Furious Angels: Chapter Four

December 17, 2008 at 2:07 am (Furious Angels) ()

Chapter 4


Scene 1:  In an empty auditorium in Hell.  Lucifer is sitting in the middle of the seats with her eyes closed, somewhat conducting the music.


Lucifer:  You just can’t find this sort of musical dedication in Heaven now can you…?


Donovan:  (Walking in).  Why Lucifer, you look simply dreadful.  (Looks over and sees the group of musicians playing, shackled and haggard).  Since when did we get a symphony?


Lucifer:  Urg…  (Raises her hand, stopping the music from playing.  She then motions for Donovan to sit down in the seat next to her).  Donovan…where the hell have you been?


Donovan:  Cute.


Lucifer:  Where?


Donovan:  Topside.  Just viewing the scenery here and there.


Lucifer:  You didn’t sign Diggory, did you?


Donovan:  No I did not; the case is still open.


Lucifer:  (Relieved).  Oh thank God.  (Sighs).  So then I suppose Heaven closed the deal with him?


Donovan:  Nope.  I’d say he’ll be on our side within a week.


Lucifer:  (Stressed).  Donovan…you didn’t-


Donovan:  (Interrupts her).  I didn’t do anything he wouldn’t have done eventually.


Lucifer:  What does that mean?


Donovan:  You know, the inner workings of the Closer’s line of work is very-


Lucifer:  Don’t screw with me Donovan!  I’m the wrong person to screw with right now!


Donovan:  That time of month?  (Lucifer’s eyes glow red as she grows several feat, encompassed by flames).  Just a joke, keep your panties on.  Just just, (waves her down), don’t do that, come on now.


Lucifer:  (Regains her cool and returns to her usual form).  I’m going to ask you very carefully then one more time: what did you do?


Donovan:  Nothing.  Okay?  I did nothing.  I signed a few loose prospects and then the Dover case, which I was instructed to deal with you know.


Lucifer:  The Dover case huh?


Donovan:  I’m your best Closer, what the hell else am I gonna do?  I just got back, so there, that’s what I did: my job.


Lucifer:  (Gets up).  Fine, I’m giving you the week off then.


Donovan:  (Annoyed).  Week off?  What am I supposed to do until then?


Lucifer:  (Bundling up with a coat and scarf).  Wander around Hell for all I care.  Just don’t interfere anymore.  Least not until I get back.


Donovan:  Where are you going?


Lucifer:  I have business elsewhere; business that doesn’t concern you.  (Turns to the orchestra).  You!  Keep playing!  (They all hurriedly continue playing.  She turns to Donovan once more).  Don’t do anything stupid.  (Leaves).


Donovan:  (Sits and listens to the orchestra for a bit).  You know, you’re all simply dreadful?  (Slouches and crosses his arms).  Honestly, we have enough metal bands here, why does she insist on cultivating such shitty music?


Scene 2:  The classroom where Diggory is supposed to have class again.  He is walking down the hall early in the morning.


Diggory:  (Talking to himself, stretching his neck).  Okay, so I’ll just tell professor Dover exactly what happened.  He said I could come to him with anything, so of course he’d like this, right?  (Gets to the door).  The lights are still off?  Why isn’t the door even open?  Isn’t he here?  (Opens the door).  Professor?  You in…(Sees something).  Here…?


-Professor Dover is hanging by his clasped hands over his head.  His eyes are gone, as are his ears, and his mouth shows signs that his tongue is also probably missing.  His body has cuts all over it, with one in particularly deep one in the side.


Diggory:  (Absolutely horrified).  Oh God…


Scene 3:  In Hell. Donovan is casually walking around by various eerie, mangled structures.


Donovan:  Damn…Hell is so boring.  Who’d have thought?


Anthony:  (Dressed in a suit with a hat.  He’s with a group of other men dressed in somewhat similar outfits, all sitting on a structure nearby.  This man is somewhat fat and has a rough beard on his face).  Wandering in circles?  Shame, what with you being “Hell’s Best Closer” and all.  (He and the other guys begin laughing).


Donovan:  Huh, even in Hell you deal with frat boys with emotional issues and enough VD to make their dicks even smaller.


Anthony:  (Gets up and walks over to Donovan).  Come on now Donovan, we’re in the same line of work.  Maybe I’m just curious about your technique.


Donovan:  I don’t know Anthony, maybe just stop playing with your pisser and go do your damn job.  (The group gets mad and stands up, beginning to circle Donovan).  Oh sorry, I mean “damned” jobs, right?  (Smiles).


Anthony:  Donovan, you’re not funny.  No one thinks you’re funny.


Donovan:  (Looks around).  Well I’d say I’m damn near a riot.


Anthony:  Word is you’ve been grounded till the missus gets back.  That true?


Donovan:  Depends who you’re getting your information from.


Anthony:  I hear things.  We all hear things.


Donovan:  I’d hope so.  That’s somewhat important for being a Closer, innit?


Closer 1:  It true you closed the Layman case?


Donovan:  Yeah.


Anthony:  Some of us’d been working on that one for quite a while.  How long’d it take you?


Donovan:  ‘Bout six minutes, roughly.


Anthony:  Bullshit.


Closer 2:  That’s impossible!  Ain’t never been a case closed that quick!


Donovan:  (Mocks the Closer).  Ain’t never been done ‘cause I ain’t be done do’n it.


Anthony:  Dover case.  You closed that last night?


Closer 1:  Dover case?!  We hardly had anything on that one yet!


Anthony:  You close it last night or not?


Donovan:  Yeah.  Closed it.


Anthony:  Completely?


Donovan:  It ain’t gonna open again any time soon.


Anthony:  The Dover case has next-to-nothing on it.  That’s not even a case we’re allowed to attempt yet.


Donovan:  Now that’s not how the rules work.  They say we can attempt any case we want, they just don’t suggest attempting them so soon.


Closer 2:  But then you can?


Donovan:  I knew enough to get through it without any problems.


Anthony:  There was nothing except a name and an occupation.  You sure you got the right guy?


Donovan:  Yes.


Anthony:  How can you be sure?


Donovan:  I don’t know, maybe I should have kept my eye on the road better, huh?


Anthony:  (This gets Anthony’s eye to twitch).  What’d you say?


Donovan:  I don’t know.  I mean, it was awful fishy getting killed the way I did, you know, right after getting prompted by you


Anthony:  (The group of Closers has grown to be a large crowd, all surrounding Donovan and Anthony).  I don’t like what you’re implying Donovan.


Donovan:  Oh I’m not implying anything, Tony.  (Sneers at Anthony).


Anthony:  (Takes off his hat and jacket).  Donovan, you’re Satan’s favorite, aren’t you?


Donovan:  She prefers to be called “Lucifer” actually.  “Lucy” when she’s in a really good mood.


Anthony:  (Cracking his knuckles).  Oh is that right?


Donovan:  I know, you’ve probably never seen her in a good mood, what with never having anything worth putting her in one, huh?


Anthony:  Heheheh, Donovan, I’m gonna enjoy this while I can.


Donovan:  Be my guest.


-Anthony throws a hard right hook and knocks Donovan to the ground.


Donovan:  (Rubs his face).  So we’re doin’ this, huh?


Anthony:  Get up.


Donovan:  (Takes off his jacket and stands up while rolling up his sleeves).  Okay, so we’re doin’ this.


-Donovan quickly boxes Anthony in the nose, then follows up with a left cross, sending Anthony spinning to the ground.


Anthony:  (Dazed as he reorients himself.  Slowly gets back up.  The crowd is cheering now).  Don’t forget I’m a few years your senior.


Donovan:  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna forget who put me here.  (They both take swings at each other).


Scene 4:  Diggory and Adam are walking through campus, near a cemetery.  Diggory looks somewhat shaken up from finding the professor the way he did.


Adam:  He was just hanging there?


Diggory:  He wasn’t just hanging there.  He was hanging there, dead.


Adam:  Who do you think’d want him dead?


Diggory:  I have my suspicions.


Adam:  No, Moose is not an option.  The guy’s an asshole but he’s not a murder.


Diggory:  He could-


Adam:  (Cuts Diggory off).  And neither are his friends.  And even if these guys were capable of that, they don’t seem the type to attempt religious symbolism or something.  What, his eyes and tongue were gone?


Diggory:  And his ears.  Plus he had a deep stab wound in his side.


Adam:  Huh.  You see, that’s not the way Moose’d do it.  He’d just bash his head in or something.


Diggory:  I guess.  (Pulls his hands out of his pocket after touching Donovan’s card).  Hmh?  (Pulls out Donovan’s blank card).


Adam:  What’ve you got there?


Diggory:  (Looking the blank card over and over as he and Adam walk along).  I forgot to mention it.  Yesterday this guy named Donovan showed up and tried to recruit me for something or other.  He wasn’t too clear as to what exactly.  He just said he could help me with my problem.


Adam:  And he gave you a blank card?


Diggory:  That’s the thing.  It’s so weird Adam; the card had words appear, and then they were gone.


Adam:  Could be holographic or something.  Things are getting stranger and stranger these days.


Diggory:  This isn’t holographic or anything.  I looked it over for a while and it’s just a simple white card.  There’s nothing different about it, at least, not to my knowledge.


Adam:  Except it gives cryptic messages on occasion?


Diggory:  Yeah, except for that.


Adam:  Yep, stranger and stranger.  You don’t think this Donovan guy killed professor Dover, do you?


Diggory:  I have no idea.  He didn’t seem all too threatening.  I mean sure, he was a wearing a trench coat of sorts, but I thought it made him look more like a pedophile than anything.


Adam:  Get a good look under the trench coat?


Diggory:  (Rolls his eyes).  He didn’t flash me, no.


Adam:  No I mean he could have had a gun or a knife under there.  Or maybe a knife-gun!  A gun that shot knives…  That’d be cool…  (Shakes his head).  Don’t trust this guy.


Diggory:  Adam, I appreciate how much you care, but you really don’t have to look after me all the time.  I can handle things for myself.


Adam:  (Sighs).  Alright Chuck.  I didn’t mean anything by it.  You know what you’re doing, you go do it.


Diggory:  Thanks.  (Checks his watch).  Hey don’t you have class right about now?


Adam:  Yeah.  Just some basic credits to get outta the way.


Diggory:  Rocks for Jocks?


Adam:  No, higher learning sort of garbage.  And I probably need to get show up to class today if I’ll have any hope of passing the midterm.


Diggory:  Check you later man.


Adam:  Laters.  (Leaves).


Diggory:  (Keeps walking and sees Angela standing in the cemetery looking off at nothing in particular, which perks him up a bit).  Angie!  (Pockets the card again and runs over to her).  Hey, you all right?


Angela:  (All smiles).  Course I’m all right.


Diggory:  Sorry, you know, about yesterday…


Angela:  Don’t worry about it.  All in the past now isn’t it?  I heard you had some trouble last night.


Diggory:  Yeah, but it wasn’t anything too bad.  You didn’t get stalked by any frat boys did you?


Angela:  No more than usual.


Diggory:  Good.  Heh, I just, I don’t know.


Angela:  Looking out for me?  That’s sweet.  And your professor?


Diggory:  I don’t particularly want to get into that with you.  The details are gruesome.  You don’t need that.


Angela:  (Wanders a bit, talking very matter-of-factly).  Found hanging from his wrists, eyes gouged out, ears ripped off, tongue removed.  Fatal wound in the side.  Bled to death at some point in the night.  No message left, no motive found.


Diggory:  You heard already?


Angela:  I hear a lot in my line of work.


Diggory:  Where do you work, anyway?


Angela:  (Surprised).  Oh?  I, um…I suppose you could say I work for the church.


Diggory:  Which one?


Angela:  Depends.  I get transferred frequently.


Diggory:  How do you find time for school then?


Angela:  I manage well enough.


Diggory:  I’d hope so.


Angela:  Um, Dig?


Diggory:  Yeah?


Angela:  Sit down with me a minute.  I need to talk with you.


Diggory:  Yeah, there’re a few things I’ve been meaning to say as well.


Angela:  (They both sit down.  She sighs).  I worry that I’ve been persuading you too much lately to do something other than what you’d like.


Diggory:  Hmh, this sounds more like something the guy’d be saying.


Angela:  You know that’s not what I mean.


Diggory:  Okay, in what way?


Angela:  Well…it’s hard to say exactly.  Er, take for example that tournament you’re thinking of entering, just to get back at those guys who harass you.


Diggory:  So you know, I’ve been reconsidering it a bit.


Angela:  And that’s good.  I’m…I’m happy for you.  I just worry that I may have been too forcefully against it the other day.


Diggory:  Nah.  You’re just giving your opinion.  I do value your opinion.  You realize that, right?


Angela:  I don’t want you to value it too much though.  You’ve gotta decide things for yourself.


Diggory:  As far as I’m aware I do.


Angela:  Good.


Diggory:  What is this all about?


Angela:  Just…give me your hand.  (She grabs his hand as he offers it and looks at it a bit.  She then presses her head against his chest, listening for his heartbeat).


Diggory:  Angie…?  Angie you’re acting strange.  Good…but strange.


Angela:  (Lets go of him).  You’re good, deep down…you know this?  (He nods).  For sure?  (He nods again, a little confused).  And I haven’t made you think this?  You think this yourself?


Diggory:  (Very confused).  I don’t know why I wouldn’t.


Angela:  Good.  I was just…worried.  That’s all.


Diggory:  I don’t want you worrying about me.  I’m fine.


Angela:  I know you are.  It’s just something that’s been on my mind.


Diggory:  (Grabs her hand).  Well you’ve been on my mind.  And I think you’re good, too.


Angela:  (A bit unsure).  I know you do…


Diggory:  No I mean it.  I’m not smooth or anything, but I’m crazy about you.  That’s all I can say really.  I like you.  A lot.


Angela:  I know you do…


Diggory:  I just…(Leans in to her, gently touching her face, then kisses her.  They embrace for a second).


Angela:  (Pulls away and gets up, running away).  I’m sorry, I just can’t…  I have to go…


Diggory:  (Reaching out for her).  Angie wait!  (Heartbroken).  Angie…


Angela:  (Yells back).  Diggory I’m sorry!  I’m just…I’m sorry!  (Desperately fleeing, crying as she’s running).


Diggory:  (Slouched, obviously in a pitiful mood).  Great…that’s about what I’d expect to happen.  It’s me afterall…  (Buries his head in his hands).


Scene 5:  Hell again.  Donovan and Anthony are slugging it out in a bare-knuckle boxing match.  A number of other Closers are crowded around, watching and cheering.


Anthony:  You know Donovan, I’m not the only one who’s been wanting to do this for some time?


-Anthony takes a swing at Donovan and misses.  He takes another quick jab and misses again.


Donovan:  Trust me, I’m aware.  I just don’t give a damn.


-Donovan slaps Anthony across the face with a punch.  He then grabs Anthony and pulls him into a series of knees to the chest.  He then throws a heavy uppercut into Anthony’s chin, sending him onto his back.


Donovan:  I expect more from the guy who put me here.


Anthony:  (Gets up, pissed).  Donovan, you put yourself here!


Donovan:  Well, perhaps a little of column A and a little of column B, eh?


-Anthony rushes Donovan.  The two exchange heavy blows to the face.  Finally Donovan grabs Anthony’s head and rubs his eye quickly.


Anthony:  (Holding his eye, backing away).  Gah, what’s that supposed to be?


Donovan:  (Clenching his fist.  It begins to glow and vibrate).  Little something I picked up.  Hurts like a bitch, doesn’t it?  Probably not as much as this though.


-Donovan swings his fist at Anthony and utterly smashes the side of his head.


-Anthony is sent spinning through the air, landing in a crumpled heap a few yards away, down for the count.


Donovan:  (His hand is back to normal.  He takes a deep breath).  Alright, so anyone else feel like being a jackass?


Closer 2:  (The crowd is freaked out a bit).  What did you do to him?!


Donovan:  (Grabbing his coat and smoothing out his hair).  He’s already dead, so I don’t suppose he needs to worry much about what happened.  His face may look funny for a while though.  (Stops for a second).  Well…funnier.


Anthony:  (Writhing on the ground suddenly, clutching at his mangled face).  You’re not funny Donovan!  No one thinks you’re funny!


Donovan:  Oh please, I’m damned near hysterical.  (Starts to walk away).


Anthony:  (Getting up).  Where are you going Donovan?!


Donovan:  I have my own business.  I’ll leave you to yours.  (Leaves, smiling).


Anthony:  Donovaaaaaaaaan!!!


Scene 6:  Back in the cemetery.  Diggory is still sitting with his face buried in his hands.  Moose and his group walk up suddenly.


Moose:  Oh my.  What is this boys?  It looks like our sad, lonely friend Diggory.


Diggory:  (No nonsense).  Oh please not now guys…


Moose:  Whoa whoa, is that any way to treat your friends?  Your friends that want to help you?  Seems mighty rude if you ask me.


Frat boy 1:  Yeah, kinda rude.


Diggory:  I said not now…please…


Moose:  Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bother you, but we’re not really here to take requests on the matter.  We said we’re hear to help, so we’re gonna help, huh?  (The frat boys snigger at this).


-Moose slams Diggory in the back with his elbow.  Diggory falls onto his face.  The frat boys laugh harder.


Moose:  C’mon Dig, don’t be like that.  Get up and pull yourself together.


-Two frat boys pull Diggory up to his feet.


-Moose throws a hard punch into Diggory’s stomach.


-The frat boys let Diggory fall to his knees while coughing and holding his gut.


Diggory:  Seriously…this is a really, (hack), bad time for this now.


Moose:  Wait a second.  (Pulls Diggory’s face in close.  They meet eye-to-eye).  I know that look…


Diggory:  It’s call rejection, so yeah, you’d know that quite well.


Moose:  (Doesn’t find this amusing).  I don’t like the tone you’re taking with me Dig.


Diggory:  (Starts laughing).  Hahaha…that’s right, I bet you went out last night looking for Angela, or anyone who even looked like they could be an Angela, or even anyone who looked like they could be female, and you were slapped and spat on and rejected over and over and over again until you got drunk enough to just give up and masturbate instead.


Moose:  (Gets right into Diggory’s face).  Don’t even joke.  You’re not funny Dig.  No one thinks you’re funny.


Diggory:  At least I don’t have to rape girls to get them to sleep with me.


Moose:  (Solemn as he nods).  Okay.  So that’s how it’s gonna be then, huh?


-Moose looks over to his friends.  They all nod and smile.


-Moose pulls back and destroys Diggory’s nose.


-Diggory falls backwards, clutching his nose.


-Moose grabs his legs and swings him around as another frat boy jumps up and knees Diggory in the face.


-Diggory goes down hard, struggling to breath.


-Diggory gets up, face mangled, but looks directly at Moose, charging and throwing a single punch, which misses.


-Moose pounds Diggory in one side, then the other.


-Moose grins and directs two frat boys to prop Diggory up as he starts to fall.


Scene 7:  Angela lands gently on the edge of a cliff, walking to the very edge.  The cliff overlooks a luscious landscape.  The scene will be shifting back and forth between Angela’s position and Diggory getting beaten up.


Angela:  (Walks up to the edge and looks up into a bright opening in the clouds).  Please tell me you’re there…  I need guidance Lord… 


-Diggory takes a punch to the face.  He slouches.  The frat boys holding him pull him back up.  He looks woozy.


Angela:  I need strength.  I’m struggling to make the right choices.


-Diggory gets hit yet again in the face, spraying blood everywhere.


-The frat boys let go of Diggory, allowing him to fall to his knees, generally disoriented.


-Moose slaps him across the face with another hard punch.


-Diggory falls to the ground, beaten badly.


Angela:  I know the rules.  I know I can’t make him fight for us.  This is a decision he must make for himself


-Moose walks up to Diggory, grabbing his hair and dragging him to a gravestone.


Moose:  Dig?  You sorry yet?


-Diggory weakly gives Moose the finger.


-Moose slams Diggory’s head into the gravestone, leaving a blood splatter behind.


Angela:  Our side must only lead others to their own conclusions.  We cannot interfere with their judgment.  Those are the rules.  Mm…but is it fair? 


-Moose lets go of Diggory and takes a step back.


-Diggory struggles to pull himself up onto the gravestone to orient himself.


-Moose looks off to his frat boys.  Two come up to Diggory and hold him steady.


Angela:  I just can’t go on believing everyone has good intentions inside them


-Moose walks up behind Diggory.


Moose:  Bite the stone, Dig.


-The frat boys look off to one another a bit worried, then begin to give weak smiles.


Moose:  Bite it, now.


-Diggory shakes his head no.


-A frat boy grabs Diggory’s head and forces it onto the edge of the stone.


-Moose walks up, about to stomp Diggory in the back of the head.


-Diggory struggles, pulling an arm free and moving just as Moose stomps down.


-Diggory punches as hard as he can into Moose’ groin.


-Moose grunts and falls back, holding his crotch.


Moose:  (In a lot of pain, furious).  Kill him…the bastard…kill him!


-The frat boys all jump onto Diggory, pummeling him relentlessly.


Angela:  Please…answer me…  (Looking upward).  You’re supposed to be everywhere, so answer me…


-Diggory shakily reaches a hand up out of the pile, grasping for anything.  The frat boys relent, getting off and backing away slowly.


-Moose walks up, slaps Diggory’s hand away, and kicks Diggory hard in the face.


Angela:  (Tears are streaming down her cheeks.  She screams out in rage, making the ground shake).  ANSWER ME!  (No response.  The area around her has been broken away so that she’s kneeling on a single pillar left undamaged).


-Moose begins to walk away.


-Diggory grabs his foot and tries to pull him back.


-Moose looks down and stomps Diggory in the face.


Angela:  Just give me strength…  Give me the strength I need to get through this…  (Sits quietly, hunched over, broken).


-Moose looks down at Diggory to check for anything more.


-Diggory just sits and pants.


-Moose and his group laugh to themselves as Moose begins to walk away.


Moose:  I’m tired of this.  From one friend to another, I know women, and just listen to me, that bitch wasn’t worth it Dig.  She ain’t worth it.  You’re a nice guy, but you’re just wasting your time with guttersnipes.  (He and the rest of the frat boys walk away, leaving Diggory lying on the ground, coughing and sputtering).


Diggory:  (Laying on his back, breathing heavily and struggling to push himself up, failing and instead doing little more than tear at the grass).  He doesn’t get it…  No one gets it…  Fuck being nice…  (Screams out).  FUCK IT!


Donovan:  (Casually walks up to Diggory, smiling).  The sweet sound of rage…feels good, doesn’t it?


End of chapter 4


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  1. The King of Zing said,

    Wow… what a dark chapter. I like what you did with Moose and Anthony having the same “You’re not funny…” lines. I think that if you ever make this into another filmed series or even comic of some type that you should have the same person play Moose and Anthony, kind of a Peter Pan type of thing where the Dad played Captain Hook as well. I don’t know, I think it would work and would be a nice parallel. The death scene of Dover reminds me of scenes from Hellraiser, so yeah, that is how dark that was. I loved the switching back and forth scene of Angela crying out to God and Diggory getting beat up, makes it all the more intense and dramatic. Also, simply put I just love the character of Donovan, he is probably my favorite character that you have created thus far out of all your writings… Though I have yet to read R.E.M Cycle, so that might change. But thus far Donovan is number one… So yeah, you better use him well! lol.

    On another point though, just something that I have noticed while reading this… I still am not feeling the character of Moose. I mean, he just seems like he is a bully for the sake of having a “bully character”. All of your other characters are so unique and have something to them that is interesting, and then Moose almost seems out of place, like that character needs to be there, but then there is nothing else all that special about him… I mean I understand his motives for bothering Diggory, because he is a wimp and easily bothered and all that stuff… and I understand why he beats the crap out of Diggory in this scene above and that all makes sense and fits, but I almost feel like I want more out of Moose, not a “deeper” character persay, but at least something that has Moose stand out in the crowd of other bully characters throughout time. I don’t even know really how to explain what I am looking for, which is why it makes it so hard to even bring it up… lol.

    But overall, I do need to also tell you that thus far this chapter is by far one of the best of your works that I have read. It is long, it is dramatic and has action, it moves the plot forward, and it makes the characters dynamic in the way that they are forced to change. So yeah, great job on that front.

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