Welcome To The World

December 13, 2008 at 1:41 pm (Uncategorized)

Eclipse Star LogoWhat would you do if you had limitless power at your disposal?  Would you choose to help others, or would you choose to help only yourself?  For the past 10 years I’ve been thinking about how I’d respond to that, and right now all I can say is, “I do not know.”

The result of my wonderment is Eclipse Star, a story that seeks to accomplish more than the sum of its parts.  Throughout the course of the story, dozens of issues are brought up relating to all sorts of topics, including religion, politics, love, hate, vengeance, destiny, God, sex, violence, the human soul, family, pianos, and everything in between, (every good description has “and everything in between” at some point).

Eclipse Star isn’t for everyone.  Some of you might not enjoy it.  Some of you may downright despise it.  But then again, some of you may love it, and like me, some of you may find that you need it.  It’s an ongoing project that takes ridiculous time and monumental effort, and I’m beginning to hit my limit for how much of that can come from me alone.  It’s a continuously evolving world and the only way for it to continue down any given path is for more interaction from anyone willing to give of themselves to the project.

So that’s the gist.  It’s heavy-handed, but only if you want to see it like that.  I just want you to enjoy something I’ve written.  I want to change the world, but only a world I can create.  Welcome to my world.  Welcome to Eclipse Star.

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