Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Thirteen

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 13

“All Work and No Play…”


Recap:  Last time, the semifinals started with a match between Chris and Derek.  For a while it seemed that neither side had an advantage but after a series of intense attacks, it was made obvious that Derek was still stronger than Chris.  Painfully obvious.  After getting Chris in a firm grab, Derek felt that he was left with no options other than destroying Chris’ shoulders in order to finish the match.  Derek advances while Jack prepares himself to take on Syrus.


Lindsey:  (Still in the hospital bed.  She’s watching the result of the fight on a monitor in the hospital area).  Chris!  Oh my God, Jack, go do something!


Jack:  (Holding her hand, squeezing it gently).  Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.  The medical guys’ll handle things.


Lindsey:  (Getting all fired up).  Well go mess up Derek or something!  That was just uncalled for!


Jack:  Like I said, don’t worry.  All I’ve got to do is win this next match and then I can avenge Chris properly.  Derek isn’t really all that strong, just lucky.


Lindsey:  But…look at what he just did, Jack!


Jack:  Yeah, Chris lost hardcore, that doesn’t mean that Derek is all that strong, at least not mentally.  I’m still more experienced than he his.


-The paramedics wheel Chris in on a gurney.  He’s passed out with doctors looking over him feverishly.  Jack walks over and begins speaking to one of the doctors.


Jack:  How’s the damage looking?


Doctor:  Well, his shoulders have been completely dislocated due to a sudden lack of shoulder sockets and there’s a crack running up the front of his ribcage that doesn’t look all too painless.


Lindsey:  (Covering her mouth in worry).  Is he gonna be okay?!


Doctor:  (Looking up at her, all smiles, almost insensitively).  Don’t worry hon, he’ll be fine, we’re just going to let him rest for a little while before we check up on him again.


Lindsey:  (About leaping out of her bed).  He just suffered an accident that could have killed him and your answer is to let him rest?!


Doctor:  (Nods).  Uh, more or less, yes.  Don’t worry, we’ve already given him some medication, he’ll recover quickly.


Lindsey:  People need to stop telling me not to worry!  I’ll worry if I darn well please, dang it!


Jack:  (Laughing to himself, starting to walk out to the ring).  Hah, well I’ve got to get out there and beat Syrus, so you just sit tight and watch from in here.


Doctor:  (Looks up at Lindsey again).  Oh, your condition should be pretty stable now, so if you feel up to it you’d be just fine walking out to watch your friend participate.


Lindsey:  (Her hands at her hips, annoyed).  No, I’m staying here until you operate on Chris and fix him like you should be doing.


Jack:  Lindsey, trust the man, he’s a doctor, okay?  Wish me luck.  (Leaves).


Scott:  (From up in the stands).  Kyle, looks like that yen of yours is mine.


Kyle:  (Waggling his finger, believing himself completely in the right).  Oh ho, I think not.  I believe our agreement was based upon Derek knocking Chris out of the ring.  Clearly, there was no ring out and thus, I did not lose this wager.


Leena:  (Slumped back, her arms crossed).  You both owe me thirty bucks.


Austin:  (Looking very worried).  I’m gonna go check on Chris and Lindsey.  I’m sick of sitting up here and not doing anything already.


Kevin:  I’ll come too.  Do you mind if we leave you guys?


Scott:  (Waves the two off, uncaringly).  Sure sure.  (To Leena).  I’ll give ya double or nothing that Jack loses here.


Leena:  Well duh he’s gonna lose.  Syrus is a warrior and Jack’s just a jerk.


Kyle:  Ah, a jerk who knows how to pretend he’s a warrior.


Leena:  Point taken.


Danny:  What if they both win?


-The others look at Danny like he’s an idiot.


Leena:  How the heck could they both win?


Danny:  I don’t know, they fight for a while then decide they’d rather be friends so they shake hands and call it a draw.  And then…they’d both fight Derek in the finals!  WHOA!


Leena:  Danny?  You’re an idiot.  (Slumps back).


-Austin pats Danny on the back, shakes his head, and rushes off to the medical wing with Kevin as the others argue.


Derek:  (Jack walks out into the main arena area and passes by Derek.  Derek’s got a smug look on his face as they pass).  Hmh, be careful out there Jack, you never know when someone’s gonna crack under the pressure.


Jack:  (Gets in Derek’s face, speaking low).  You just keep laughing.  I’ll deal with you later, whether I win this or not.


Derek:  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to wait for you to get out of the hospital wing though.


Jack:  Funny.  (Walks out onto the stage while Derek walks into the medical center).


Derek:  Pretty good match out there, eh Lindz?


Lindsey:  YOU!  (Hops out of her bed and runs up to Derek, beginning to randomly smack him).  I oughta kick your tail for that you egotistical JERK!


Derek:  (Grabs her wrists and stops her, then pats her on the cheek).  Well at least I’m happy to see you feeling better.  Or rather, Chris’ll be happy when he wakes up.  (Shrugs, annoyed).  That’s probably why he lost the fight; he couldn’t focus on anything except rushing off to save you.


Lindsey:  (Slightly confused).  I thought he was too busy fighting you to worry about me though.


Derek:  (Treating her like she’s a fool).  Who?  Chris?  No, he ran over to you and started cradling you like you were a helpless little child while Jack convinced him that you were fine, then he kept bitchin’ to me until I punched him in the head a few times to get him to shut up.  (Smiles).  See, you’re fine, he’ll be fine, don’t worry.  (Ruffles her hair).


Lindsey:  (Throws his hand away from her).  Darn it, stop telling me that!  (Kicks Derek in the shin and walks away as he hops around).


Derek:  (Holding his leg and hopping).  Women…


-Meanwhile, back in the center of the arena…


Announcer:  And now the second match of the semifinals is about to be underway!  On one side, we have from Zanretha a courageous individual who’s not even old enough to vote, Jack from the Legion!  And on the other side, we have a man known for his heroism and feats of great strength, the Balobynian Syrus!  Please, let the match…BEGIN!


Jack:  (Showing a great deal of confidence).  So, you’re the one I’ve heard so much about.


Syrus:  (Almost smiling).  I would have to assume so; kids do tend to talk a lot when they’re excited.


Jack:  What did you want with those kids anyway?


Syrus:  (Completely serious once more).  I wanted nothing to do with the kids, I even went out of my way not to kill them; it was all business that does not concern you.


Jack:  Why’d you need the Eclipse Star?


Syrus:  It is far beyond something that you’d understand.


Jack:  You give me far too little credit in regards to how much I know.


Syrus:  (Looking off towards the others in the stands, nodding towards them).  Energy combat, can I expect to see any from your compatriots?


Jack:  No, I haven’t trained them how to use any serious energy blasts.


Syrus:  (Turns back to Jack).  Why?  They would provide useful in instances such as this.


Jack:  They’re progressing fast enough as it is.  I don’t need half a dozen newbies firing off explosions left and right.  Which reminds me, I say we set a few rules.


Syrus:  Such as?


Jack:  No energy combat.  I’ll refrain from its use if you keep it out of this tournament altogether.  I’d rather my superiors not know how much I’ve kept from them.


Syrus:  What about your teammate?  Can I expect focused energy from him?


Jack:  Increased speed and strength, but no explosions.


Syrus:  I’m assuming that there will be no flying?


Jack:  I don’t even know how to do that, so no.


Syrus:  If that is what you wish, there shall be no flying and no energy blasts.


Jack:  Well good.


Syrus:  (Mocking Jack now).  Am I allowed to punch and kick, or am I just limited to pushing and giggling?


Jack:  (Gritting his teeth and pointing off at Syrus).  Hey, there’s no need to get all sarcastic with me, this is still a fight.


Syrus:  (Sighs and shrugs).  If that’s what you want to call it I guess.  You make the rules.


Jack:  HEY.  Stop with the mocking me thing.


Announcer:  Um, gentlemen, this is a fight, could you please…um…start fighting?


Jack:  (Turns to the Announcer).  In a minute, just hold on.  (To Syrus).  I want to know what this whole tournament is all about.  It doesn’t make any sense to be holding an event like this out of nowhere.


Syrus:  The tournament is meant to better relations between our two nations; didn’t you listen to anything that was melodramatically shouted at the beginning of this competition?


Jack:  Why won’t you tell me anything?


Syrus:  Because it does not concern you to know.


Jack:  (Thumbs towards his chest).  It always concerns me to know.  Tell me at least something worth hearing.


Syrus:  I will tell you one piece of information, and them I’m going to hit you as hard as I can in the stomach, does that sound fair to you?  (Jack nods).  There is a war going on between Zanretha and Balobyn, but both sides have done an extremely good job of keeping the extent of it quiet.


Jack:  What on earth does that-


-Syrus imbeds his fist up to the elbow in Jacks gut, then backs off as Jack falls to his knees.


Syrus:  I gave you fair warning for that, you should have expected it.


Jack:  (Gets to his feet as he chokes back swears between clenched teeth.  He’s holding his stomach but otherwise he looks better than should be expected).  Okay, so there’s a war that we’re not supposed to know about?


Syrus:  (Now visibly annoyed, one hand on his hip).  Are you still on this?  I’m going to kick you in the side of the head now; perhaps you’ll do something about it this time.


Jack:  Why are both countries- (Syrus kicks at Jack, but Jack blocks the kick with his arm).  Why are both countries trying to cover this up?


Syrus:  (Sigh).  Thousands are dying on both side, it always makes a government look bad when the nation is aware of it.


-Syrus sweeps Jack’s feet, Jack jumps over the attack and kicks at Syrus’ head in the air, to which Syrus ducks underneath.


-Jack lands and the two connect with similar punches.


Jack:  But where’s all the fighting taking place?


Syrus:  All the fighting has been done in remote areas in the plains around Balobyn.  Be thankful that this war is not taking place on your home soil.


-Syrus pulls back and knees at Jack who flips backwards


-Syrus then kicks Jack in the back as he’s upside-down in the air.


-Jack takes the hit and goes sprawling out on his stomach.


Syrus:  No more talking; I’m tired of talking.


Jack:  (Coughs and gets to his feet).  Just one more question: what’s the basis of the war?


Syrus:  It’s too long and complicated to explain to someone that has no business knowing anyway.


Jack:  Just give me the basic explanation.


Syrus:  (Coldly delivers the response).  God’s dictatorship has ended.


Jack:  (Honestly and completely befuddled).  WHA?


-Jack just stares confusedly at Syrus while Syrus stretches his arms and legs.


Jack:  That…that makes no sense.


Syrus:  (Angry and stern).  Discussion over.  Make your move; it’s your turn to initiate something.


Jack:  (A crazy look enters his eye and he starts nodding and rolling up his sleeves).  Okay, fine, FINE, I’ll initiate something so hard that you’ll be as confused as I am right now.


Syrus:  The fact that Zanretha has assembled a team consisting entirely of minors has already accomplished in that task.


-Jack cracks his knuckles, gets a firm stance and calms himself down.  He closes his eyes for a second and when he reopens them he’s got a smile on his face.  He looks up and dashes at Syrus, then disappears off to the side, reappearing, then disappearing again, and again, and again all around Syrus.


-Jack finally reappears behind Syrus with a punch, but Syrus reacts and blocks the punch while punching back.


-Jack and Syrus disappear upon colliding fists again.  A boom is heard in the middle of the stage and the two reappear again as it becomes apparent that Jack has been hit in the face since he’s on the ground and his face has a bruise on it.


Syrus:  I’m surprised that you’re able to keep up with me as well as you are.


Jack:  (Rubbing his face).  Thus far, not well enough.


Syrus:  That’s to be expected.  I’ve been fighting for decades; you’ve only just begun.  On that subject, am I allowed to ask a question of you?


Jack:  (Rubbing his face).  I suppose it’s only fair.


Syrus:  Who trained all of you to fight?


Jack:  I trained myself based upon things I’ve seen the Legion Commander do and then I trained the others.


Syrus:  For how long?


Jack:  Almost two years for me, around three months for the others.


Syrus:  These kids have already surpassed Balobynian regulars after a mere three months of practice?


Jack:  Yeah, it’s pretty surprising, I know.


Syrus:  Alright, I suggest we discontinue talking and just finish this fight as quickly and quietly as possible.


Jack:  How long have you been training?


Syrus:  Too long…


Both Jack and Syrus launch themselves into the air, landing on the TV monitor hanging from the center of the ceiling.  The crowd goes absolutely nuts in amazement.


Kyle:  Oh snap.  Our seats got better.  (Takes a big handful of popcorn).


-Jack jumps at Syrus, kicking him from above, although Syrus covers his head with his forearm and pushes Jack away.


-Syrus leaps towards him and tries to head butt Jack, but Jack grabs the supports of the monitor and pulls himself out of the way, swinging around and hitting Syrus in the back with both feet.


-Syrus falls onto his hands and flips himself forward, catching Jack under the chin with his heels.


-Jack flies backwards into the air and lands on his hands, teetering over the edge of the monitor.


Jack:  (Beads of sweat roll down his cheek as he sways dangerously between stability and falling.  He quickly shuts his eyes).  Damn, I really don’t want to be this high off the ground with someone like this.


-Syrus tries to kick Jack in the back but Jack disappears behind Syrus, sweeping his feet and elbowing him in the back, sending him off the edge.


-Syrus viciously grabs at anything that he can, finally catching hold of some wires near the bottom of the screen.


Jack:  (Yelling down to Syrus, smiling).  Hey!  Do you need any help down there?


-Syrus pulls one of the metal wires out from the TV monitor and uses it like a whip, grabbing Jack’s foot with it and pulling him off the top.


-Jack also frantically grabs at anything and just hangs from the edge of the screen as Syrus does his best to pull him loose with the wire he’d wrapped around Jack’s foot.


Jack:  Cut it out!


-Jack reaches down with one hand and grabs the wire around his foot, then kicks off from the screen and swings around to the underside of the monitor where Syrus is pulling at him from.


-Jack grasps the closest bar protruding from the bottom of the monitor and dangles near Syrus.  He kicks at Syrus, who is pushed back, then swings back towards Jack with a kick of his own.


-The two are now in a kicking battle, until Jack flips forward and grabs Syrus’ legs, pulling him downward.


-Syrus lets go and the two spin around in midair punching and kicking randomly at each other until Jack grabs Syrus, runs on his front, and kicks off of his head, propelling himself back up onto the monitor.


-Syrus swivels around to land with a thud on his hands and knees.


Jack:  (While hanging from the bottom of the TV screen).  Dang, now why’d I come back up here?


-Syrus gets up and Jack notices that he’s still holding onto the wire connected to the monitor.


Jack:  Ah c’mon man, I know what you’re thinking, don’t be crazy.


-Syrus starts tugging on the wire, to which the monitor begins creaking and moaning, although Jack continues to hold on tightly despite the obvious look of panic on his face.


Jack:  This is ridiculous!  Think of the collateral damage!


Syrus:  (Laughs).  My nation isn’t the one paying for it!


-Syrus smiles and tugs once more, this time pulling a few of the top support wires loose so that the monitor falls slightly and hangs from its side.


-Jack loses his grip and falls a few feet, only to grab onto another metal pipe sticking out from the underside.  The monitor is now swaying dangerously in the air.


-Jack looks down to see that Syrus is no longer there.


Syrus:  (From on top of the TV screen grinning down at Jack).  Hah, now do you need any help?  (He starts rocking the structure back and forth from the top, to which it continues to make terrible noises).


Jack:  Don’t do this!


Syrus continues swaying the big screen monitor until a bunch more of the wires break before jumping off into the air.  The monitor swings more and more and the last few wires break.


Jack:  DAMN IT!


As the support breaks loose, Jack scrambles to be on the top of the structure when it hits, although the best he can do is jump from wherever he is.


-The screen smashes into the middle of the arena as Jack falls out of control out of bounds.


Announcer:  OH MY GOD!!!  (The crowd is going insane).


-Jack stops inches above the ground, generating a slight humming sound around his body.


Announcer:  Is Jack out of the ring?!  This isn’t possible!


Jack:  (Having great difficulty hovering above the ground).  Dang it…that was too close…


-Syrus comes out of the air and backhands Jack, sending him face-first into the ground and out of bounds.


Syrus:  (Lands next to Jack).  I thought we agreed on no flying.


Jack:  (Jack angrily gets up).  That wasn’t flying, that was hovering.


Announcer:  Well I guess that means that Jack has been knocked out of the ring and so, Syrus will be going to the finals!


-Crowd goes wild.


To Be Continued…


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