Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Twelve

December 10, 2008 at 2:27 pm (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter 12

“Semifinals Round 1:  Chris versus Derek”


Recap:  In our last episode, the goodwill tournament began and got to a fast start with Zanretha dominating the first three rounds.  Chris, Derek, and then Jack all eliminated their competition without really putting forth any effort.  However, the fourth match between Lindsey and Syrus turned dangerous when Syrus dealt Lindsey a series of crippling attacks that has her unconscious and out of the tournament.  Next, the fifth match and first of the semifinals: Chris and Derek.


Announcer:  Wow!  What an upset we have here!  Although the fighters from Zanretha dominated the quarterfinals, Syrus proved that Balobynians are still not to be taken lightly!  I can hardly wait to see what happens when we pit the winners of the first two rounds together!  Will Chris overcome his fellow comrade?  Or will Derek be too much for him to handle?  I think it’s time to start the semifinals so that we can find out!  Challengers, please take your positions!


Chris:  (Chris is still holding Lindsey and refusing to let go.  He’s convinced that she’s hurt worse than she actually is and proceeds to ignore his name being called).  You’re gonna be alright Lindz…just wake up…


Jack:  Chris, she’ll be fine.  She just got knocked out by that last hit, she’s recover quickly enough, just let her rest.


Chris:  Go away, Jack.


Jack:  You’ve got a match to participate in, let me take her for now.


Chris:  Let you take her?  No, no no, I’m gonna be right here when she wakes up.  I’m not leaving her…


Derek:  (Yelling from the ring).  Chris, stop being a pussy and come get your ass kicked already, I’m gettin’ antsy!


Jack:  Chris, you’re not doing her any good just cradling her like an infant.  She wanted you to enjoy this tournament so go do it, damnit.


Chris:  And…you’re sure she’s fine?


Jack:  Yes, and as soon as she wakes up I’ll tell her that you were really worried.  I’m sure she’ll think it was charming.


Chris:  O…okay.  (Reluctantly hands Lindsey over to Jack and walks up onto the arena floor.  He looks at her once more then turns to Derek).  Alright Derek, I’m ready.


Derek:  Are you really?  ‘Cause I don’t wanna fight you if you’re just gonna bitch about your girlfriend taking a few hits or something.


Chris:  (Starts to get noticeably irritated).  Fine, you want a fight?  (Focuses his strength).  Let’s do this.


Derek:  Oh goody.  (Smiles and focuses his power to match Chris).


Jack:  (The medical staff finally make their way to Lindsey and begin checking her over).  She’s just knocked out…right?


Paramedic:  Hmm…we’d better take her to the medical wing.  Are you coming along?


Jack:  Of course.


Announcer:  And with that, let the match…BEGIN!


-Chris looks over at Lindsey as she’s put onto a stretcher by the paramedics.  He keeps watching as they wheel her off to the medical wing with Jack tagging along.


Derek:  I thought you said you weren’t going to worry about her anymore.


Chris:  I’m not, it’s just…  (Keeps looking over periodically with a worried look on his face).


Derek:  Well if you’re just gonna stand there then I’m not going to pass this up…


-Derek runs up and slams Chris right in the face with a powerful punch.


-Chris falls to the ground, grabs his face, and slowly gets back up.  Derek comes in to punch him again but Chris moves quickly out of the way, causing Derek to smash up part of the floor.


-Derek punches at Chris as he’s turning around, Chris blocks with his shoulder.


Derek:  I expect better from you Chris, don’t disappoint me.


-Chris hops backwards to distance himself from Derek then launches himself at him with a forceful punch.


-Derek leaps into the air and Chris misses his target, but he recovers by turning around and sliding onto his back, then doing a backwards vault onto his feet.


-Derek lands and instantly rushes Chris with a series of punches, leaving Chris to franticly protect himself with his arms.


Derek:  Are you even still trying Chris?


Chris:  I don’t have to try hard to keep up with you!


Derek:  You might want to back that up with some proof.  (Breaks Chris’ defense with a fierce uppercut that catches Chris in the chin.  Derek then relentlessly pounds Chris’ face with a multitude of jabs).  C’mon!  Prove me wrong!


-Chris ducks under Derek’s attacks and kicks his feet out from under him.  As Derek starts to fall he catches himself with his hand.


-Chris sweeps at his again but Derek cartwheels over it and kicks at Chris as he lands.


-Chris moves his head and grabs Derek’s leg between his head and his arm.


Derek:  You’re just setting yourself up…


-Derek kicks with his free leg, to which Chris ducks underneath and elbows Derek in the back.


-Derek hits the ground and stays down for a few seconds.


Chris:  You mean more like that?


Derek:  Hah, you have got to be kidding me Chris.  (Performs a backwards handspring-kick directly to Chris’ face.  Once more, Chris falls backwards and slams his head on the floor.  He clenches his teeth and holds the back of his head in pain).  Now get up dammit!  I want a real fight from you!


Chris:  (Chris gets to his feet, his fists and teeth clenched tightly.  He’s really starting to lose his focus).  I am giving you a real fight!


Derek:  Heh, could have fooled me with all those pathetic attempts at something good back there.  Here, I’ll make this easy for you; I’ll turn around and let you do whatever you want to me.  (Turns around).


Chris:  (Starts to ease up).  What?


Derek:  My back is turned; this would be the best time for you to think up something good to hit me with.


Chris:  (Chris is taking this chance instead to calm himself down).  I’m not taking a cheap shot at you Derek; I’m better than that.


Derek:  (Still turned around).  This is the only opportunity you’ll get to deal a solid hit, I suggest you take it.


Chris:  No.


Derek:  You have until the count of three.  One…two…three.  (Turns around.  Chris is standing directly face to face with Derek).


Chris:  (Seriously focused now).  What?  No backstab from you?


Derek:  (Shakes his head and shrugs).  Hah, and you think that I’m cocky…  (Swiftly punches at Chris’ face.  Chris catches the punch and just holds it).


Chris:  I’m calling your bluff Derek.  How about I give you a free shot?  (Pushes Derek back).


Derek:  Now you’re just acting silly.  And now it’s my turn to refuse charity.  (Starts to turn away but turns back and punches Chris anyway, stopping inches from his face).  Hmh, you weren’t kidding.


Chris:  I fight fair, what can I say?


Derek:  No, you fight like a pussy, assuming that you even fight at all.  Have you got your second wind yet so that I can knock it out of you?


Chris:  (Counts down on his hand).  Three…two…o- (Knees Derek in the chest hard.  Derek stumbles backwards to catch his breath).


Derek:  (Cough).  Touché.  (Fiercely elbows Chris in the face.  Chris recovers quickly and the two launch themselves at each other).


Scott:  (From the stands).  This is a fairly good match, eh?


Kyle:  It ain’t half bad.


Scott:  Who’s your money on?


Kyle:  What?  Chris, of course.


Scott:  Care to make it interesting?


Kyle:  Meaning…?


Scott:  (Pulls out his wallet).  Well, I’d put down…(Looks through his wallet)…fifty bucks that Derek knocks Chris out of the ring.


Kyle:  Oh yeah?  (Pulls out his wallet).  Well I’ll bet you…(Looks through his wallet)…fifty cents off Shake-n-Bake that Chris knocks Derek out cold.


Scott:  Pass.


Kyle:  (Continues rooting through his pockets).  And, and…  (Clutches his necklace).  I’d be willing to bet my lucky yen.


Scott:  What the hell is a yen?


Kyle:  I don’t know, some useless currency from a culture long, long ago.


Scott:  Hmm…(Inspects it).  Well, it’s worthless but the sentimental value is decent; so you’ve got a deal.


Leena:  I can’t believe you guys are betting against your friends.  Shameful…  (Slumps in a huff).  …Thirty bucks says Derek takes Chris out.


Kyle:  Blasphemy.


(Meanwhile, in the hospital wing of the Grand Arena…)


Jack:  (Watching a TV monitor showing the events of the fight).  Ooh, that one had to hurt…that one, too…  They are getting better; there’s no denying it.


Lindsey:  (Wakes up groggily in the bed next to Jack.  She slowly sits up and grabs her head).  Oooooo…what happened…?  (Looks over at Jack).  Jack…?


Jack:  (Gently grabs her hand and strokes it).  Hey, welcome back.  We were worried about you there for a minute.


Lindsey:  Aw, no, I’m fine, just one heck of a headache.  Oof, I thoked my head good back there didn’t I?


Jack:  It was a good finale; I’ll say that much about it.


Lindsey:  Where’s Chris?


Jack:  He’s in his match with Derek.  They’re pretty even as of n- (Winces at the TV monitor).  Oooo, Derek’s got a slight advan- (Winces again).  Scratch that, they’re even.


Lindsey:  Chris wasn’t worried, was he?


Jack:  No, why do you ask?


Lindsey:  He tends to worry, that’s all.  He didn’t say anything?


Jack:  Nope, he just hopped up onto the stage and Derek and he had some typical challenging dialogue between the two of them.  I came over and made sure you were okay.  I’m sure he would have done the same thing if it were my turn to fight instead though.  I told him I’d follow you to the hospital wing and he just nodded in agreement between arguing with Derek.


Lindsey:  (Somewhat disheartened).  Ohhh…well I’m glad he’s enjoying himself at least.


Jack:  Yeah.


Lindsey:  (Looks up again, excited once more).  You’ve got to fight Syrus next, don’t you?


Jack:  Yeah.


Lindsey:  Aren’t you worried?


Jack:  Me?  Nah, I’m the good guy, and I’ve got someone to fight for.  (Squeezes her hand).


Lindsey:  That’s sweet…


Jack:  Yep.


Lindsey:  Just be careful Jack, I don’t want to see you getting hurt, especially not on my account.


Jack:  I’ll be fine.  I’ll get him back, don’t you worry your adorable little head off.


Lindsey:  (Lindsey sits up and hugs Jack).  Just be careful…


Jack:  (To himself).  As careful as I can be…


-Back to the fight between Chris and Derek.  Neither side is winning now that Chris has actually started hitting Derek back consistently.


Derek:  You’ve made some good progress Chris; at least you can hit me now!  (Roundhouse kicks Chris and gets blocked).


Chris:  Don’t sound so shocked, I’ve been working just as hard as you have!  (Front flips over Derek and punches at him, getting blocked).


Derek:  How long’ve we been fighting at this point?  (Punches at Chris who ducks under it and punches Derek in the stomach).


Chris:  Long enough I’d say!  (Punches at Derek again, Derek catches his hand).


Derek:  I agree with you on that one!  (Chops Chris in the side of the head then proceeds to swing him around and around, finally throwing him violently towards the edge of the arena.  Chris slams against one of the three remaining spherical stones in the corner of the fighting stage).


Chris:  (Rubs his head and slowly gets to his feet).  Looks like you overshot your target.  The outside of the ring is over there.


-Chris turns to point sarcastically at the ring-out area and turns back around to see Derek launching a powerful punch at him just in time to duck underneath.


-Derek ends up imbedding his arm up to the elbow in the chunk of marble.  He then struggles to free his arm as Chris rolls around to his side and slams him with a devastating punch of his own.


-Derek winces and head butts Chris in the side of the head.  While Chris stumbles back Derek yells and tears the entire corner-piece off, still with his arm imbedded, and backhands Chris with it smashing it to dust.


-Chris sails across the ring, hits the ground and starts rolling near the other edge of the ring.  He tries to roll himself to his feet and upon regaining a standing position is teetering with his toes hanging over the edge.


Chris:  Whoa…too close…  (Chris steps back onto completely solid ground and swivels around on guard, expecting Derek to be sneaking up on him).  Dang Derek, my ears are still ringing from that one.


Derek:  (Derek is still standing on the other side of the arena massaging his ribs).  Dammit man, that was uncalled for.  You might have bruised one of my ribs.  (Smiles).  I must admit though, I would have done the same thing, except maybe hit a little harder.


Chris:  Yeah, I pulled the punch there just a little.  Didn’t feel completely right just hitting a guy with his thumb up his ass, metaphorically speaking of course.


Derek:  Ooh, that’s cold.  I’ll give you kudos; I expected my last assault would do the trick.  (Stretches his arms).  Tired yet?


Chris:  (Gets into a fighter stance).  Not a chance.


Derek:  (Coyly smiles).  Liar.


-Derek charges Chris at incredible speed and kicks at him.


-Chris bends backwards, rights himself, then tries a backhand punch at Derek, who blocks it with a backhand strike of his own.  The two stand their ground while pushing against each other.


Chris:  What’s your next move Derek?


Derek:  Haven’t quite thought that far ahead.


Chris:  Liar.


Derek:  (Smiles).  You know me too well.


-Derek grabs Chris’ arm with his free hand and flips Chris onto his back.


-Derek then stomps at Chris’ head, but Chris rolls out of the way and kicks Derek’s feet from under him.


-As Derek falls, Chris knees him in the face, flipping Derek onto his back.


-Derek stands up while holding his now bleeding nose. 


Derek:  I should have expected that, what with your fascination with my face and all.


Chris:  (Chris is now panting very quietly.  He’s doing his best to hide his fatigue).  Heh, it’s just such an easy target.


Derek:  It’s always easy to criticize works of art when you don’t understand their greatness.


Chris:  I was never one to understand outsider art.


Derek:  And with that, my next masterpiece.  Watch closely now…  (Shakes his hands in the air, waving them one way then the other).


Chris:  What on Earth are you doing?


Derek:  Slide of hand…(Snaps his fingers and launches himself at Chris.  Chris defends himself, but nothing happens.  He looks up confused, but Derek is gone).


Chris:  What…?  (His eyes move around frantically searching for Derek).  Dang it, where’d he go?


Derek:  (Standing right behind Chris).  I’m right here!  (Chris hops back).  You couldn’t see that, could you?  Am I too fast for you?  Think fast Chris!  (Launches himself at Chris once more.  When he disappears from sight again Chris turns around and punches with everything he’s got and hits…nothing).


Chris:  HAH!  Got…you…?  (Derek reappears behinds Chris and gets him in a full nelson grab).


Derek:  Poor Chris, slide of hand my friend.  (Tightens his grip).


Chris:  Ah!  Heh, that wasn’t half bad…


Derek:  Okay Chris, you’ve had your fun, give up.


Chris:  No.


Derek:  (Derek tightens his grip even more so, a bit annoyed).  I’ve got you, just leave it at that.  Give up.


Chris:  NO!


Derek:  What?  Are you trying to impress that girlfriend of yours again?


Chris:  Shut up!  (Chris flexes his arms to their extremes).


Derek:  She didn’t know when she was too weak; you should have learned the same lesson from her stunt of courage.  (Tightens even more).


Chris:  (Chris’ face is in agony as his arms are being pulled painfully backwards.  His fists begin to spark).  She’s not weak…and I’m not giving up!


Syrus:  (Looking on from ringside.  He beings muttering to himself).  That’s…I’ve seen that somewhere before…that energy signal…


Derek:  Don’t make me do it…


Chris:  (More sparks are flying as Chris tenses every muscle in his body).  I’ve got to keep going…FOR HER!  (Dust is getting picked up all around them as Chris increases his power).


Derek:  (Sigh).  If that’s how you feel…






-Derek gives one last flex that shatters Chris’ shoulder sockets.


-Chris makes one final weak noise, then passes out from the shock.


-Derek lets Chris drop unceremoniously face first onto the ground.


Announcer:  It looks like we have a winner!  DEREK ADVANCES!


Austin:  No way…


To Be Continued…


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