Furious Angels: Chapter Seven

December 17, 2008 at 2:11 am (Furious Angels) ()

Chapter 7


Scene 1:  At the tournament area.  Diggory is powering up into what looks to be an explosion as Lucifer and Angela prepare themselves for whatever comes next.


Diggory:  (His fists are clenched and his body is tensed).  You may want to hold onto something…


Lucifer:  (Freaking out).  Boy!  Don’t do something you’ll regret!  (Turns to Angela).  Talk some sense into him!


Angela:  He’s not going to listen to me any more than he will you at this point!


Lucifer:  Well try!


Angela:  Diggory stop!


Diggory:  (Starts laughing).  Now that everyone sees what I’m capable of suddenly I’m worth their interest, huh?  (Closes his eyes).  Well here goes nothing!


-A flash comes from nowhere as something strikes Diggory in the stomach with a loud “BLOOM”, knocking the wind out of him.


-Diggory stops charging whatever and falls to his knees, holding his stomach and gasping for air.


-Both Lucifer and Angela are fairly confused at to what happened.


Lucifer:  (Looking around).  What was that?


Donovan:  (Suddenly coming into view standing between Diggory and the others).  Sorry kid; can’t have you wasting our chance just like that.


Angela:  Donovan!


Donovan:  Hey Angie.  Didn’t think I’d sit this out did you?


Diggory:  (Finally catching his breath).  Donovan…?  All this power…?


Donovan:  I told you it takes some getting used to, but it feels damned good, doesn’t it?


Angela:  You call murdering all these people damned good?


Donovan:  (Looks around a bit).  I will say this: I’m impressed with your handy work, though public places aren’t really the best to show off in.  Just too much attention.


Lucifer:  Well Donovan, I hate to say it but I’m actually glad you showed up.


Donovan:  Heh.  (Smirks).  I doubt you’ll be saying that in a moment or so.


Lucifer:  (Confused again).  What?  What do you mean by that?


Diggory:  I don’t regret these people…but Adam…why’d he have to die?  Why Donovan?!


Donovan:  You make it sound like I’m the one who punched him in the throat.


Diggory:  You tricked me, didn’t you?!


Donovan:  I offered you something worthwhile and you accepted; it’s as simple as that.


Diggory:  You didn’t tell me everything!


Donovan:  I’m from Hell; I’m not exactly inclined to be the example of truth and honesty.  That’s Angela’s job.


Lucifer:  Donovan, destroy Diggory before he has a chance to do something that’ll disrupt the agreement further!


Donovan:  No, I don’t think I’ll be doing that.


Lucifer:  What?!  Do it now!  (Her watch begins beeping).  What?  Already?


Donovan:  And it looks like your time here in the physical world is up.


Lucifer:  If I didn’t know any better, Donovan, I’d say you’re happy about that.


Donovan:  You should have left the affairs of mortals to those who were once mortal.


Lucifer:  I don’t care!  Just resolve this now!


Donovan:  (Turns on Lucifer and begins charging an energy blast in his hand).  Alright kid, if you do exactly as I say, this’ll all end wonderfully.


Lucifer:  What are you doing?!


Diggory:  (Angry).  What do you expect me to do?!


Angela:  Lucifer isn’t allowed to stay on Earth for longer than 5 minutes before he powers fade to near nothing.  It’s part of the agreed-upon terms so that she can’t interfere too heavily in the actual dealings.  You planned this the whole time, didn’t you Donovan?


Donovan:  I’m glad you’re catching on Angie.  Feel free to join in.


Lucifer:  Donovan, if you so much as attempt to do what I think you’re attempting to do…


Donovan:  Alright kid, on the count of three…


Diggory:  (Stands up, facing Donovan).  No.


Donovan:  Wh…what?


Diggory:  I see now.  You used me this whole time.  You were the one who thought I was weak.


Donovan:  (Getting frustrated).  Kid, no one here thinks you’re weak.  In fact I’m counting on the opposite but I need you to act now.


Lucifer:  Sorry to disappoint you Donovan, but you’re not going to be rid of me that easily.  (Begins to phase away).  Farewell for now!


Donovan:  Now!  Do it now!


Diggory:  NO!  (Instantly appears in front of Donovan and punches him in the chin, sending him skidding on his feet backwards).


Donovan:  (Shakes his head and looks up at Lucifer as she fades away, laughing and flipping him off).  No…  Damnit no!


Diggory:  I’m not your puppet!


Donovan:  (Angry and stressed).  I never said you were!  You were my partner in this!


Diggory:  I don’t like being used!


Donovan:  Either side would have used you just the same, except I gave you a third side to choose that required you to play an elaborate part and you threw it away!


Diggory:  No, there was a side that wasn’t about to use me.  Angela would never have used me.  She cared about me, and I made the mistake of throwing that away.


Donovan:  If she cares about you so much, where is she now?


Diggory:  Huh?  (Looks around.  Angela is gone).  Angie…?


Donovan:  Now what kid?  You happy with what’s happened?  You fucked it all up, you know that?


Diggory:  (Turns to Donovan, pissed).  I’ve had enough from you.


Donovan:  (Annoyed).  Oh God, please tell me you’re not about to do what I know you’re about to do.


Diggory:  (Furious, readying himself to attack).  I’ll kill you.


Donovan:  Too late, I’m already dead.


Diggory:  Then I’ll make you wish for a second death!


-Diggory rushes Donovan, takes a swing, and completely misses as Donovan steps to the side, swatting Diggory’s fist aside and hitting him with a punch of his own.


-Diggory recuperates quickly and throws another punch.  Donovan catches it and swivels around behind Diggory, punching him in the back of the head while still holding his wrist.


-Donovan holds onto Diggory’s wrist and pulls him into a heavy kick to his side that sends Diggory skidding onto the ground.


Donovan:  Don’t make a fool of yourself.  I’ve been doing this for a lot longer than you have, so there’s really no reason to fight.


-Diggory angrily gets up and takes a bunch of blind swings at Donovan, who doges each, blocking a few.


-Donovan finally elbows Diggory in the nose, sending him stumbling back again.


Donovan:  Do not do this.  Listen to me.


Diggory:  Listening you to got me in this mess to begin with.


Donovan:  No, not listening to me got you into this mess.  If you’d have attacked Lucifer with me when I told you to we’d have destroyed her and you’d be a damned hero!


Diggory:  Lies!


-Diggory leaps up and knees Donovan in the face.  Donovan flips backwards in the air, seemingly out of control.


-Donovan throws his arm out and grabs Diggory by his hair, jerking his head down and into Donovan’s knee as he swings it around.


-Diggory smashes into the metal bleachers, destroying them as he comes to a stop.


Donovan:  (Walking slowly towards Diggory).  How resilient do you think your new body will be?  Do you think you’ll be able to stand up after more like that?  Huh?  You should stay down if you know what’s smart.


Diggory:  (Gets up, wincing a bit).  Never!  (Grabs some of the twisted wreckage and pulls it free, swinging it at Donovan).


-Donovan throws his arm up and blocks the metal bleacher from harming him.  It bends with a “CLANG” as it hits Donovan’s forearm.


-Donovan reaches out and grabs the bleacher from Diggory, wrenching it from his grasp.  Donovan then swats Diggory downward with it.


Donovan:  (Tosses aside the bleacher and walks up to Diggory, pulling him up).  You’re not fairing too well, are you?


-Diggory tenses up, regaining his senses quickly.  He grabs Donovan’s collar and headbutts him with all his strength.


-Donovan screeches through the air, smashing into a small building a little bit outside the tournament area.


-The building caves in as Donovan leaps out from it, high into the air before landing relatively unharmed on the ground.


Donovan:  (Yells out at Diggory).  Not bad!  (Looks back over his shoulder).  Still, I think the point was for that to hurt me, right?  (Shrugs).  Oh well, what can you do?


-Donovan mockingly waggles a finger at Diggory before suddenly appearing in front of him.  Donovan pulls both fists back to one side, then double-fist smashes Diggory upwards in the head.


-Diggory is hurled viciously into the air.


-Donovan appears above Diggory and boots him in the face with both feet.


-Diggory is launched hurtling through the air, colliding with a number of high-rise buildings, smashing through them as he goes, finally losing momentum and falling to the street bellow.


-Donovan appears once more a few yards away and begins to walk towards Diggory.


Donovan:  So, you ‘bout ready to stop?


-Diggory surprisingly gets up, though bleeding, and makes a foolish rush at Donovan.


-Diggory rushes Donovan, taking a swing at his head and missing.  Donovan crouches and hits Diggory in the chest with an elbow.


Diggory stumbles back but quickly rushes Donovan with another punch at the head.  Donovan dodges this as well, doing a roundhouse elbow to Diggory’s back.


Donovan:  Damnit boy, stay down!


-Diggory instantly moves into Donovan, grabbing him by the throat.  Donovan struggles but can’t break the hold.  Diggory begins running while clutching Donovan’s throat, slamming him into the side of a building, continuing to run while dragging Donovan as he is smashed through whatever Diggory runs through.


Diggory:  You regretting this deal yet?


-Donovan grabs Diggory’s hand, yanking it down as Donovan punches upward, hitting Diggory with a serious uppercut.  Diggory is thrown upward through the current building being smashed through.


Donovan:  I’ve regretted nearly all the choices I’ve made up to a certain point…


-Donovan charges his hand up and sends a shockwave punch through the foundations of the building, bringing it down on Diggory.


-People in the streets have begun panicking and freaking out, some rushing away from the building as it collapses, some weeping as they witness what is clearly the end of a few dozen lives.


-Diggory leaps out from the top of the building high into the air, looking down at Donovan.


Donovan:  So, you’re progressing further into your abilities?


-Diggory lands a few feet in front of Donovan, starring him down.  He’s breathing hard but otherwise he looks relatively alright.


Donovan:  You might wish to cover your eyes.


-As the building finally entirely collapses a plume of dust is blown through the street, engulfing Diggory and Donovan.


-Both just stand motionless, staring each other down.


-The dust clears and Diggory is gone.


Donovan:  (Smiles).  Tricky little bastard…


-Donovan shoots his elbow out quickly behind him, slamming Diggory in the face as he reappears, rushing at Donovan to make an attack.


-Donovan turns and slaps Diggory on the side of the head, bopping his ear before slamming his fist down onto Diggory’s shoulder, forcing Diggory onto his back.


-Diggory grabs Donovan’s foot and yanks it out from under him, leaping up and coming down extremely hard with a punch to Donovan’s gut.


-With a loud “PLOOM” Diggory hits Donovan, who cries out in pain, as the street is cratered around them.


Diggory:  (Jumping aside, smiling to himself).  Tell me, do the dead feel pain?


Donovan:  (Gets up, still clutching his gut.  He eyes Diggory, finally pissed).  You tell me!


-Donovan uppercuts Diggory hard before disappearing and reappearing behind Diggory, striking him again and again and again in the same fashion of disappearing and reappearing around him, pummeling him repeatedly with all manner of blows.


-Donovan finishes his combo off by slamming Diggory in the face with both feet, sending him skidding on his back.


-Diggory gets up, somewhat wobbly, and charges his fist up.


Donovan:  What’s this…?


-Diggory’s hand continues to glow before he screams and throws a decent sized static ball at Donovan.


-Donovan quickly throws his arms up and blocks his face as the static ball explodes, looking worthless.


Donovan:  That’s it?


Diggory:  (Surprised).  What?


Donovan:  Given some time you really could have been a competent fighter.  Oh well, too bad.


-Donovan closes his eyes and clenches his fist, charging a real energy blast.  He begins to yell as the glow causes the whole area to become blinding.  He fires it, launching a massive energy beam at Diggory.


-Diggory worriedly looks at the beam as it’s coming towards him and prepares himself, tensing his entire body.



End of Chapter 7


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  1. The King of Zing said,

    AWESOME!!! Donovan is totally my hero now… I LOVE how much of an antihero he truly is!!! That plan to off Lucifer?… Truly brilliant and stupid Diggory had to go and mess it up, that would have been epic! And then the fight between Diggory and Donovan? Totally awesome, I loved it… Donovan is a badass… I think that the story arch in Eclipse Star entitled “Donovans Homecoming” shouldn’t be about Donovan the son of the Devil, but about Donovan from Furious Angels somehow making his way or being transported to the Eclipse Star world where he challenges the characters there… I think that would be awesome… just a thought… But you should really do it!

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