Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Fourteen

December 13, 2008 at 1:10 pm (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 14

“Let’s Finish Things Off With a Bang”


Recap:  Last time, the match between Jack and Syrus got into full swing, literally, when the two leapt onto the big screen television monitor hanging down from the center of the arena.  Although it was hard to tell whether it was Jack or Syrus with the advantage over the other, Syrus caused the entire screen to tumble down and nearly crush Jack.  As the screen crashed down and enveloped the entire stage, Jack was forced to dive out of the way and hover dangerously out of bounds until Syrus came down from above and knocked him the last few inches onto the ground, giving Syrus the win and making the final round between Derek and Syrus.


Jack:  (Furiously getting in Syrus’ face).  What the hell was that?!  You tried dropping a couple thousand pound weight on me!


Syrus:  (Unbothered, almost enjoying the moment).  And you jumped out of the way as I figured you would, though the fact that you began hovering in the air did surprise me just a bit.


Jack:  You could have killed me!!!


Syrus:  Or I could have swung the structure over the crowd and killed some of them, but I did neither.


Jack:  Yeah but-


Syrus:  (Cutting Jack off, serious once more).  You lost the match but you’re still no worse off than before you began.  That’s more than your friends can say.  Now run along.  (Walks back over to the Balobynian side of the arena).


Jack:  (Stomps).  DAMNIT!


Announcer:  Okay folks, in light of recent events we shall have to postpone the next match for a few minutes while we clear the fighting area of debris.  Please hold tight and we’ll be getting back to the tournament as soon as possible.


Danny:  (From up in the stands).  You know, I was almost right just now.


Clinton:  How so?


Danny:  Well, if Jack and Syrus couldn’t fly, then they both would have fallen out of the ring and neither would have won.


Leena:  So?  You said they’d both win.  Both losing isn’t the same thing, it’s the direct opposite.


Willy:  She does have a point, Danny.


Danny:  Then…if they both lost would Derek instantly win?  Or maybe…we’d be asked to fight instead!


Clinton:  I don’t think it works that way.


Danny:  Maybe it should!  That’d be so cool!  I wish I could be down there right now!


Kyle:  Next tournament champ.


Leena:  Yeah, you, me, and all the other B-listers are gonna do something important.  Like that’ll happen.


Kyle:  A little faith there.


Scott:  So how do I calculate your losses?


Kyle:  Don’t know, don’t care.


Scott:  Any takers for the final match?


Danny:  I WIN IT!


Scott:  (Starts to laugh to himself).  That’s so stupid that…(stops laughing).  Yeah I’ll take that bet.  (Danny hands him some money).


-Jack walks into the hospital wing as Derek greets him.


Derek:  Nice match out there hoverboy.


Jack:  Derek, this is not the time…


Derek:  (Looking somewhat pissed).  How much have you been holding back on us?


Jack:  (Returning the feelings).  Nothing more than techniques you couldn’t grasp at your current level.


Derek:  That’s bullshit Jack.


Jack:  (Getting in Derek’s face).  You had best shut your damn mouth before I break your jaw.


Derek:  I would love to see you try it.


-The two stand off and enter fighting stances, but Lindsey interrupts and breaks them up.


Lindsey:  I’m not going to stand around and let you two punch each other for no good reason.  Besides Jack, Derek needs to be at his best to fight in the next round.


Jack:  (Livid).  It honestly doesn’t matter how strong he thinks he is or how much he thinks he knows, he can’t win this fight!  I’d know, I just fought Syrus!


Derek:  I thought you were bragging about being able to beat him.  What happened to confident Jack?  Where did he go?


Jack:  Confident Jack almost got killed by a ridiculously strong fighter who’s been fighting for a lot longer than any of us can judge.


Derek:  (Leaning back, almost chuckling).  Well now there’s no TV screen to be dropped on me, so I’m not extremely worried about anything crazy like that happening.


Jack:  You just don’t…  (Rubbing his eyes and turning away from Derek).  God, fine, go get yourself killed for all I care.


Lindsey:  (Places a hand on Jack’s chest).  Jack…Syrus isn’t going to kill him.  He could have killed both you and me and he hasn’t.  We’re still safe as long as Syrus is restricted to rules and appearances.


Derek:  (Gestures towards Lindsey).  You see, even the female gets it, why can’t you?  This is totally a possible fight.


Lindsey:  I wouldn’t go that far, but then again I’m not ruling it out.  Derek has a lot of potential, so anything could happen out there.


Jack:  I don’t care.  I just don’t care… (Walks off.  At the same time Austin and Kevin find their way into the room).


Austin:  (Coming in with a happy attitude).  Hi guys.  Lindsey!  You’re alright!  (Runs up and hugs her).


Lindsey:  Yeah, it looked worse than it actually was, but I’m just fine.


Kevin:  (Hugs her as well).  And Chris?


Derek:  I went too far and how he’s near comatose.  (The others are a bit shocked to hear Derek admitting to something he’s done).  Don’t give me that look; Chris is still a friend of mine, too.  I seriously thought he would have given up before his body gave out but for once I was wrong.  It happens from time to time, I’m still partially human.


Austin:  (Walks over to where Chris is sleeping).  He does look like he’s getting better though.  I don’t understand what the heck it is that they keep giving us to do that.


Jack:  It’s a pill the Legion has with incredible healing properties.  It hasn’t been perfected yet but it works well enough from what I’ve seen it do.


Kevin:  Healing properties?


Jack:  Mends bones, closes wounds, eliminates fatigue.  I still don’t fully trust it but it’s a necessary evil at the moment.


Derek:  (Actually looking curious).  Jack, honestly, what did Syrus say to you out there?


Jack:  Why are you sure that he said anything?


Derek:  (Annoyed again).  You two spent a lot of time doing nothing, I assumed you were talking, or else just staring at each other but that’d just look silly and waste time.


Jack:  (Sighs).  Fine, I was gonna tell everyone afterwards but I might as well fill you four in now.  (They gather ‘round).  Syrus told me that the supposedly weak war that’s going on actually is a full-blown war with thousands of casualties, but both nations are covering it up.


Austin:  I don’t like the sound of this.  Why didn’t you already know about it?


Jack:  Why would I already know about it?


Austin:  (Shrugs).  You seem to know everything about the Legion; I’m just surprised that you didn’t overhear them talking about something this big.


Commander:  (From over in the corner).  That’s because there are still levels of the Legion that Jack doesn’t know about.


Jack:  How long have you been standing there?


Commander:  Long enough to hear about what you know.  Jack, how dumb to you think I am?


Jack:  Um…


Commander:  That’s a rhetorical question, don’t answer it.  The point is, you know nothing about what really goes on in the organization.  The people that you’ve been spying on, the higher-ups, are still really low ranking soldiers.


Lindsey:  So the fact that we’re stronger than them isn’t really that impressive after all?


Commander:  On the contrary.  The fact of the matter is that all of you, including you Jack, are now ready for actual missions at a time frame of less than a tenth of a normal soldier.


Jack:  So we’re going to be going on actual missions now?


Commander:  I have no choice.  Right after this tournament ends you’ll all be briefed on the mission and have a few days to prepare before we send you off.


Jack:  (Ecstatic).  That’s great news!


Commander:  (Coy smile).  Isn’t it though?  (Begins to walk off).


Jack:  I have one more question Commander.


Commander:  Of course you do, you always do.  (Turns around).  What is it?


Jack:  What is the point of this tournament?  Really?


Commander:  It’s a publicity stunt, stop looking into things so deeply Jack.  (Looks off at Derek).  Derek, enjoy your time in the spotlight while you can, this may be the last time any of you are seen in the public eye.  (Leaves the room escorted by a man in a suit).


Subordinate:  How did it go?


Commander:  If this plan works we may have them off our hands for good.


-Time passes and the arena is once again cleared and ready for the final match to start.


Announcer:  Thank you all for your patience!  The final match of this tournament is about to start!  We’ve come a long way but now we’re down to two finalists!  Representing Zanretha, we have the newcomer to the fighting world who’s already making a name for himself, Legion member Derek!  And representing the nation of Balobyn, I’ve already talked on enough about him tonight, you know him, Syrus!  Contestants, please take your places.


Austin:  (Pats Derek on the shoulder).  This is it Derek.  Do your best.


Derek:  (Smug smile).  Oh I’ll do more than that.


Octavious:  Don’t lose this Syrus, at any cost.


Syrus:  I will do what must be done.


Announcer:  And now, let the final match…BEGIN!


Derek:  (Leaning back, tilting his head at Syrus).  You remember me?


Syrus:  Yes.  You were the first one I knocked out that day at the museum, correct?


Derek:  (This is a heavy hit to Derek’s ego).  Ye…yes, that would be me, but I’ve come a long way since then.


Syrus:  (Dry).  I’m sure you have.


Derek:  Don’t patronize me old man.


Syrus:  Old man?  (Fighter stance).  If you wish to stereotype based upon age, do as you will, although I wouldn’t recommend it.


Derek:  (Fighter stance).  I’m a wildcard; you’ve got no idea what I could do.


Syrus:  And I suppose you think I’m an open book.


Derek:  I think you’re probably tired at this point and need a nap.


Syrus:  Hmm, you’ve read me completely.  I just wish I had my slippers and a blanket.  Now run along you whipper snapper before I take a switch to you.  (Sarcastically waggles his finger at Derek).


Derek:  (Grits his teeth, annoyed).  And now I’m gonna kick your ass sooo hard it bursts through your chest!


Derek lunges at Syrus and uppercuts at him.


-Syrus leans backwards out of the way.


-Derek uppercuts again with the same effect, then roundhouse kicks.


-Syrus ducks, Derek kicks again, ducks again.


-Derek keeps kicking over Syrus’ head until finally Syrus blocks Derek’s leg and decks him in the back, sending him onto his face.


Syrus:  (Calmly walking towards Derek, emotionally dry once more).  And this is the part where I give you the same ultimatum that I gave everyone else.  Either give up, or I’m going to have to hurt you as badly as I’m allowed to.


Derek:  (Gets up, stretching his back).  Hah, do you really think that I’m about to give up in the final round?  Yeah, I’m just gonna yell out ‘HEY, I GIVE UP!’


Announcer:  It seems that Derek is throwing in the towel and so this match goes to-


Derek:  (Yelling back at the announcer).  HEY, HEY, NO!  Shush man, I’m being a sarcastic ass here, chill dammit!


-Derek turns around to Syrus’ fist finding its way into his face.


-Derek is flipped onto his back.  Syrus stomps at his head and Derek rolls out of the way.


-Syrus keeps stomping at him until Derek grabs Syrus’ foot with both hands and tries desperately to stop himself from getting crushed.


-He finally pushes off, tipping Syrus off balance, and jumps to his feet with a powerful uppercut that smashes Syrus in the chin.


Syrus:  (Stumbling backwards, rubbing his chin).  Not bad.  I felt that one.


Derek:  Knocked your dentures loose, didn’t it?


Syrus:  (Angry).  I give you a compliment and you respond by making a poorly worded insult.  Do you by any chance have self esteem issues?


-Derek gets noticeably pissed at this and thrusts at Syrus again with a punch that naturally misses.


-Syrus ducks underneath and punches Derek extremely hard in the stomach.


Derek drops down instantly and clutches his gut.


Syrus:  You know, I hit your friend with a punch like that, except I hit him harder.


Derek:  (Looking up while struggling not to recoil from the apparent pain).  You just…caught me…off guard for a second.  (Stands up and rolls his head back and forth).  Okay, so I can see that our dialogue has reached its limits.


Syrus:  You may yet be wiser than you first seemed.


-Syrus waits for Derek to charge recklessly at him, although Derek remains in a decent fighting stance.


-The two just wait for the other to initiate an attack, until Syrus finally punches at Derek who blocks with both arms, then cross-thoks Syrus with both hands directly in the face.


-Syrus stumbles back and gets hit in the head with a flying kick by Derek.


-Seeing a good opportunity, Derek grabs Syrus’ leg while he’s falling backwards and proceeds to swing him around and around, faster and faster, then releasing him with an upwards throw.


-Derek looks into the air and launches himself spinning skyward.  Once above Syrus he flips upside-down and kicks Syrus, sending him back onto the ground hard.


Derek:  Haha!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  (Syrus shakes off the attack extremely quickly and gets up to look at Derek as he’s falling through the air.  Derek looks mildly surprised upon his realization).  Oh dang it, I figured that he wouldn’t be getting back up so quickly…


-With nowhere to go in the air, Derek prepares to take one heck of a shot from Syrus once he’s within range.  As expected, when Derek falls close enough to Syrus, he’s hit with a hard wound-up punch that breaks through Derek’s defense and knocks him senselessly skidding across the arena floor.


-Derek skids to a halt with his legs hanging over the edge of the ring but regains control and pulls himself back into the safe zone, then to his feet.


-The crowd cheers louder.


Announcer:  This is quite a fight we’ve got going here!  Derek almost found himself in a ring-out there!  Luckily for him he’s still in this match, but for how long?!


Derek:  Okay, I’ll admit that that was a really, really, really…good…uh, hit.  So much so that my vocabulary is now not good…as much.


Syrus:  Was that your best attack?


Derek:  Oh I get it, you’re getting cocky now, huh?


Syrus:  No, I’m honestly asking, because if it was, then I could finish this match at any time.


Derek:  Yep, you’re cocky.  Trust me, I’d know.  I invented and perfected cockiness.


-Syrus rolls his eyes and then socks Derek in the stomach again.


-Derek coughs up some blood, but Syrus doesn’t let him recover and instead jabs him in the side of the face, then slams him hard, sending him into one of the round spheres at the corner of the ring.


-Derek slumps down and clutches his stomach.


Derek:  Once again…lucky…punches…


-Syrus walks nonchalantly over to the only other sphere and pulls it up from the ground.


Derek:  (Derek looks up finally and sees what Syrus is doing).  Ah no…


-Syrus swings the huge stone around and around and then throws it at Derek.


-Derek tries to pull his arms up to cover himself but the rock smashes into him, clacking together with the other stone.


-Derek manages to push the weight out of the way, revealing that his entire face and forearms are now bleeding very badly.


Syrus:  This would be the best time to just walk away.


Derek:  No… (Gets very shakily to his feet, his face and arms still bleeding).  I still have…one…more trick up my sleeve.  (Holds his arms out wide and claps them together.  He closes his eyes and brings his hands in close to his body).  This is all I have left, so good luck…


Syrus:  What is he…?  (Gets into a defensive stance).


-Derek closes one hand into a fist, then thrusts it forward.  Derek yells and a slight glowing shimmer shoots out from his hand and travels across the ring towards Syrus.


-Syrus fully defends himself, but the shimmer slows down and fades away before it hits him.


-Derek looks up confusedly.  There is utter silence from the crowd.


Syrus:  (Waits a few moments and looks up over his crossed arms.  He drops his guard and looks around).  So that’s your idea of a-




-A swift explosion erupts from the middle of the arena in between Derek and Syrus, right where the shimmer faded.  Both of them are thrown back viciously from the unexpected blast.


-Derek flies back and slams his head against the stone sphere again, but without anything to stop him, Syrus in thrown back out of the ring and crashes into the cement at the base of the stands.


Syrus:  (He’s flabbergasted as he looks up from his position on his hands and knees).  I don’t believe it.


Announcer:  I think this means…that Derek is the winner!


-Chris finally wakes up and slowly opens his eyes to sees the television screen.


Announcer:              DEREK HAS WON!


Chris:  I think I woke up too soon…  (Passes back out again).


To Be Continued…


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