Furious Angels: Chapter Five

December 17, 2008 at 2:09 am (Furious Angels) ()

Chapter 5


Scene 1: In Heaven, Lucifer walks into a brightly lit room, looking somewhat nervous.


Lucifer:  Excuse me?  God?  Are You there?  I require a word with You.  (Clears her throat and nods).  Please.  (A great boom sounds out, startling Lucifer slightly).  Ahem, I assume that’s You then.  We may have a problem.  (God’s voice).  Yes, it is about Donovan.  You remember the terms my side signed him under?  (God’s voice).  Yes, of course You remember…  They weren’t steady.  I wouldn’t have had him sign on if I knew the full extent of what I was setting in motion of course.  You realize this?  (God’s voice).  Excellent, yes, I wasn’t given the full details, so I made a judgment call, and it seems there’s now a problem.  I’d like to state on record that I did not make him break any rules.  (God’s voice).  No, I didn’t tell him to do…whatever it is he’s done or may do.  He seems to be just slightly beyond my control is all and-  (God’s voice booms).  What?  No!  This is absurd!  You don’t tamper with free will and You’re applauded.  Oh, but if I don’t start controlling people I’m considered weak?  (God’s voice).  It’s alright.  Apology accepted.  (Clears throat).  I’d just like to say that I’m blameless for whatever may or may not happen, though I will be taking every action towards correcting it.  Are we clear on this?  (God’s voice).  G-good.  It’s just that it’s so stressful, y’know?  Course You don’t, You’re God, You’re the all-powerful, all-knowing one.  It’s very intimidating being Your competition!  And You’re following all the rules!  (God’s voice).  Which isn’t to say I’m breaking any!  No no!  I’m just having a few slight problems is all!  (Lucifer seems frustrated and takes a moment).  You mind if I take some time to watch this from here?  You seem to have a better vantage point is all.  (God’s voice).  Thank You.  I’ll be sure to stay quiet.  (Sits down cross-legged).  There, see?  No interfering.  (Looks up).  Is this all You do all day?  (God’s voice booms.  Lucifer gets freaked out).  Nope, totally quiet!  Don’t mind me!  (Slouches, staring down again).


Scene 2:  Back in the cemetery between Diggory and Donovan.  Diggory is still very badly injured, lying on his back and struggling to breath correctly.


Diggory:  Who’s that…?


Donovan:  (Walks to where Diggory can see him).  I believe we met once before a few days ago?


Diggory:  You…?


Donovan:  Donovan.  (Bows).  You may call my “Donny” for short if you wish.


Diggory:  (Rolls over and pushes himself up with much difficulty).  You’re not a normal person, are you?


Donovan:  No one’s ever really normal.


Diggory:  Your card…(Pulls it out from his pocket.  The words “Donovan, Hell’s Closer” appear).


Donovan:  Yeah it does that from time to time.


Diggory:  What is that, witchcraft?


Donovan:  Hardly.  The dark arts are a joke compared to the things I’ve done and seen done.


Diggory:  (Tears up the card).  So how’d that thing work?


Donovan:  More or less, simple parlor tricks, also known as a plot device.


Diggory:  And that means…?


Donovan:  I have no idea how the card works.


Diggory:  Ah.  You just needed it to happen, so it did?


Donovan:  Yes.  That happens frequently in my world.


Diggory:  (Shakes his head, trying to clear it).  I don’t understand.


Donovan:  Of course you don’t.  You’re mortal.  Why should you know any of the business going on in the spiritual half of the world?


Diggory:  (Still looking rather beaten up, wobbling a bit).  Maybe I’m just not thinking clearly.  You know, blood loss and all.


Donovan:  Oh, where are my manners?  (Walks over and places his hands over Diggory’s eyes, humming a bit).


Diggory:  And this isn’t witchcraft?


Donovan:  Shush.


Scene 3:  Angela is kneeling on the Cliffside.


Angela:  If Donovan can get away with so much, then why can’t I?  Is it wrong for me to do good even if I’m breaking rules to do it?  (Looks up).  And it doesn’t look like You’re gonna give me any answers soon.  Fine.  (Gets up and leaps from the cliff.  She starts falling).  Our side isn’t weaker by any means…I’ll prove it.  (Disappears).


Scene 4:  The top floor of an upscale building in the middle of the city.  A number of businessmen are talking while a bunch of poorer, gang-types seem to mingle as well.  All together there seem to be nearly 2 dozen men in the room.


Anderson:  (The owner of the company.  He’s talking to one of the gang-members).  So it’s pretty simple, right?  Go in, murder the whole boardroom, and get out.


Gang Member 1:  Yeah, that’s simple.  How do we expect to get out?


Anderson:  I don’t know.  Doesn’t seem to be my problem.  Wasn’t much of a problem at that company picnic few months ago, was it?


Gang Member 2:  (Hearing this, walking over while strutting with his gun).  Yeah yeah, but that was just a bunch o’ bitches with they family, man!  Simple as shit!  Couple ah shots and most ah the kids scattered wid they moms and shit.  Too much commotion to know what da fuck was happening.  I don’t even really know what da fuck was happening.  (Laughs to himself).


Gang Member 1:  Regardless, that was simple.  No one had time to identify us, so we got off simple enough.  Board rooms got cameras and security and all sorts of other shit that me an’ my boys don’t need to deal with.


Anderson:  Oh really?  (Calls over another guy).  Carmichael, let me ask you something.


Carmichael:  (Walks over).  Yes?


Anderson:  Can we get these thugs suited with body armor and the like?


Carmichael:  If they can eliminate our competition, give them whatever the hell they want.  Hahaha, I don’t care.  (Continues laughing as he walks back to the other group).


Anderson:  (Turns back to Gang Member 1).  Well?


Gang Member 1:  Alright.  Sounds fair enough to me.


Anderson:  (They shake hands).  Good.  By tomorrow we’ll all be richer and there isn’t a soul who can stop us.  (Smiles).


Angela:  (Appearing in the corner).  Of all the trite things you could have said, you chose that?


-Everyone in the room reacts with shock, some pulling guns.


Anderson:  Who’re you?


Angela:  (Advancing on the crowd).  You’re all the worst sort of people.  You live to make a profit off of those weaker than you.  You’re willing to kill whoever it takes to secure your position, even if it means taking the lives of innocents like children.


Gang Member 2:  Psh, man, who is this bitch.


Angela:  (Talking to the gang members).  You think they’ll let you live long after you do enough tasks for you?  How long before you’re too dirty to still be connected?  In another year, half of you in the room would be dead.


Anderson:  I’m a fair and honest gentleman, so I’m being rather kind when I ask you kindly young lady to please remove yourself from this room and never, ever bother us again.


Angela:  None of you will ever see me again after this day, but you’ll remember exactly what’s about to happen.


Anderson:  (Turns to the gang members).  Kill her and I double your pay.  (The gang members raise their guns at Angela).



Scene 5:  Cemetery with Diggory and Donovan again.


Donovan:  (Removes his hands, showing Diggory to be perfectly fine).  There.  How you feeling kid?


Diggory:  In the fewest words possible: confused.  Exactly how much of this is a dream?


Donovan:  None.


Diggory:  Well that’s terrific.


Donovan:  And it’s only going to get worse.


Diggory:  Oh, well of course.


Donovan:  (Amused).  You’ve got a pretty smart mouth when you take enough punches to the head, huh?


Diggory:  I get mouthy when I get annoyed.


Donovan:  I can relate.


Diggory:  There’s something people aren’t telling me, isn’t there?


Donovan:  Yes.  There’s a war coming.


Diggory:  War?  Well that’s bad.


Donovan:  Debatable but yeah.


Diggory:  Which nation starts it?


Donovan:  Huh-uh.  No nations.  Just alignments.


Diggory:  Typical good versus evil sort of thing?


Donovan:  I don’t like to think of it so clear cut good and evil.  Both sides feel they’re in the right.


Diggory:  So if your card says you’re from Hell…?


Donovan:  Then it probably means I’m on Hell’s side.  You’re a quick learner.


Diggory:  I’m no genius or anything, but Hell’s definitely on the evil side of things.


Donovan:  Actually we’re not.  Simple mistake.  Our leader was wrongfully kicked out of God’s good graces.  We’re simply trying to regain a bit of that grace.


Diggory:  (Sarcastically mocking Donovan).  Well yeah, who wouldn’t?


Donovan:  (Playing along, crossing his arms).  I know, right?


Diggory:  (Serious again).  Yeah.  What does this have to do with me?


Donovan:  Quite a lot.


Diggory:  Such as…?


Donovan:  (Holds up his hand, finally stern).  Enough playing 20 Questions.  Let me explain everything before you jump in again.  Savy?  (Diggory nods).  Good.  Both sides are gathering soldiers for their respective forces.  Eventually these forces will battle for control of Earth, (Mockingly as an aside to Diggory), that’s where you live by the way, (Not mocking anymore), and who knows what else.  We’d like to assume this “else” includes Heaven, but we’re realistic.


Diggory:  But-


Donovan:  (Cuts him off).  There are special agents, uh, angels if you will, from each side who can move freely between the Earth and the supernatural domains.  We call these people “Closers.”  I happen to be one of these.  We’re like talent scouts if you need a simple analogy.


Diggory:  But I don’t have any discernable skill that’d be very important for a war, especially not a war to the level you’re talking.  I’m more or less just a kid.


Donovan:  For now, but everyone’s got a certain amount of potential built into them.  Power beyond anything they’ve experienced.  The power’s latent, waiting for the spark.


Diggory:  What’s the spark?


Donovan:  There’s a conflict on the way that’ll signal the start of the war.  We don’t know exactly what the conflict will be; we just know that it’s coming.


Diggory:  How will we know that it’s happening?


Donovan:  Trust me, it’ll be big.


Diggory:  Says who?


Donovan:  Number of prophecies, soothsayers, the usual bunch of crackpots who tend to be dead-on with everything they say.


Diggory:  So if I’m following, after the war begins everyone gets upgraded to warriors and start fighting?


Donovan:  More or less.  Both Heaven and Hell send us Closers out to Earth to try and convince souls to align themselves with our respective sides.  All we ask is an agreement and things go back to normal for them until the war starts.  Each side’s got some pretty heavy hitters, but from what I’m told, none compare to what you’ve got hiding in your subconscious.


Diggory:  Me huh?  One of the soothsayers tell you that?


Donovan:  You’re probably one of the most famous cases we’ve got on file.


Diggory:  Just because I’m special?


Donovan:  For a lot of reasons.  The report tells us you’re gonna play one hell of a critical part in this war.  As a result, none of the other Closers in Hell have had the balls to try and talk to you.  Now tell me if that doesn’t point towards you being ridiculously powerful.


Scene 6:  The upscale building.  Everyone in the room has raised their guns and begins firing them at Angela.


Anderson:  Kill her!


-Angela throws her hands up, yelling as she does so.  The floor is torn up, moving as a wave towards everyone in the room, sending both businessmen and gang members off their feet.


-Angela leaps into the air, throwing her hands down and yelling again.  The floor caves in, spilling half of the men into the floor below.


Gang Member 1:  This is unreal!  (Pulls out an assault rifle).  Bitch, this ain’t the place to start shit!  (Opens fire.  The rest of the gang members on the current floor pull out assault rifles and start firing as well).


-Angela yells again, clenching her fists and closing her eyes.  The windows of the entire building begin to blow out, shooting down floor by floor.


-The gang members stop firing when they realize what’s happening and that Angela is undamaged.


Anderson:  What the fuck are you?!


-Angela walks up to Anderson and grabs him, carrying him to the broken window.  She dangles him outside.


Angela:  Why have you forsaken all that is good?!


Anderson:  (Scared to death).  I don’t know!  I’m a worthless shitbag!  Please don’t kill me!


Angela:  None of you are worth saving!  I’ve seen how evil you all are!  (Shaking, trying to get herself to let go.  Her teeth are clenched, but she can’t do it).  Why can’t I KILL you?!


Anderson:  (Really confused).  Wha…what…?


Angela:  (Yelling more at the sky than at Anderson).  Why are we allowing these things to happen!?  We have the power to stop them!


Anderson:  Are…you all right…?


Angela:  (Looking the businessman directly in the eyes, terrifyingly furious.  She’s yelling through gritted teeth).  Tell me!  Do you have any good left in your soul?!


Anderson:  (Crying).  I don’t…I don’t know…!  I promise to find out!  I’m begging you to let us!  Just don’t kill us!


Angela:  (Finally breaking out of her rage).  Wh-what?


Anderson:  Give us a chance to be better!


Angela:  “Us?”


Anderson:  Give us a second chance!  We’re not all evil people; we just can’t be!  We don’t all deserve this!  Oh God please!


Angela:  (Quickly setting Anderson down safely in the building).  I’m…why can’t I do what he does…?  (Angela disappears.  All of the people left in the building are shocked and confused, though no one is actually seriously injured).



Scene 7:  Cemetery between Diggory and Donovan.


Diggory:  If I’m so important, how come I haven’t been approached by both sides?


Donovan:  Who says you haven’t?


Diggory:  I haven’t.  I’d have known.


Donovan:  Oh really…?  Tell me, how well do you know Angela?


Diggory:  Fairly well.  (A bit in disbelief).  You’re not saying she’s…?


Donovan:  She’s a Closer from Heaven.  And she doesn’t mess around either.  If she wanted you, really wanted you, she’d have already asked you straight out to join with her side.  Has she?


Diggory:  No…she hasn’t exactly.  Things between us are a bit complicated though…


Donovan:  She thinks you’re weak.  I’ve heard her say it.  She’s mocked you openly to a lot of people.  She’s convinced your case wasn’t worth much to either side.  But it’s her loss, because I don’t think you’re weak.


Diggory:  (Angry).  You think I’m stupid enough to listen to lies like that?


Donovan:  I wouldn’t think of it.  However I am offering a bit of incentive.


Diggory:  Not interested.


Donovan:  I can give you the chance for revenge.


Diggory:  (Stern).  Not interested.


Donovan:  Come on now, no one wants to be a nice guy forever, do they?


Diggory:  (Curious).  What’d you say?


Donovan:  No one wants to be a nice guy forever.  I’ve been down that road, and it never ends well.  You wind up bitter, broken, and, more than anything, alone.


Diggory:  And there’s an alternative to this huh?


Donovan:  All the power you’d get later on, I can give it to you now.  Why not enjoy it while you can?  That’s my theory.


Diggory:  Power?  How much?


Donovan:  Near limitless power.  Strength, endurance; raw and unrestrained.  Why not set some things right within your life?  If you side with us, I can promise you love, respect, power.  Everything you’ve ever wanted.  I can give you anything.  I can give you, (The next word slips out of Donovan’s mouth like smoke).  Everything


Diggory:  (Finally considering the offer).  All of that?


Donovan:  All of that.  I’m breaking some rules but for you, I’d make the exception.  All I need is a simple handshake.  (Offers his hand out to Diggory, who checks it out, a bit weary).


Diggory:  What would this mean?


Donovan:  That once the conflict starts, you’ll fight alongside me and my fellow angels against Heaven’s army.  C’mon, what d’you say?


Diggory:  Until then I get exclusive access to all the abilities?


Donovan:  Exactly.  So?  Do we have a deal?


Diggory:  (Looks Donovan up and down, carefully thinking this through before slowly reaching out and grabbing Donovan’s hand).  Yes.  (A loud CRACK hits from nowhere as the two hands come together.  Diggory lets out a silent yell as it appears a great amount of pain is hitting him.  Slowly a rumbling begins, causing everything to shake.  Donovan looks to be struggling to hold on, gritting his teeth in a smile.  Diggory starts to buckle from the excruciating pain).


Lucifer:  (The flash hits Heaven making it shake slightly).  Oh no!  This isn’t what I think it is, is it!?  (Looks up).  This isn’t my fault!  (Gets up).  I’m gonna fix this!  (Rushes from Heaven).


Angela:  (Staring up at the top of the ruined building.  Suddenly the shaking hits her and a flash of Diggory crosses her mind).  Diggory?  (Looks off in the direction she felt it come from and disappears).


Donovan:  Hehehe…(Lets go of Diggory’s hand.  Diggory instantly falls backwards).  You might experience some wooziness at first.  Enjoy kid.  (Leaves).


Diggory:  (About hits the ground, losing consciousness).  Angela…


End of Chapter 5



  1. The King of Zing said,

    I loved the scene at the Office building. Nice side scene for Angela to go crazy in. I’m kind of confused by the “Us?” statement… Does that mean “the world” or what? I didn’t completely understand that entire exchange. Other than that, am I right when I think that the shock from Diggory shaking hands with Donovan is the “big” moment that Donovan had been talking about that signaled the coming war? Because if I am, then I am really good at reading…lol…. I don’t know if you are going to do this or not, but for some reason I saw a chance in the office building for you to create another character in the character of Thug 1… I think you could have the experience of Angela going crazy have an impact on him that changes his heart and he starts fighting for good… Just a thought… I think it would be cool and it might even help expand the plot a little bit more… I don’t know why, but I am thinking that I like Furious Angels more than Eclipse Star. Anyways, that is all.

    • eclipsestar said,

      When the business man says “Us” it’s a shift from a selfish nature to one generally concerned with everyone in the office building. Angela becomes afraid that she may have done something terribly wrong by either forcing a complete change of character or overstepping her boundries altogether. It’s a tough scene for me to look nack on since I’m still not completely happy with it yet, but that’s what the “Us” meant. The guy she wanted to kill started having legitemate concern for at least one other person besides himself and his own interests.

      As for the shock being the “big” thing, while it’s not THE big thing, it does set everything in motion. There’s a whole explanation of what events specifically lead up to the Conflict, but it’ll become more apparent by the end of part 1.

  2. The King of Zing said,

    Oh okay, well that makes sense then.

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