Furious Angels: Chapter Six

December 17, 2008 at 2:10 am (Furious Angels) ()

Chapter 6


Scene 1:  Diggory’s apartment.  Diggory is laying in bed as Angela is looking down at him.


Angela:  (Just her voice is heard, as if from a distance).  Diggory…?  (Camera is looking up at Angela, blurry but slowly becoming steady).  Diggory?  Are you alright?


Diggory:  (Laying on a bed).  Angela…?  Where am I…?


Angela:  Your apartment.  I brought you here after I found you lying on your back in the dirt.  Are you injured?


Diggory:  (Sitting up).  No, I don’t think so.  How long have I been out?


Angela:  A little over a day now.  What happened?


Diggory:  I don’t remember exactly.  I was talking with Donovan and then…  (Clenches his fist.  It crackles with a spark of electricity).  It’s true…?


Angela:  (Gasps).  Oh no…what has happened to you?


Diggory:  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing happened to me.  Except now I’m capable of getting everything I’ve always wanted.


Angela:  You need to rest.  You’re not well.


Diggory:  You know, you lied to me.


Angela:  What?


Diggory:  You lied to me Angela.  (Standing up, advancing on her).  You knew all along and you never said anything?  You knew what I could become and you never offered to give me the power first?


Angela:  I never lied to you!  It’s not that simple!


Diggory:  Like hell it isn’t!


Angela:  It isn’t!  Trust me on that!


Diggory:  Why didn’t you ever approach me?!


Angela:  Because it doesn’t work like you think it does!


Diggory:  Stop lying to me!


Angela:  I’m not!  Diggory, I knew you were a good person!  You were just as strong the way you were!  You didn’t need anything else!


Diggory:  Lies!  (Angela is pushed back as he yells this, a quick quake accompanying this).


Angela:  So that’s it huh?  That’s how it’s going to be?


Diggory:  I’m done talking to you right now.


Angela:  For good?


Diggory:  I have something to take care of.  (Closes his eyes).


Angela:  Diggory don’t!  (He disappears with a flash, causing Angela to cover her eyes).  Diggory!



Scene 2:  A stage has been set for a fighting tournament hosted by Moose’s fraternity.  Hundreds are crowded around to watch this.  Moose is walking around with his frat buddies to ensure everything’s fine.


Moose:  (Walking up to one of his frat buddies).  Everything about ready?


Ox:  Yep, we can get started.


Moose:  Excellent.  (Walks over to another guy who’s standing in the middle of the stage holding a microphone).  I’ll take it from here.  (Grabs the microphone from the guy).  Laaaadiiiies and geeeeeentlemeeeeen!  Welcome to our little event!  Y’all ready for some entertainment?  (The crowd cheers).  That’s what I thought!  Tonight we’re pleased to present to you all a somewhat return to the glory of the older generations.  I’m talkin’ old, old generations, ya know?  (Moose winks.  More cheers).  We’ve got a number of strong, brave, and generally stupid , (chuckles from the crowd), men ready here tonight to pound each other until we can hardly tell ‘em apart.  How does that sound?  (Huge cheers).  Remember, please put all proceeds you’d like to donate tonight into the jar at the entrance.  You did donate, right?  (Mugging to the audience.  They all cheer).  I’m glad to hear it, otherwise we might have to send some of you into center stage where our “volunteers” will go about collecting your donations.  (Crowd laughs again).  That’s about enough from me though, wouldn’t you say?  Let’s see some fighting!  (Huge cheers again).


Diggory:  (Walking into the area, slowly up to the stage where one of the frat boys is stretching his arms).  Yes. Let’s see some fighting.


Moose:  (Swivels around, very surprised.  He covers the microphone).  Dig?


Diggory:  (Smiling with confidence we’ve yet to see him with).  Why so surprised Moose?  I believe this is an open tournament with all proceeds going to your frat, right?


Moose:  Hey hey, that’s “fraternity,” okay?  You don’t call a “country” a “cunt,” you don’t call a “fraternity” a “frat,” got it?


Diggory:  Yes yes.  I wouldn’t want to damage your fraternity so badly with words when I could do much better in practice now would I?


Moose:  (Really confused).  What the hell you talkin’ about Dig?


Diggory:  You give fraternities a bad name, you realize that, Moose?  You and your ilk.  They’re not all bad, but we can’t help but think of your gang when we need to stereotype.


Ox:  (Still stretching his arms on the main stage.  He’s shirtless and looking ready for a fight).  Hey Moose, can we just start thus, eh?


Moose:  Right you are because it’s time to begin.  I’ll even give you the pleasure of knocking Diggory on his ass there.  (Very snide to Diggory).  Funny, I wouldn’t have expected you walking around much after yesterday.


Diggory:  Neither would I.


Moose:  Hey Ox, go ahead and beat the bastard a little harder than yesterday, eh?


Ox:  (He begins pounding his fists).  No problem chief.


Moose:  Hey Dig, maybe this time you’ll learn something when we try and teach it to you.  (Back on the microphone).  Ladies and gents, let tonight’s entertainment…BEGIN!


Ox:  (Slowly walking up to Diggory).  You know, it’s almost a shame you showed up, Dig.  Figured you must be with that whore of yours, right?  (Sneers at this).


Diggory:  (Just smiles back).  Riiiiiiight.


-Ox struts up to Diggory, ready to inflict some major harm.


-Diggory calmly walks up to Ox and without much warning, brings his elbow down on Ox’s head, noticeably shattering Ox’s skull.


-Ox crumples, dead.


-The crowd seems confused, unsure what just happened or whether to cheer or scream.


Moose:  (Shocked).  What the hell just happened?


Diggory:  (Looks up at Moose).  I won.  Your turn next maybe?


Moose:  (Runs onto the stage, looking Ox over.  Ox is very clearly dead.  Moose is nearly at a loss for words).  He’s…he’s dead…?  (Looks up at Diggory, pissed).  He’s dead?!


Diggory:  (Very cold).  When you get yours, it’s gonna be a lot slower.


Moose:  (Rushes at Diggory, tears in his eyes).  You bastard!


-Moose runs at Diggory, winding up a punch and throwing it.


-Diggory catches the punch and pulls Moose’s arm forward, then brings his other elbow down onto Moose’s arm, breaking it.


-Moose drops down to his knees, yelling in pain.


Diggory:  (Looks around at the crowd, then over to the frat gang).  None of you are leaving here.


Frat Boy 2:  What…what’s going on here?!  That’s not Diggory guys!  It’s someone else!


Diggory:  A brilliant observation.  I can only assume your name’s “Weasel” or “Spud” or some other asinine excuse for a moniker.


Frat Boy 3:  (Not as bright as the others).  He’s getting’ fancy on us!  I don’t like that sorta shit!


Diggory:  Ah ah, there are women present.  (The crowd still hasn’t decided how to react).  And now I’m outta snarky comments.


-Diggory’s face becomes cold again as he looks to be in a battle stance.


-The frat gang doesn’t know whether to rush Diggory or flee.  Diggory chooses for them and disappears, reappearing in front of Frat Boy 3.


Frat Boy 3:  (Freaked out).  ‘Sa fuckin’ demon!


-Diggory slaps Frat Boy 3 in the mouth, removing his jaw.


Diggory:  I said watch that mouth.


-Diggory punches up through the opening in Frat Boy 3’s jaw and explodes his head.


-Now everyone, frat boys and the crowd watching, are sufficiently freaked.  Panic ensues.  The frat boys attempt to flee.


Diggory:  You don’t get to leave!  (Pounds both fists down onto the ground, creating a small quake that knocks the frat boys off their feet).


-Diggory leaps up and comes down on one of the frat boys’ stomach.


-The frat boy vomits blood and then promptly dies.


-Diggory disappears and then reappears in front of another frat boy, grabbing him by the throat and kneeing him in the stomach.


-Diggory tosses the frat boy up and grabs his foot, swinging him around increasingly faster.


-The frat boy’s head collides with the metal bleachers and explodes.


-Diggory throws the decapitated frat boy onto Frat Boy 4.


Frat Boy 4:  (Freaked out and trying to get the decapitated frat boy off him).  Oh shit!  Oh God!


-Diggory charges his hand up, then quickly moves to the side and fires a punch into the side of another frat boy, penetrating deep into his torso.


-The frat boy falls down, not dead but on his way.


Frat Boy 4:  (Looks up and sees Diggory make eye contact with him).  Oh!  Oh no!  Oh fuck!


-Diggory charges his hand again, causing it to glow.  He forms a static ball and hurls it at Frat Boy 4’s face.


Frat Boy 4:  Oh sh-!  (The static ball collides, blowing his head off).  GACK-!


-The frat boy who was punched in the side, continues to huddle over, clutching his bleeding side.  He coughs blood and falls over, dead.


Frat Boy 2:  (Picks up a trash can and throws it at Diggory.  It bounces off).  Hey fucker!  You’re not getting away with this!  (Picks up another trash can and throws it at Diggory).


-Diggory catches the metal trash can with one hand, crumpling the spot he grasped, then tears it in half.


Frat Boy 2:  (Extremely terrified).  Oh fuck!


-Diggory leaps up with his knees tucked under him and lands on Frat Boy 2’s shoulders, still holding the shredded metal trash can.


-Diggory pinches his knees together, then twists his hips, snapping Frat Boy 2’s head.


-Frat Boy 2 instantly falls as Diggory hops to his feet.


-Diggory looks off and sees the remaining frat boys running away again.  He flattens the metal halves he’s holding and hurls them both at the escaping frat boys.


-The deadly Frisbees slice three frat boys in half, very obviously killing them.


-Absolute panic has ensued from the crowd as everyone struggles to exit, pushing and shoving to get away, clearing out fairly quick.


Moose:  (Looks up, tears in his eyes, still holding his broken arm).  But…Charlie…


Diggory:  (Calmly and coldly walking back onto the stage).  No, it’s Diggory.  We’re not on a first-name basis.


Moose:  Why would you do this?


Diggory:  Because I can.


-Walks up to Moose and grabs him by his broken arm, dragging him.  Moose screams and tries punching at Diggory, but to no avail.


-Diggory flips Moose over and grabs his hand, making Moose stick his fingers straight out.


Diggory:  (Grabs each finger one by one and delivers his lines coldly).  This is for harassing Adam.  (Snaps Moose’s pinky finger.  Moose screams).  This is for starting fights with me.  (Breaks Moose’s ring finger).  This is for humiliating me.  (Breaks Moose’s middle finger).  On multiple occasions.  (Breaks Moose’s index finger and them his thumb).  And this is for even suggesting that Angela would be the type of woman who’d want to fuck you.  (Flips Moose onto his back while still holding Moose’s wrist, stomping on his shoulder and breaking his arm again.  Diggory twists and breaks it again.  And again).


-Diggory pulls Diggory over to the bleachers, grabs his face, and pushes it onto the cold metal.


-Moose struggles weakly against this but Diggory firmly twists his head and forces his mouth open and onto the edge of the metal bleachers.


Moose:  But…you’re a nice guy.


Diggory:  No one understands hate like a nice guy.


-Finishes Moose off by stomping the back of his head, shattering his entire skull and killing him completely.


-Moose’s foot twitches before he finally dies.


-Diggory still looks ready to fight, his eyes nearly showing flames in them.  The crowd has all but left, though their terrified screams can easily be heard.


Adam:  (Reaches out and gently touches Diggory’s shoulder from behind).  Chuck…?


-Diggory reacts instinctively by turning around and thrusting his elbow out into Adam’s throat.


-Adam grabs his collapsed throat and stumbles backwards, choking to death.


Diggory:  (Realizes what just happened.  His expression fades from hateful to sorrowful hoping to help Adam somehow).  Adam?  Adam no!  I didn’t mean…


-Adam falls down as Diggory holds him in his arms, looking him up and down, terrified.


Diggory:  Adam, please, I didn’t…I didn’t mean for this to happen…


-Tears have welled up in Diggory’s eyes, as well as Adam’s.


-Adam slowly just looks sadly at Diggory before finally dying.


Diggory:  (Shaking Adam, in shock).  Adam?  Adam?!  God please, Adam!  (Openly weeping, burying his head in Adam’s torso).


Angela:  (Walks up and stands over Diggory.  She looks very remorseful).  Oh Dig…what have you done?


Diggory:  (His head shoots up, surprised and still weeping, frantic).  I didn’t…please…help him…


Angela:  (She’s begun to cry as well).  I can’t.  He’s gone.


Diggory:  (Looks Adam over again).  But…there must be some way to save him.  (Looks up at Angela).  There has to be!


Angela:  There isn’t.  I’m so sorry Dig.


Lucifer:  (Walking into the area.  She seems rather uncaring of the situation).  If it brings you any comfort, he didn’t have a contract with our side.


Angela:  (Freaks out upon seeing Lucifer).  Lucifer…?


Diggory:  (Looks up, unsure of how to act).  You’re Lucifer?


Lucifer:  Yes.  I don’t typically make visits to Earth but it seems the situation warranted the exception.


Angela:  (Gets angry and up in Lucifer’s face).  The rules were clear on the matter.  Closers weren’t-


Lucifer:  (More bored by this accusation than anything).  Yes yes, Closers aren’t allowed to interfere with existing cases.  I know this, I helped agree on the rules.  Donovan’s the one who broke all these rules.  Now unfortunately that means I need to set things right.  (Turns to Diggory).  Charlie Diggory, I’m going to have to ask you to come with me.


Diggory:  No.  (Shakes his head, still devastated by the loss of his best friend).  No I’m staying here.


Lucifer:  Did I misspeak?  Unfortunately for you I own you now.  It was part of the deal that you foolishly agreed upon.  You’re coming with me before you do anything to make the situation worse.


Diggory:  I’ll never side with you…  Do you hear me?!


Lucifer:  (Undeterred).  Yes I hear you.


Angela:  (Sorrowful).  Dig, I don’t like this any more than you do…


Diggory:  Then help me!


Angela:  I tried!


Diggory:  No…no one tried to help me.  NO ONE!  Except for Donovan.


Lucifer:  He overstepped his boundaries and put everything in jeopardy and he will be severely punished.  He didn’t intend to help you; he did it for purely selfish purposes.  Now come with me before you accidentally kill someone else.


Diggory:  (He’s lost his mind at this point).  You think I’ll kill someone on accident huh?  (Clenches his fists).  Then what if I do it purposefully?  (Begins to cause everything to shake).  I’ll make you regret ever signing me!  (He tenses his entire body and starts making a massive earthquake).


Lucifer:  (Looks over to Angela, somewhat cautious.  She gets into a battle stance).  This is only going to get worst before it gets better…  (Everything fades out as Diggory begins screaming, violently shaking the area).


End of Chapter 6


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  1. The King of Zing said,

    So yeah, definitely a hardcore chapter. My favorite death had to be the one where Dig swipes off the frat boys jaw and then uppercuts his head into oblivion… Very badass and almost too much gore…lol. I’m kind of confused at why Adam was there… Doesn’t seem like a place that Adam would be at, and he also did not know for sure that Dig was going to be there…. Maybe you have Dig chase out after some of the frat boys… maybe Moose is running and whimpering in vain and Dig actually kills him out in the streets somewhere and then Adam would be more likely to be out there than in at the frat fight. Other than that a very entertaining and quick chapter… Once again a dark and bleek one, but a nice cliff hanger of a likely fight between Dig and Lucifer to keep the reader/viewer wanting more.

    I have to say though, I found the whole Moose being a ring announcer thing to be kind of lame and a little “DBZish” and a little “Karate Kidish”… I think you should probably get rid of that or make it more crude, like a frat boy just rambling about sex and beer and partying and seeing people fight than Moose “mugging” to the crowd. Just a thought.

    But yeah, still a crazy/gross chapter…lol.

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