Furious Angels: Chapter One

December 17, 2008 at 2:03 am (Furious Angels) ()

Chapter 1


Scene 1:  Dark alleyway.  A man, (Donovan), slowly walks towards three other men while he starts to sing.


Donovan:  Like a sentence of death, I’ve got no options left, I’ve got nothin’ to show now.  I’m down on the ground, I’ve got seconds to live, and you can’t go now.  Because love, like an invisible bullet shot me down and I’m bleedin’, yeah I’m bleedin’.  And if you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.


Pulls up a pistol with a blade attached to it, shooting one man in the shoulder.  The actual song Furious Angels kicks in along with the title card.


-Man 1 stumbles as the other two scramble.


-Donovan zips over to Man 2, grabbing him by the face.


Donovan:  Huh-uh.


-Donovan throws Man 2 backwards.


-Man 3 runs past Donovan, getting a roundhouse kick to the chest that sends him into the side of the building.


-Donovan rushes to Man 3, pulling him to his feet before slamming an elbow down onto the side of his neck, breaking it.


-Man 3 crumples, dead.


-Man 1 stumbles up to his feet while holding his shoulder.  He turns and runs in the opposite direction.


Donovan:  Nope.


-Donovan shoots Man 1 in the foot.


-Man 1 falls onto his face, his foot blown off.


-Man 2 starts scrambling up the fire escape.


-Donovan looks up and smiles before running up the wall and leaping onto the fires escape.


Donovan:  Where are you going?


-Man 2 shakily pulls out a gun and fires it at Donovan.


-Donovan quickly leans out of the way as the bullet ricochets off of the metal fire escape, making a CLANG noise.


Donovan:  You shouldn’t have done that.


-Man 2 begins to weep, terrified, before trying to run back down the fire escape.


-Donovan jumps forward and stabs Man 2 in the back with the blade on his pistol.


-Man 2 yelps as Donovan pushes him over the edge of the fire escape railing.


-Donovan grabs Man 2’s foot, dangling him in the air.


Donovan:  Bet my offer sounds reeeeeally nice right about now, huh?


-Donovan drops Man 2.


-As Man 2 falls, Donovan appears from nowhere and kicks him in the stomach in mid-air.


-Man 2 lands in a heap on the ground, still breathing.


-Donovan appears again and grabs Man 2 by the mouth pulling him up again.


-Donovan thrusts his pistol-blade into Man 2’s stomach, slowly cutting him.


-Man 2 begins screaming violently, though these are muffled under Donovan’s gloved hand.


Donovan:  Shhhhhhh…


-Donovan pulls the blade out and slashes Man 2’s throat.


-Man 2 falls down gargling and holding his throat, finally falling over dead.


-Donovan looks over his shoulder at Man 1.


-Man 1 continues crawling away, frantic.


-Donovan runs and disappears, reappearing as he leaps over Man 1.


-Donovan stomps his feet down on Man 1’s back.


-Man 1 lets out another yelp.


-Donovan grabs Man 1 by the hair and tilts his head up.


Donovan:  This will all be over very soon.


-Donovan grabs the upper and lower parts of Man 1’s jaw and begins pulling Man 1’s head apart.


-Man 1 screams bloody murder as we hear the sound of his jaw being torn off.


-Donovan has a very demented smile on his face as blood begins squirting onto his cheeks and forehead.


-Finally, a loud CRACK is heard and Man 1 stops screaming.


Donovan:  Heh…


-Police sirens begin fading in from the distance.


-Donovan looks up and behind him as the sirens become louder.


-Light shines down the alleyway right before hitting Donovan.


-Donovan disappears.


-Alleyway is illuminated and reveals the bodies of the three murdered men.


-Police 1 walks into the alleyway with his gun drawn.


Police 1:  Holy God…


-Numerous police rush into the alleyway.


-Camera zooms up to the rooftops to reveal Donovan looming over the edge, crouched.


Donovan:  They should have taken my deal…


-Donovan turns and runs away as the camera fades to black.



Scene 2:  College classroom.  30-50 students are all sitting at their desks while a professor lectures at the front of the class.


-Student, (Diggory), stares blankly forward, his head resting on his folded arms.


Professor:  (Referring to the board periodically).  As you can see, previous cultures of the world saw it fit to practice their religion in a magnitude of different ways.  Can anyone give an example of a monotheistic religion?  (Looks around the class.  No one seems to say anything).  Come on people, this isn’t challenging.  Monotheistic.  Mono means one.  Nothing?  (Checks his class list).  Okay, so we’ll pick a name at random.  Charlie Diggory?  Hmh?  (Looks up).  Charlie, where are you?


Adam:  (Pokes Diggory and whispers to him).  Hey, Charlie, teacher’s calling on you.


Diggory:  (Looks up, confused).  Huh?


-General snickering from the class, particularly a bunch of jocks crowded together.


Professor:  Charlie, just answer my question.  This isn’t hard.


Diggory:  The question?


Professor:  Yes, the question.  That thing I just asked.


Diggory:  About…?


Professor:  Oh Lord…give me an example of a monotheistic religion!  C’mon!


Diggory:  Oh!  Oh yeah.  That’s a religion based upon the belief that there is one god and only one god.


Professor:  (Frustrated).  Yes, that’s the definition.  Gimmie an example.


Moose:  (One of the jocks).  Flying Spaghetti Monster!  (Starts laughing while his gang begins laughing as well).


Diggory:  (Looks back and nods along).  Hah, yeah, thanks guys.


Professor:  Okay, yes, despite how ridiculous it sounds, that is a monotheistic belief system.  (Looks at Diggory again).  Couldn’t even risk a guess and make an ass of yourself Charlie?


Moose:  Yeah good job Dig!  (Throws a wad of paper at Diggory, bouncing it off his head).


Professor:  Hey hey, that’s enough.  Watch your attitude, Stevens, alright?


Adam:  (Leans in to Diggory to whisper).  Dude, why aren’t you paying attention?


Diggory:  I’m tired, that’s all.


Adam:  So get more sleep.


Diggory:  It’s not that simple.  My mind won’t turn off long enough to get any rest.


Adam:  You could do like those other guys, (flash to Moose and his group laughing in the corner), and get trashed on a nightly basis.  I don’t see them having much trouble sleeping or turning their brains off.


Diggory:  I’m not the drinking type.


Adam:  Well neither am I.


Diggory:  It’s just…well there’s this girl.


Adam:  Yeah, this sounds great, but let’s save it for when we’re not supposed to be taking notes.


Diggory:  Sure.


Professor:  (Turns back around after writing more on the board).  Okay, so how about a new question?  Polytheistic?  Anyone?  Charlie?  Got a guess this time?


Diggory:  (Shakes his head, shrugs).  I don’t know, animated pizza cultists?


Professor:  N- oh, I see what you did there.  Funny, really.  (The jocks laugh and bounce another paper wad off Diggory’s head).  Hey!  Enough of that!  He’s only being a smart ass because you made me tell him to do that!  Stevens, after class, let’s go.


Moose:  Ah c’mon professor, that’s crap.  I didn’t do anything.


Professor:  Ah!  No talking from you!  (Looks at his watch).  Fine, bell’s gonna ring in a few minutes, everyone leave early.  (Instantly the majority of students are up and moving).  And that means that for the next class period I’m demanding everyone be paying attention and know what the hell I’m talking about.  Dismissed.  Get outta here.  (Diggory gets up).  Not you Charlie.


Diggory:  Of course…  (Sits back down).


Professor:  You’re not stupid, so don’t give me those sort of answers.  I’m not asking much from you.


Diggory:  Sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it.


Professor:  And don’t just apologize!  C’mon, tell me what’s up.  What’s going on in your personal life?


Diggory:  I don’t mean any offense, but I’m not looking to make any teacher-student connections.  So this, (gestures between the two), isn’t really gonna work.


Professor:  Right, no mentor then.  What major are you?


Diggory:  Theology, psychology minor.


Professor:  And yet you can’t give me a decent answer on an entry-level question?


Diggory:  Sorry.


Professor:  (Sighs).  Alright, go, I won’t keep you.  Out.  (Waves him away.  Diggory leaves).


Adam:  (Standing outside the classroom waiting for Diggory).  Man Charlie, you’re not really yourself today.


Diggory:  Like I said, I’m just tired.  I need some rest.


Adam:  So this girl?


Diggory:  I like her and I don’t think she likes me.  Pretty simple, pretty boring.


Adam:  Nah, not boring.  Give me some specifics.  She cute, she smart, she funny?  What?


Diggory:  She’s a girl I like.  Doesn’t matter.  (Rubs his eyes).


Adam:  Headaches still?


Diggory:  Yeah.  They’re not bad, just annoying.


Moose:  (Walks up to Adam and Diggory with his gang).  Hey Dig, great answers back there.  (He and the others snigger).


Diggory:  (Super sarcastic).  Yeah, really funny.  Give me crap about a theology class, that’s, ooh ouch, I felt that one.


Moose:  (Gets pissed).  Hey you little prick; I don’t like that sort of talk.  (Roughly stops Diggory).  You think I deserve to be talked to like that?  Huh?


Adam:  Hey lay off ya chaunce.


Moose:  Chaunce?  Who’s a chaunce?  What’s a chaunce?  Go run along with another group there Saunders.  Let ol’ Dig handle things for himself.


Adam:  Don’t go calling me by my last name.  Just call me Adam if you’ve gotta insult me, for God’s sake.


Moose:  Hey, I ain’t your buddy.  I’m not gonna be on no first-name basis with you here.  That’s not happening.


Diggory:  (Very straight forward).  Look, just leave Adam alone and leave me alone.  Alright?


Moose:  Hmm, I could do that, or I could pound both of your faces in while my brothers here watch.  Sound good?


Diggory:  “Pound faces?”  What are we?  In third grade again?


Moose:  Ooh, just for that, you loose some teeth.  (Sucker-punches the camera from Diggory’s perspective.  Camera instantly goes black).



Scene 3:  An office in Hell.  There is a single desk in an enormously large room with a woman, (Lucifer), sitting at it, anxiously reading a book.


Donovan:  (Walking into Hell.  The whole time he’s cleaning his gun and kinda humming to himself).  Good news.  We’ve got another three on our side.  That makes seven for the week.


Lucifer:  (Swivels around to look at Donovan, still anxious).  Who was it?


Donovan:  Which one?


Lucifer:  Fine, then who were the three?


Donovan:  Not sure about two of their names, but the important one to consider was John Layman.


Lucifer:  (Impressed).  The Layman case?


Donovan:  (Smiling).  Yep, the Layman case.


Lucifer:  How did you manage that?  A couple other Closers were having troubles with that one last week.  What’s your trick?


Donovan:  (Putting his gun away).  I’m persuasive; what can I say?


Lucifer:  (Getting a bit tense).  You didn’t…you didn’t do anything against the rules…did you?


Donovan:  Nothing that’d get headlines.


Lucifer:  No headlines?  Really?  Explain this.  (Turns to a wall and waves her hand.  It turns into a TV screen).


TV Reporter:  (At the alleyway from Scene 1).  Police are still unsure what could have caused this accident, but civilians are advised to be on the lookout after curfew hours.  (TV off).


Lucifer:  Well?


Donovan:  (Still smiling).  Tough close, but like I said, I’m persuasive.


Lucifer:  (Standing up and pacing around).  Donovan, you’re our best Closer; I’m not doubting that.  (Turning and changing to a stern tone).  But there are rules to these things.


Donovan:  (Sitting down at the corner of her desk).  I’m getting a lecture about rules from the Morning Star?  How cute.


Lucifer:  Be careful not to piss off the wrong people.  I’ve seen what happens firsthand, and it’s not exactly what I’d call “fun.”


Donovan:  Hah, well then it’s a good thing God hasn’t decided to take part in this little recruitment program, huh?


Lucifer:  That doesn’t mean his followers aren’t.  Their side’s been gathering some pretty important souls lately.


Donovan:  Nothing that I haven’t matched or bettered.


Lucifer:  His best Closer isn’t a slouch.


Donovan:  Angie?  She’s good, but she’s still too weak to be considered in our league.


Lucifer:  She’s nearly closed the Diggory case.


Donovan:  (Disbelief).  No way.


Lucifer:  S’true.  She’s up there right now finishing the deal.


Donovan:  (Getting up from the desk and walking towards the stairs again).  This I’ve gotta see for myself then.


Lucifer:  Donovan!  You know the agreement!  We’re not allowed to tread on an existing case.


Donovan:  I’m just going to observe.


Lucifer:  Donovan.  Don’t do anything we’d regret.


Donovan:  (Coy smile).  I wouldn’t think of it.



Scene 4:  College campus, outside.  Adam and Diggory are walking together while Diggory holds his eye.


Adam:  Seriously, we’re lucky.  That professor bailed us out before you got destroyed.


Diggory:  I wouldn’t have been destroyed if you’d have let me throw some good punches.


Adam:  It’s my job as your friend to be a peacemaker.  You get in fights and I’m supposed to stop them from turning into something worse.


Diggory:  Yeah, but I’ve still got a night ahead of me with Moose as a study partner.  Stupidest “Random Assignment” ever.


Adam:  You and Moose alone for a few hours?  Could be worse.  You could be in a cast or something.


Diggory:  Fantastic nonetheless.


Adam:  Well don’t dwell on it.  No use doing that.  There’s time before my next class.  Talk to me, please.


Diggory:  Yeah well, my head’s a little shaken up from a very stupid frat boy.  Seriously, if you didn’t get in the way I’d have taken him out.


Adam:  Dude, you’ve gotta learn to let it go.  That guy’s just looking to get you riled up.  You try fighting him and you are going to get your ass beat.


Diggory:  What?  You really think I’d end up losing?


Adam:  I didn’t say that.


Diggory:  (The two stop walking.  Diggory’s annoyed).  Adam, he’s been harassing me for years.  When I get the one chance to stand up for myself you think I’ll end up getting my ass beat?


Adam:  Well dude, yeah.  He’s part of a frat.  You’re not strong.  They totally are.


Diggory:  Some best friend you are.


Adam:  Chuck, I got your back, but not if you do something stupid, alright?


Diggory:  Whatever.  (Looks up and sees a girl, (Angela), wandering up from the distance).  Hey, it’s her.


Adam:  Her who?


Diggory:  That girl I’ve been telling you about.  The cute one.


Adam:  Oh yeah.  (Looks around).  Well I don’t see her.


Diggory:  Good, just keep it that way.


Adam:  Oh I get ya.  I suppose I’d better leave you in peace then.


Diggory:  Later Adam.


Adam:  See ya bro.  (Adam leaves as Angela walks up).


Diggory:  Angie!  Hey!


Angela:  (In a very happy mood).  Well hello Mister Diggory.  And how are you on this beautiful day?


Diggory:  Not too bad, now that you’re here of course.


Angela:  Oh that didn’t sound cheesy at all.


Diggory:  Meh, I do my best not to hide my lameness.  Some people find that endearing.


Angela:  Do they?


Diggory:  I don’t know, do they?


Angela:  Perhaps…  So?  Anything new?


Diggory:  Yeah, I’ve got something kinda exciting happening.


Angela:  Oh?  And what could that be?


Diggory:  You remember I’ve been telling you about that guy who goes out of his way to make my life miserable?


Angela:  Moose?  Yeah.  Some people just live for misery it seems.  (Points at Diggory’s black eye).  I suppose that’s where that black eye came from?


Diggory:  Yep.  I kinda got in a fight after my last class.  He started it but Adam stopped it before anyone got really hurt.


Angela:  He sounds like a good friend.


Diggory:  Oh no, he is.  He does his best to keep me in check, but I might not need him to help me anymore after this weekend.


Angela:  What happens this weekend?


Diggory:  Well, there’s a chance I can finally get some revenge against Moose and his followers.


Angela:  (Looks disappointed).  Hmm…


Diggory:  There’s supposed to be an open martial-arts tournament this weekend.  Something like Jeet Kun Do or something.  Not exactly like it but close.  If I sign up, it’d give me the opportunity to humiliate this guy in front of tons of other people.


Angela:  And Moose is going to be competing for sure?


Diggory:  (Really excited).  It’s his frat holding it, so yeah, he’ll be there.


Angela:  Revenge…isn’t the best way to go about things.  You’re a good guy; you know this, right?


Diggory:  Well yeah, I know I’m a “nice” guy.  A “great” friend and such.  But I don’t want to just be the nice guy.  I want to be so much more than that.


Angela:  And some day you will be.  I’m sure of it.  Just as long as you know what’s right.


Diggory:  Yeah, I know.


Angela:  Alright, well I’ve got to go, but I’ll be back tomorrow.  Meet me back here at the same time?


Diggory:  Sure.


Angela:  Promise?


Diggory:  Yeah.  I’ll be right here then.


Angela:  Good.  I’ll see you tomorrow!  (Runs off).


Donovan:  (Leaning against a building with his arms crossed).  Hey, you the Diggory kid?


Diggory:  Yeah.  Who’s asking?


Donovan:  Heh…   (Pushes himself off the building and walks towards Diggory).  Then I’ve got an offer for you.


End of Chapter 1



  1. Sharayah said,

    Is there a way it can be reversed so that chapter one is at the top? It’s hard to start reading from the middle of the page down and then move up.

  2. eclipsestar said,

    I’m not sure how to reverse it, but the easiest way to go about it is to click the chapter links int he Furious Angels page. It has them all ordered for quick clickage. 🙂

  3. The King of Zing said,

    Just a few thoughts on this chapter… Some that we have talked about before, and some that I just am going to throw out there now… I still think that this really makes no sense to be happening at a college… Professors are not that close to their students and the possibilities of being harrassed by a group of frat guys, unless there is some major history between them is not that believable… I feel like I am reading a script for something that is happening in the halls of a high school… Which I think would make better sense for it to take place at… Maybe a private upper crest high school so you could keep the whole studying theology thing… that could work. Other than that if you don’t change the college thing I think that it would make it seem more realistic if you had the tournament at the frat be of a more “underground fight club” type of deal that Diggory just somehow found out about and decided to join or maybe the tournament is being held at a dojo that the other guys are apart of…. But at the frat it seems a little “Angel Grove High School”esque…. On the same note the fact that a guy like Moose knows and has trained in martial arts, yet is a goon, kind of doesn’t add up and reminds me of the evil guys from The Karate Kid movies…. Maybe Moose is just a good fighter in the street fighter/bar room brawler type of fighting…. But if you are going to use a martial art that the guys know, don’t let it be Jeet Kun Do… Jeet Kun Do is too involved in peace and defense over offense to be something that Moose would want to be apart of… Moose would definitely be into something like Tai Kwan Do… Which to my knowlege, unless I am just completely blanking on the name of the martial art that I am thinking of, is one of the only martial arts that is based on teaching people how to permanently hurt other people… I’m talking about breaking arms and pulling out eye ball type of stuff. Anyways, you seem to have tightened this up though a little bit. I definitely liked the fact that you changed the whole detention thing to a random assignment that Moose and Diggory have been assigned to do together… Definitely more believable and something that could happen… I know that I have had been partnered up in the past with people who I really didn’t want to work with. Anyways, just some thoughts…. and yes, I am going to be writing a lot about your work… lol.

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