huh.


Moose:  On the surface, very simple.  But it goes deeper.  Why are we programmed to procreate?


Diggory:  Simple survival of the species.  All creatures large and small have it programmed in their heads to continue on no matter what.


Moose:  And we’re pushed towards sex as a primary goal?  Or is it further than that?  Is there a desire to create something that loves us back?  Similar to what God supposedly did in the beginning?


Diggory:  (Sarcastic).  Oh, so deep.


Moose:  Hey piss off Dig.  You got any prospects?


Diggory:  Meaning?


Moose:  Any ladies in which to attempt procreation?  Or should I be more blunt?  You got any girls you’re tryin’ ta do?


Diggory:  It’s none of your business really.


Moose:  It’s always my business.


Diggory:  Why do you care anyway?  What is so damn interesting about me and my life, huh?  Is there really such a fascination with seeing me in misery?


Moose:  What, you think I’m always in such a fuckin’ great mood just because I look like I’ve got it all?  Come on, I’m just as lonely as the next guy.  That’s why I pester you when I get the chance.  You talk back to me, and it’s not because you have to.  I’m surrounded by a bunch of idiots who’d give me a hand-job if I told them to, but I have no one around me that’ll tell me when I’m being a prick or even truly listen when I’ve got something possibly valuable to say.


Diggory:  Huh, I never really knew.  Dang, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it.


Moose:  Well it hurts man.  I go to bed alone more than I go to bed with a sorority chick, you know?  Maybe I’m just looking for some common connection with anyone.  So you wanna be nice to me for a change?


Diggory:  Me?  Be nice?


Moose:  You know what I mean.  There a girl you’re chasing?


Diggory:  Sure, there’s a girl I’m interested in.


Moose:  Name?


Diggory:  Angela.  I’ve been seeing her for nearly a month now.


Moose:  Oh really?  How’d you meet her?


Diggory:  Promise not to judge?


Moose:  Yes.  (Crosses his fingers behind his back).


Diggory:  Alright, it happened somewhat like this…


Scene 2:  School library.  Diggory is sitting at one table, studying.


Diggory narration:  It was a little before finals last term.  I was in the library studying the best I could so I didn’t fail.  I needed at least a C+ in one class, so I was actually trying.  And then she kinda walked into my life and changed my priorities.


-Angela walks in and sits down across from Diggory, pulling out her own book, beginning to read it.


-Diggory looks up and takes notice of Angela.


Diggory narration:  I know, it’s clichéd and all, but she looked like some heavenly being at the moment.  Something inside me just got the notion to talk to her, which was something I’m not exactly known for doing, when it comes to women anyway.  Sadly though, I didn’t have anything to talk to her about.  She wasn’t studying a textbook from a class I was familiar with, and I knew her from nowhere, so conversation was all but impossible.


-Angela keeps flipping through pages.


-Diggory flicks his pencil onto the floor next to her and dives down to grab it.


Diggory narration:  Yeah, it wasn’t the most original plan, or very smooth, but I needed any way to even get closer to her.  Call it a form of stalking, but I knew what that little voice inside me was wanting, and it was her.


-Diggory looks up, hoping to catch eyes with Angela.  She doesn’t respond.


-Diggory clears his throat.  No response.


Diggory:  (Holds up the pencil he flicked).  Is this yours?


Angela:  (Flatly responds).  No.


Diggory:  Oh…you sure?


Angela:  Very.  I saw you throw it, and I didn’t bring one.


Diggory:  Oh…right…silly me…haha…


-Diggory begins to get up.


Angela:  So?


Diggory:  Huh?


Angela:  Oh, right, like you weren’t just having a lapse of common sense.  Are you just going to bumble around or are you gonna try talking with me?


Diggory:  Oh…I guess I’ll try talking.


Angela:  (Puts her book down).  Well?


Diggory:  (Seems somewhat flustered and nervous).  Uh…I’m…(Shakes his head and throws his hand out).  My name’s Charlie.  Charlie Diggory!  And you’re extremely cute.


Angela:  (She looks down at Diggory’s hand, then back up to him, and back down again.  Finally she breaks and busts up laughing).  Ahahahaha!  Oh no, no I’m sorry, I just wanted to see how long it’d take before you started talking to me!  Hahaha, oh, my name’s Angela.


Diggory:  (Smiles).  Angela?  That’s a pretty name.


Angela:  Yeah yeah, don’t patronize me, it’s just a name.  (Smiles).  So, what’s your story?


Diggory narration:  We talked for the rest of the night.  About all kinds of stuff, more than just school anyway.  I told her how I was studying theology and she put me through my paces with some harder philosophical questions, but we kept coming to agreements and compromises.  It almost felt like the kind of thing that’d happen between a couple.  A real couple.  I told her about my life, and she listened intently, actually caring what I had to say.  She even sympathized with me at times.  Eventually we’d talked so long they closed the library down on us and kicked us out.  I asked if she’d like to come back to my apartment but she said no, which was fine since we’d just met anyway and I hadn’t expected anything more than a pleasant conversation at best.  But she said she wanted to meet the next day and keep talking, so we did.


Scene 3:  Back with Diggory and Moose in the classroom.


Diggory:  It’s been that way for roughly a month now.


Moose:  Wow, that is pretty fuckin’ lame Dig.  (Laughs).


Diggory:  (Pissed).  Yeah, thanks for being all understanding, friend.


Moose:  Oh don’t get snippy with me.  Is this shit legit?


Diggory:  Is what legit?


Moose:  Your relationship?  You seal the deal, my friend?


Diggory:  We’re seeing each other regularly, if that’s what you’re after.


Moose:  That’s not.  No, I mean, have you put it in her yet?  (Getting all patronizing).  And what I mean by that is, have you fucked her?


Diggory:  (Really pissed).  Hey!  Watch your mouth.


Moose:  Dig, let me ask you a question, a very personal question.


Diggory:  No.


Moose:  Have you ever fucked a woman before?


Diggory:  (Flabbergasted).  What?


Moose:  (Getting in Diggory’s face).  I said, have you ever, fucked, a woman?


Diggory:  (Beginning to fume).  Don’t you ever talk about Angela or any other woman like that.  Ever!


Moose:  Heh, I see I’ve struck a nerve.  I’d expect about as much from a virgin like yourself.


Diggory:  Well, go screw yourself, I don’t care what you think about me.  Just leave my love life out of this.


Moose:  Hahahaha!  But it’s soooo interesting, isn’t it guys?


-The doors swing open and a dozen frat boys walk in, one holding a video camera.


Diggory:  (His eyes are narrow.  He’s almost unable to understand).  What the hell is this?


Moose:  Meh, I got bored waiting around just so some stupid professor could make a ridiculous point, so I texted my buddies and asked ‘em to make it interesting.  (Turns to one of them).  Hey, you get virgin-boy’s testimony on tape?


Philip:  (Holds up the camera).  Yep, right here.


Diggory:  (Gritting his teeth, furious).  What?


Moose:  Say hello to the camera Diggory.  It was such a heartfelt story.  Charming.  The internet’s sure to find it thrilling.


Diggory:  (Leaps up).  Gimmie that tape!


Philip:  (Keeps moving back so that Diggory can’t grab the camera from him).  Hey hey, stop movin’, it’s hard to center you when you keep movin’ like this.  (The other frat boys and Moose laugh).


Diggory:  (Points at Moose).  You


Moose:  Yeah what?


Diggory:  What was all that about wanting someone to connect to, huh?


Moose:  (Shrugs).  Like I said, I was bored.  I’ll let you decide for yourself how much was horseshit and how much wasn’t.


Diggory:  You’re all bastards, you know that?


Moose:  (Angered).  Hey, don’t you talk to them like that.  These here are my dear friends, and I don’t appreciate that sort of talk regarding my friends, you hear?


Diggory:  (Clenches his fist).  Well then piss off, because I’m sick of being treated like your little toy.


Moose:  Haha, are you guys seeing this?  Philip, you getting this on camera?


Philip:  Yeah, it’s just priceless.


Moose:  Dig, sit your ass down and study.


Diggory:  No, I’m tired of having you dick me around all the time.


Moose:  OoOoOoOoh~.  Aren’t we so scared guys?  (All the frat boys laugh).  Dig, I’m not telling you again.  Sit your ass down and study.


Diggory:  (Unclenches his fists and takes a deep breath).  Ha, you’re right Moose.  It’s not worth it to try fighting you all.  You’re all worthless scumbags anyway, so why bother?


Moose:  (Rolls his eyes and laughs).  Hehehe…Diggory Diggory Diggory…  (Kicks Dig in the side of the head, knocking him down).  Stop acting like a hero or some shit.  It doesn’t suit you.  That’s all fiction anyway.


Diggory:  (On the ground.  He coughs a bit).  Koff, hakoff…Moose, I truly pity you and your bunch sometimes, you know that?


Moose:  Shove it ass-hat.  (Gives Diggory a swift kick to the face.  He starts to unzip his fly).  Little prick, you’re worthless.  (Begins taking a leak on Diggory.  A few of the other frat boys join in while laughing).  Haha, boys, let’s leave this piss-stained loser where he belongs.  We’ve got better things to do.  We’re goin’ hunting for bitches tonight.  Especially ones named Angela.


Diggory:  (From the ground).  You assholes!


Moose:  See ya, Dig.  (He and the other frat boys leave as Diggory writhes around on the ground).


Diggory:  (Gets to his feet).  Sorry professor; this seriously isn’t worth it anymore…  (Hobbles out the door).


Scene 4:  A college apartment.  Diggory stumbles up to the door and knocks.  Adam answers the door.


Adam:  Charlie?


Diggory:  Adam, I-


Adam:  Oh hell, Charlie, what happened?  Come on, please come in.  (Takes him in).  I thought you were in some study thing or something?


Diggory:  Yeah I was.


Adam:  (Cuts him off).  Sit down, please.


Diggory:  (Sits on the couch as Adam runs into the bathroom).  I was.  Moose was there, too, and eventually so were his frat buddies.


Adam:  (From the bathroom).  I’d expect about as much.  So you ended up ditching the assignment?


Diggory:  Under the circumstances, yeah, it seemed only fair.  (Adam comes back into the room with band-aids and a washcloth).  If the professor has a problem with it I’ll explain it to him as rationally as possible before breaking his jaw.


Adam:  (Nurses Diggory’s cuts).  You know, it’s a lot harder to break a guy’s jaw than you think, though that’s a good place to start if you’re just trying to knock them unconscious.


Diggory:  And you know all about fighting?


Adam:  No, I know all about running, hiding, and generally not getting myself into a situation where I’m bound to get hurt.  Try that Charlie, you’ll find it works pretty damn well sometimes.


Diggory:  Hey, I don’t start fights and I don’t get myself into trouble.  I just find myself-


Adam:  (Cuts him off.  Stands up).  I’ll be right back, keep talking.  (Walks into his bedroom).


Diggory:  I find myself repeatedly harassed by the same bunch of guys over and over again.  It’s almost too cliché.


Adam:  (Walks back into the room with a shirt).  No Chuck, it is cliché.  (Tosses the shirt to Diggory).  Here, put this on.  You smell like piss.


Diggory:  (Taking off his shirt).  Ha, yeah, thank Moose and his pledge brothers for that.  (Puts on the shirt Adam gave him).


Adam:  So let me try and piece what I’m gonna assume happened: Moose and you got to talking, he pretended to be nice and got you to tell him something juicy, then his frat brothers join in, beat you up, piss on you, and leave to go get stinkin’ drunk.


Diggory:  Yes yes and mostly yes.  I told Moose about Angela.  Then he laughed and got in my face about whether I was a virgin.


Adam:  (Pats his chest and smiles).  Still one myself.  Savin’ myself.


Diggory:  Not that you’re really with a choice in the matter though, huh?


Adam:  Hey now, I could easily have gone down the frat path and been sleeping with God-knows how many girls a night, but I chose not to.  Just because you don’t own a gun doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean something to say “I’d never take a life.”


Diggory:  Well you really never know until you’re standing there with a gun to someone’s head.


Adam:  Point taken.


Howls from outside:  (Drifting in through the window).  WooooOOO!  Bitches be SMOKIN’!  HAhahahaHAHAAha!  (Sounds of car tires screeching around corners can be heard).


Diggory:  Sounds like Moose’s kind.


Adam:  Probably.  Wouldn’t doubt it anyway.  Charlie, you can rest here tonight if you’d like.


Diggory:  Thanks Adam; I appreciate it.


Adam:  Yeah yeah, I’m great, I know.  Night Chuck.


Diggory:  (Smiles).  No slumber party?


Adam:  (Smiles back).  I’ve got class in the morning.  Night Chuck.  (Flips the lights off).


Scene 5:  (Morning as the professor walks down the hallway and into his classroom).


Professor:  Well, let’s see if my little experiment worked.  (Rolls his eyes).  I’m betting the bastards left.  (Opens the door.  The curtains are drawn, so it’s relatively dark still).  Ah, and my instinct is dead on.  Didn’t even have the courtesy to lock up or open the curtains or anything.  (Places his briefcase down on the desk).


Donovan:  (Seated in a desk in the darkened area of the classroom).  Professor Dover?


Professor:  (Jumps a bit).  Oh!  Ho, my word, I’m sorry.  You scared me a bit there.


Donovan:  I’m a scary individual.


Professor:  Can I help you?


Donovan:  (Getting up and walking slowly around towards the professor).  You a professor of theology?


Professor:  Yes.  Ancient religions and such.


Donovan:  We could really use someone who knew much about the old stuff.


Professor:  What is this all about?


Donovan:  I have an offer for you. (Comes into the light with a wicked grin holding his pistol-blade).  I suggest you take it.


End of Chapter 3



  1. The King of Zing said,

    First of all… Yes, I absolutely have no life and so I comment a lot on your stuff… lol… Hopefully you find it helpful in some way… Though of course I myself am not a ‘writer’ like yourself, just a reader who has thoughts on what he reads, so in the end you definitely are the expert on whether or not to take what I say and use it or not.

    First of all I finally had a good idea for what you could instead of had Moose and Diggory do! You know how sometimes around campus the psychology students are asking people to come and do some sort of survey or experiment for like $20? Well, you could have Diggory and Moose sign up for the same experiment… Diggory because he is legit interested in it and Moose because he wants the money/he finds out Diggory is doing it and so Moose makes his plan to embarrass him in the way that you had above… It could even be run by the same teacher as a “supervisor” or something or maybe the experiment is in conjuction with some sort of theology thing as well and that is why Dover is there as well. I don’t know, just a thought, and something that I think would be a little bit more realistic and believable.

    Overall I really liked this chapter… Especially how hardcore it gets with Diggory and Moose… Though I would say that instead of pissing on him you should have Moose tea bag or mushroom slap him or something… I say this because in most cases these “frat” guys always take it to the most extreme and to the almost most “gay” when trying to humiliate someone… So yeah, just a thought.

    Also, the vocabulary of Moose is a little off… I have many frat buddies and they don’t really hardly ever use phrases such as “put it in her” or even “fucked”… They take it to a whole new level of crude with newly termed phrases such as “I’d pee in her butt” when talking about a girl they would like to sleep with and such other phrases as “she gargled my balls” and other stuff like that… Try and infuse things like this and other stuff you have heard into his speech, as it will make him all the more “frat boy” like.

    I like where you went with the whole video taping Diggory… I still feel like this relationship between Diggory and Moose would still be more believable in a high school setting, but it still seems to work I guess. Who is Phillip? What ever happened to Ox? That was the other character in the DuckU show right or am I forgetting the other name? I can’t remember.

    Anyways, other than all that I LOVED THE ENDING to this chapter. Great cliff hanger, and I love what you have been doing with the Donovan character great stuff… I can’t wait to buy the action figure with kung fu grip and pistol-blade accessory!!! lol.

    • eclipsestar said,

      I love the idea of it being a study. That makes a lot of sense, so I’ll put that in the next rewrite.

      However, I stand by how Moose talks. I realize that not all frat boys talk like that, instead opting to make up their own terminology, but Moose isn’t supposed to be a funny character, he’s supposed to be slightly dangerous. Within my realm of thought, I can see someone saying what Moose says, but only if they’re the kind of person who has no human decency. That’s defense of Moose anyway. Ox is still in the story, but Phillip is just a name for the sake of having a name. My dad suggested trying to give names to more characters since it gets dull reading everyone as “Thug 1” and “Frat Boy 3,” so that’s why Phillip shows up.

  2. The King of Zing said,

    Well, Moose is definitely dangerous… But if you are wanting him to be dangerous why do you imply that some of the emotional stuff that he told Diggory might be true? I mean, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of Moose in a way if you have him reaching out to Diggory?

    Oh and I’m glad that you liked my idea! Glad to help.

    • eclipsestar said,

      Yes and no. By implying that much of what Moose said is most likely true, it makes him a more believable character since a lot of times the “purely evil” character just doesn’t make sense. Moose is still human despite how dangerous he’s supposed to be. I feel that showing he has an emotional side makes him more dangerous rather than less since it means he might actually have motivation behind what he’s doing. Lashing out against Diggory to cover for his own inadequecies puts him in the realm of reason rather than the realm of evil for evil’s sake. To have Moose reach out to diggory in a way shows that he does have the ability to be good, but ultimately he’ll choose otherwise. It’s all about choices. 🙂

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