Furious Angels: Chapter Eight

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Chapter 8


Scene 1:  Diggory and Donovan are still battling in the middle of a crowded city.  They’ve already taken down some buildings and caused their share of destruction, but it’s only about to get intensified as Donovan readies to fire his energy blast at Diggory.


-Donovan fires his energy blast at Diggory.  As this is happening, Diggory transports behind Donovan, getting him into a full nelson.  Donovan begins struggling against this.  Diggory begins kneeing him in the back, finally letting go and hitting him with a massive punch to the face.  Donovan is sent onto the ground a ways away.


Donovan:  How the hell you dodged that is beyond me…  But it won’t matter much anymore…


Diggory:  Nothing seems to matter much anymore…


Donovan:  Kid, you don’t know how true those words really are…


-Diggory throws himself at Donovan, grabbing him by the jacket and causing them both to roll down several blocks and directly into traffic.


-The two leap to their feet as cars try to swerve out of the way.


-Donovan grabs a small 2-door car and slams Diggory with it.


-Diggory is thrown backwards into the windshield of a station wagon, quickly getting up and jumping back into the fray with Donovan.


-The two fight back and forth, toe-to-toe in the middle of the intersection as cars keep swerving to keep from hitting them, smashing into each other and various things along the road.  The two combatants are completely oblivious to this.


-Police finally get to the scene and duck behind their cop car, readying to fire.


Policeman 1:  (His gun is drawn and pointed at the two fighting).  Both of you, cease and desist NOW!  (Neither Diggory nor Donovan react at all).  This is your last warning before we open fire!  (Policeman 1 turns to the rest of the force).  Shoot to kill!  (They open fire.  Diggory and Donovan instantly disappear).  What…?  Where’d they go…?


-Diggory and Donovan reappear in the air, colliding with a “POOM” that causes the ground to shake and everyone around to freak out more.


Policeman 1:  Holy shit!  (Turns to his heavy arms).  You think you can take ‘em out?


Heavy Arms:  (Hoists a rocket-launcher to her shoulder).  No problem.  (Begins to take aim as Diggory and Donovan reappear in the center of the intersection).


-Heavy Arms fires a rocket at Donovan.


-Donovan turns around and grabs the rocket out of the air, swinging around and hitting Diggory in the face with it.


-The explosion sends Diggory flying as Donovan shields his face.


Policeman 1:  Did you get him?!


-Diggory leaps to his feet after landing, instantly on top of Donovan again, going blow-for-blow.


-The two collide fists and send shockwaves through the streets again.


-Diggory begins throwing larger and larger static orbs at Donovan.


-Donovan keeps deflecting them as they hit bystanders and police, exploding and creating a severe amount of property damage.


-Absolutely everyone begins evacuating.


Donovan:  (Diggory’s finally taking a break, clearly getting exhausted).  It bother you all the casualties you’re causing?


Diggory:  (Suddenly dawning on him).  What?


Donovan:  You don’t think this fight isn’t harming innocents all over the place?  Take a look around.  (Diggory actually does take a second to look around.  Buildings have collapsed and wreckage is everywhere.  The few blocks they’ve been fighting in look to be in very bad shape).  Did you mean for all of this?


Diggory:  (Furious).  You’re as much to blame.


Donovan:  You’re going to have to realize that you have to be fully accountable for all your sins.  I’m completely aware of what I’m doing, and I accept whatever punishment I’ll likely receive.  Have you given it any thought?


Diggory:  Stop trying to distract me!


Donovan:  You think you can atone for all of this by destroying me, don’t you?  (Shakes his head).  But it doesn’t work that way, kid.


Diggory:  I said stop!


-Grabs a chunk of pavement and hurls it at Donovan.


-Donovan sweeps his arm in front of him, smashing the pavement slab.


Donovan:  It doesn’t work that way…


-Diggory looks down at the ground and concentrates, levitating dozens of chunks of pavement.  He looks up and throws his arms forward, sending the chunks at Donovan.


-Donovan clenches his fists and brings them to his side, yelling as a static sphere surrounds him, shredding the pavement chunks as they hit him.


-Diggory charges a static orb above his head and leaps into the air, throwing it down at Donovan, colliding with the static sphere and causing a massive discharge of electricity to blow around, firing bolts everywhere, ripping up the streets and buildings.


-Diggory dodges each bolt as it screeches by him while Donovan seems to be caught pretty deeply in the center of the discharge, getting hit repeated by heavy bolts.


-Donovan tenses his body again and leaps out from the orb with some difficulty, taking time as the sides of the energy ball stretch with him before he breaks free with a “SCREE” following him.


-Diggory narrowly avoids getting hit with the final discharge from the blast, though he’s hit by Donovan’s fist fairly hard.


-The sky flashes as the energy discharge rips through it, causing lighting to hit all around the city.


Donovan:  (Now also breathing extremely hard).  Just…heh…stay down…  (Diggory slowly, very slowly, gets to his feet).  Heh…heh…you’re definitely not a quitter…extremely stupid, but not a quitter…


Diggory:  I won’t rest until I’ve destroyed you.


Donovan:  No one talks like that.  If you’re gonna play this game you’re gonna have to learn more of the basics, and one important lesson to learn is that no one talks like that.


Diggory:  (Angrily begins to advance on Donovan again).  I will destroy you.


Donovan:  (Smirks).  Do you swear it?


Diggory:  I SWEAR IT!


-Diggory launches himself at Donovan once more as Donovan begins laughing uncontrollably.


Scene 2:  Angela is hurriedly running through the city streets as lighting strikes down all around.


Angela:  (Sees a man looking up at the sky.  She points at him and tenses her hand.  The man disappears).  I don’t believe this…it just can’t be happening…  (Looks around for anyone.  A mother is huddled under a bench with two children).  I wish I could be doing more…  (Points at the family and tenses her hand.  The family disappears.  Angela keeps running as fast as she can manage).  I just hope this doesn’t classify breaking rules…


Anthony:  (Appears beside Angela, running as well).  No, not technically, yet.


Angela:  (Surprised).  Who are you?


Anthony:  I’m a Closer from Hell.  Name’s Anthony.  I’m an ex-associate of Donovan’s.


Angela:  Are you here to fight him?


Anthony:  No.  Are you?


Angela:  I’m not allowed to directly interfere with the business of other Closers.


Anthony:  Of course, my apologies.  I forget how strictly Heaven’s Closers follow the rules.  (Angela points at a homeless man in a cardboard box who looks terrified.  She does her stuff and he disappears).  Well…mostly.


Angela:  (Annoyed).  What do you want?


Anthony:  Where’s Donovan?


Angela:  Look for the source of all this trouble; I think you’ll find him.  Why do you need to know if you’re not here to fight?


Anthony:  Guilt, perhaps.


Angela:  (Confused).  What?


Anthony:  It’s important that you listen to what I’ve got to say.


Angela:  Hmm.  (Nods).


Scene 3:  Back with Diggory and Donovan at ground zero.


-Diggory is beating Donovan relentlessly, slugging him with fierce punches over and over again, knocking him to the ground, though Donovan only gets up, laughing.


Diggory:  (Winded, hunched over, fists still clenched).  Why…?  Why are you laughing?!


Donovan:  (Regaining a bit of composer).  Hahaha…you just don’t get it, do you?  All of this is an utter waste of time and effort.  Either you punch me or I punch you, it doesn’t matter, we both just get up, don’t we?


Diggory:  You’re stalling again!


Donovan:  No, I’m eager to get this over with, but I just don’t like the solution I see ahead of me.


Diggory:  You’re not making any sense!


Donovan:  I know how this ends.  Ultimately I’m fine with it, but it’s all just been such a waste.


Diggory:  Enough!


-Diggory throws himself at Donovan.  Donovan grabs Diggory’s hands and the two clench up, neither backing down.  Both are straining to overpower the other and neither is making any headway.  Sparks are flying from the two.


Donovan:  After all the planning I did you just had to mess things up, didn’t?


Diggory:  It’d have helped if you tried informing me of your plan instead of just assuming I could be used.


Donovan:  I’ve been working on this whole plot for years now, carefully putting each piece into place.  I have an army of hundreds waiting for me once I pull them from Purgatory.


Diggory:  (Really confused).  Huh?  What’re you talking about now?!


Scene 4:  Flash into Donovan’s thoughts.  We see Donovan walking in the alleyway at the beginning, singing his song as he advances on the three helpless victims.


Donovan Narration:  (The scene plays out as it originally did).  Normally a Closer is the medium used to draw a soul to a specific otherworldly side.  We recruit, they sign on, and in doing so they’re fused with whichever side signed them.  Every soul is given the chance at some point to make this decision…unless…  (Donovan begins slaughtering the three men in the alleyway).  Closers are not from this world, and though they’re mediums of change and facilitators of fate, if one were to act out of line…  (More horrors as Donovan kills the four thugs in the alleyway that attacked Angela).  There’d be a breech; an interruption.  The soul would cease to function within the rules of the two-party system.  (Donovan stabs the professor).  They end up someplace new…  (Hundreds of souls, faceless and shapeless, wander around an empty void).  Purgatory.


Scene 5:  Back to the present with Donovan and Diggory clenched up.


Donovan:  Neither side has claim over Purgatory thus far.  All those souls are wandering completely oblivious, waiting for someone to come along and give them shape, form, and leadership.


Diggory:  (Shocked).  That’s insanity…


Donovan:  You’ve no idea the depths your mind will travel to once you reach the great beyond and fully touch the essence of Heaven and Hell.  The system is flawed, it always ways, and I’m just setting about to create some change.


Diggory:  You’re setting about to unravel everything!


Donovan:  Perhaps…or perhaps I’m just setting out to right a few wrongs in my own life.


Diggory:  I just…I don’t get it…


Donovan:  Heh.


-Donovan pulls Diggory into a headbutt while not letting go.


Donovan:  (Smiles and starts to glow).  Looks like it’s time for that change, eh?


Diggory:  What’s…?


Donovan:  Hahaha!  Always the curious type, huh kid?!


-Everything begins to glow intensely as Donovan begins to gleam blindly bright.  Diggory is struggling to escape but can’t.  Suddenly a flash of light hits Diggory, causing him to yell and everything to flash white.


Scene 6:  Flashback into Donovan’s head.  We see Donovan and Angela walking together, talking and laughing.


-Angela playfully shoves Donovan.  Donovan starts laughing and shoves her back.  The two wrestle around for a bit before Angela completely tackles Donovan, taking him to the ground, pinning him down.


-The two look into each other’s eyes for a brief moment before Angela hops up, smiling and proud.  She helps Donovan get up.


-There’s a flash and we see them jump ahead in time, sitting at a coffee shop, laughing and drinking coffee as Donovan tells an elaborate story, causing Angela to laugh harder.


-There’s another flash and the two are sitting in class while taking a test.  Though Donovan seems to be concentrating, he’s hit by a wad of paper from Angela.  He looks back and sees her smiling.  She makes a face at him and he starts laughing.


-Yet another flash and Donovan is walking down the street, talking on a cell phone, laughing and smiling.  He hangs up and keeps walking.


Anthony:  (A voice calls out to Donovan, stepping out of the shadows dressed in the coat that Donovan’s usually seen in).  Hey, your name Donovan?


Donovan:  Who’s asking?


Anthony:  A fan.  You could say I’m a talent scout in some sense.


-The two talk on and on, cutting ahead to show the time passing, each new cut having Anthony pacing around Donovan, making big gestures.


Anthony:  (Finally stops moving, pulls out a card, and offers it to Donovan).  The name’s Anthony.  You may call my Tony for shot if you wish.


Donovan:  (Looks Anthony up and down for a moment).  I’m not interested.


Anthony:  Wha-what?


Donovan:  Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s an attractive woman waiting for my company.


Anthony:  Weren’t you listening to my offer?  I can give you anything!  I can give you, everything!


Donovan:  I’ve got enough.  (Pushes Anthony aside and walks away).


Anthony:  You’ll regret that choice!


Donovan:  (Waves back).  And I’m sure you will too!


-Donovan walks out into the open, looking across the street at an apartment complex.  He looks up and sees Angela in the window staring off and smiling.


-Donovan smiles as well, reaching into his pocket and pulling out an engagement ring, just to admire it for a second.


-Donovan begins to cross the street while watching the window.


-Angela sees someone off to the side and gets excited as another man, Daniel, walks up to her, hugs her, and kisses her passionately.


Donovan:  (Stops in the middle of the road, dumbfounded and heartbroken).  Angie…?


-A car pulls around the corner going too fast, speeding up as it’s about to hit Donovan.  The driver hits the horn, laying it on strong as Donovan just sadly turns, the headlights of the car engulfing him.


-There’s a loud “SCREE” followed by a “THUMP” as we see a quick flash of the driver, Anthony.


-Angela and Daniel stop making out and look out the window, hearing the sound outside.  They instantly become horrified as they realize what happened.


-Blood begins running down the road as the engagement ring rolls along side it into the storm drain.


-There’s another flash and now Donovan is sitting in front of Lucifer, wearing his uniform as a Closer, rubbing his neck.


Lucifer:  (Discussing things with Donovan in Hell).  So we’re in agreement?  You’ll be a Closer from now on?


Donovan:  Do I really have a choice in the matter at this point?


Lucifer:  I suppose not, though under the circumstances it’s rather…ironic, wouldn’t you say?


Donovan:  I’ve never been a huge fan of irony when it happens to fuck me over.


-Flash once more as we see Daniel and Angela at an airport, frantically running to catch a plane.  They’re holding hands.  They look back and drop their luggage, running as fast as they can.


-All the lights suddenly go out and they’re left in mostly darkness.


-Donovan steps out of the darkness into the pale light around Angela and Daniel.


-Donovan pulls out his pistol-blade, advances on Daniel, and thrusts it into Daniel’s gut.


-Daniel slouches onto Donovan’s shoulder as Angela screams.


Donovan:  Sorry little brother, but you took something from me first…


Scene 7:  Flash back to the current situation with Diggory and Donovan clenched up, Donovan glowing intensely bright, pulsating, his flesh bubbling in places.


Donovan:  (Calm, despite the situation).  It’s almost time, isn’t it?.  (Diggory finally breaks Donovan’s grasp, and starts running).  It’s no use running from this one kid!


Donovan begins to go nuclear as he blows himself up.  He screams as Diggory hurriedly runs away, panicked.  Donovan explodes with a rippling effect, tearing up the ground around him and flowing out.  Diggory turns to try and defend himself as Angela appears, grabs Diggory, and disappears again.  Donovan explodes as we get a view of the Earth from outer space, showing a huge blast area engulfing the majority of a continent.


Scene 8:  A cliff side overlooking the destruction, witnessing the explosion.  Angela and Diggory suddenly appear from nowhere in a flash.  Diggory falls to his knees and looks around, confused.


Diggory:  Angela?


Angela:  There, now you can’t say I never helped you.


Diggory:  (Looks around, seeing a large number of people here as well including the mother and her children, the homeless man, and the clueless guy, all staring at the explosion).  These people…?


Angela:  I saved as many as I could while you were fighting Donovan.  There aren’t many, but I had to try anyway.


Diggory:  Donovan, he’s…


Angela:  He blew himself up.


Diggory:  Will he be alright?


Angela:  I don’t know what happens when the dead kill themselves.  I don’t assume good things.


Diggory:  Before it happened, before he exploded, I could see a brief flash of his memories.  I saw how he died.  And I saw…  (Sadly looks up at Angela).  He loved you Angela…


Angela:  I know he did…


Diggory:  Then why?


Angela:  I just didn’t feel the same way.


Diggory:  Was there a reason?


Angela:  Beyond the simple “he wasn’t my type,” yes.  I loved someone else.


Diggory:  Daniel, right?


Angela:  Yes.  I haven’t seen Daniel since Donovan killed him.  I’ve traveled around both Heaven and Hell on multiple occasions looking for him and haven’t found him.


Diggory:  (Thinks for a second).  That’s because he’s not in either…


Angela:  (Startled).  Huh?


Diggory:  Donovna mentioned something about there being a third place.  Purgatory.  He’s there, I’m sure of it.


Angela:  Purgatory doesn’t exist…


Diggory:  It might.  I’ll help you find him.  Together we can find him.  (Grabs Angela’s hand).  I want to make up for everything, please, let me remain beside you.  Let me fight for you and Heaven.


Angela:  (Lets go of Diggory’s hand).  I’m sorry Dig.  You’ve already made your choice.  Heaven follows the rules.


Diggory:  I don’t…I don’t understand.


Angela:  We don’t make deals with anyone because our side refuses to tamper with free will.  We just help you come to the conclusions for yourself.  And you made your choice already.  I’m sorry.  (Begins to walk off).


Diggory:  Angela wait!


Angela:  Dig, the conflict’s already started.  Hell’s probably going to be hunting you down so that you’ll make good on your promise.  The best you can do now is run.


Diggory:  No, I won’t fight for them, I refuse.


Angela:  I don’t like it any more than you do, but they have ownership of you now.  That’s just the way it goes.


Diggory:  No, I refuse to believe that.  As long as I’m alive I can still redeem myself.


Angela:  (Frustrated).  No!  (Recomposes herself).  Dig…the deal you made with Donovan was absolute.  You’re already dead.


-Flashback of Donovan and Diggory’s deal taking place.


Diggory:  I’m…?


Angela:  When I found you, you were already dead.  That’s how you got access to the powers now.  That’s how the deal works.


Diggory:  But I didn’t…I can’t be…


Angela:  You are.  I’m sorry, but it’s something you’ll have to deal with, and I can’t help you with it.  You’re on your own now Dig.  Goodbye.  (Walks away).


Diggory:  Angela…  (Clenches his fist, thinking to himself).  There’s a way I can still help.  Hell may claim ownership of me, but they don’t have control of me.  I can still choose to do whatever I want, and I’m not restricted by Heaven’s rules.  (Looks out at the destruction).  Donovan, through some fluke you’ve made me the most important individual in this whole damned conflict.  I may be on my own…but I’m by no means helpless.  (Looks up towards the sky).  This is only the beginning, isn’t it?  (Diggory disappears.  Everything fades to black).


End of Part 1


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  1. The King of Zing said,

    EPIC SAUSE!!!! Donovan is great… I love the whole “no one talks that way” line… very classic. I really loved the way that you ended the first part of Furious Angels… the last two or three chapters were by far the best and it leaves the reader/viewer wanting more and excited to see what happens next. I like also how even in what would seem like a time where Diggory has no hope, he still has hope in a way… Maybe a false hope, but a hope none the less. Great epic fight and nice use of all of the characters. Great flash back as well. Get on to writing the next part because I definitely want to see what happens next!

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