Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Eleven

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 11

“The Best of the Best…?”


Recap:  When we last left off, the four members of the Legion to participate in the tournament between Zanretha and Balobyn had been decided.  Jack, Derek, Lindsey and Chris would be representing the nation of Zanretha while their friends watched from pitiful seats all the way in the top row of the Trillium City Grand Arena.  As the four challengers were announced from Balobyn there was little excitement, until the last member of their team appeared:  Syrus would be competing.


Scott:  Wait, who the hell is Syrus?


Kevin:  Is he the one you’ve mentioned before?


Leena:  Where have you been?


Clinton:  Leena, neither Scott nor Kevin were with us in the museum when he attacked us and we’ve never known his name.


Leena:  Fine, whatever.


Jack:    (Down on the arena floor).  What?  You’re seriously telling me that the one leading the attack on the museum was Syrus?


Chris:  Yes.


Jack:  Balobyn’s Syrus?


Chris:  Yes.  He’s the one in black alright.


Jack:  That’s ridiculous, he’s a respected leader.


Derek:  It’s him alright.  (Smiles).  Heh, I can’t wait to get a chance for a rematch.


Jack:  Guys, just be careful.  I know a bit more about Syrus than you do and he’s no pushover.


Chris:  Yeah we kinda already learned that, remember?


Jack:  I really hate to break it to you three but I’m the only one here that can stand any sort of a chance of beating him.


Derek:  Ahaha, I think not!  I’ll be the one taking the glory from this day, not you!


Chris:  Derek, get off your high-horse and don’t act stupid out there.


Lindsey:  Hey!  Who cares if Syrus is here or not?  C’mon, why can’t we just enjoy ourselves for once?  We’ve been training extremely hard, we deserve some fun, so no more acting serious or else I’ll have to dance around after beating all three of you.


Derek:  (Crosses his arms, annoyed again).  Oh please, you probably won’t even make it past the first round.


Lindsey:  We’ll see about that!


Announcer:  The tournament rules are as follows:  There are three ways to win in a match; either knock your opponent out, throw them out of the ring, or force them to give up.  Killing your challenger is strictly prohibited but other than that you may use whatever way necessary to win your matches.  The first match will be against the Zanrethian challenger Chris and the Balobynian challenger Thantos!  Challengers, please make your way to the ring now!


Chris:  Well, here I go guys.  Wish me luck.


Lindsey:  You can do it Chris, don’t worry!


Derek:  You’re gonna fail like you always do!


Chris:  …Um…yeah…  (Walks up the stairs into the ring with the challenger from Balobyn.  Thantos is about Chris’ size although he looks much more muscular and fit.  He’s wearing a black cloak that’s covering up a skin-tight uniform.)


Announcer:  There are no time limits, so please…BEGIN!


-Thantos throws off his cloak and runs at Chris screaming like a madman.  Chris looks puzzled and just manages to defend himself as Thantos tries punching him.


Chris:  Thantos…that’s an interesting name.  I’ve never actually heard someone with the same name as you.


-Thantos tries punching Chris again and gets blocked.


Thantos:  Are you mocking my name?


-Chris pushes back against Thantos and tries a punch of his own, which gets blocked.


Chris:  No I’m just saying that it’s an unusual name.  What is it, like, Balobynian or something?


-Chris punches again and Thantos catches it, struggling to hold onto Chris.


Thantos:  It is from an ancient mythology of which I’m sure you have never heard of.


Chris:  Oh yeah…?  (Trying to pull his arm free).


Thantos:  Yes!  (Chris catches Thantos’ punch).


Chris:  Hey!  I’m just trying to make friendly conversation, alright?!  (Knees Thantos in the chin).  So just chill out, (knees him again), back off, (and again), and don’t take it so personally!  (Breaks free from Thantos’ grip and decks him in the face, sending him stumbling backwards).  Besides, I like the name, so just take the damn compliment already!  (Rushes Thantos and uppercuts him in the jaw, throwing him up and onto his back).


Thantos:  (Rubs his now bleeding face and gets to his feet).  I could say the same about your name.


Chris:  What?


Thantos:  I’ve never heard of such a name before.


Chris:  Oh please, that’s just ridiculous there.  My name’s more than common.


Thantos:  Not where I come from.


Chris:  (Rolls his eyes).  Oh right, I’m sure they have no common names in crazy “mythology land” or where ever it is you grew up.


Thantos:  Such cheekiness!  (Gets flustered and rushes at Chris again.  He takes a swing which Chris ducks under, another which Chris sidesteps and then as he takes a third, Chris thoks him in the forehead, stunning him briefly.  Chris knees him strongly in the chest, popping him into the air, then finishes him off with a flat palm-strike that knocks him out as he skids across the arena floor).


Announcer:  I believe Chris has knocked Thantos out…making Chris the winner of this round!


-The crowd goes wild.


Austin:  (From the stands).  That’s my boy!


Chris:  (Steps out of the ring and rejoins his group).  That was a lot easier than I expected…


Lindsey:  Hooray for Chris!  (Gives him a big hug).


Chris:  (His voice cracks).  Hooray~!


Jack:  That guy didn’t look like he really knew the first thing about fighting.


Chris:  That’s what it felt like alright.


Jack:  (Begins to ponder).  Why would they have amateur fighters though?


Derek:  Isn’t it obvious?  (Nods towards the ring).  They’re setting Syrus up to win his thing.


Jack:  That does make perfect sense…and it proves my point that he’s not going to be an easy win.


Derek:  How does that prove your point?


Jack:  Well it means…(Stops for a second).  Well I’m not sure but don’t get overly confident, okay?


Derek:  Hah.


Announcer:  Time for our next match.  This one should get good.  It’s Derek versus Fergus!  Combatants please make your way to the center of the arena!


Derek:  Well, if you’ll excuse me I’ve got an ego to pamper.  (Walks into up into the ring and sizes up Fergus).  So…you’re gonna be my opponent?


Fergus:  I am more than you can handle.


Derek:  Hah, I seriously doubt that.


Fergus:  And why is that?


Derek:  Hello?  Because I’m Derek of course.  Do you even know who I am?


Announcer:  Let this match…BEGIN!


Derek:  C’mon ya little red-headed dork, take a free shot.


Fergus:  Wh…what?


Derek:  I said, take a free shot, right here.  (Points to his cheek).


Fergus:  (Baffled).  You’re going to let me just hit you?


Derek:  Only for a limited time, you might want to take advantage while supplies last.


Fergus:  (Slowly walks up to Derek very cautiously and nervously).  Just…hit you…in the face?


Derek:  Mmhmm.  (Smiles coyly).


Fergus:  Alright…I suppose.  (Looks off towards his group and shrugs.  Looks around the crowd and smiles a bit).  Well, if you insist.


-Fergus takes a swing at Derek’s face.  Derek moves to the side and grabbing his arm, breaks it over his knee.  Fergus screams and holds his limp arm.


Derek:  Ooh, so sorry, looks like you just waited too…long!  (Pulls out a furious combo of rapid punches finishing with one last, incredibly powerful punch that sends Fergus flying through the air and slamming into one of the four sphere-shaped sculptures in the corners of the ring, cracking the base.  Derek brushes off his hands and walks out of the ring.  The audience is going wild again.


Scott:  (From the stands).  That’s my boy.


Chris:  Nicely done Derek.  A bit of a douche move to pull but then again I’d have expected about as much.


Derek:  (Flips Chris off).  Sit on it and spin.


Announcer:  Wow, what an unexpectedly short match!  Oh well, moving right along, we have Legion member Jack against the mighty Atlas from Balobyn!


Jack:  And now you get to see just what I know how to do.


Lindsey:  Good luck Jack!  (Gives him a big hug).


Jack:  Aw, aren’t you sweet?  (Rubs her cheek a bit).  Don’t you worry, I’m a big boy, I can take care of myself, but root for me, okay?


Lindsey:  You got it!


Jack:  (Walks into the ring and cracks his knuckles.  He looks around the arena and sums up the area).  Okay, the corner globe is cracked over there…I should watch for that.  Rest of the floor is still clean, no blood or sweat to watch for…traction should be fine…  (Brushes a few hairs off of his forehead).  And just for good measure…  (Sets his watch to record the rating of his opponent).


Announcer:  And with that let this match…BEGIN!


Atlas:  (Walks into the center of the arena and beats his chest a few times.  This guy’s huge, bald, and apparently very stupid).  You cannot be challenging me, can you?  No, you are much too scrawny; you should just give up now.  That’s what I think!


Jack:  Seriously?  You’re really that thick that you’re standing by the old theory, ‘Larger bodies equal more power?’


Atlas:  (Flexes his muscles and grunts).  Hah!  Stand there, I’ll show you why you can’t beat me.  (Walks over to the cracked globe and starts to try and pick it up).


Jack:  (Rolling his eyes, waving Atlas down, trying to get him to stop).  Oh come on, that’s just ridiculous.  Just put it down, don’t make a fool of yourself.


Atlas:  Rarg!  (The globe cracks even more and is uprooted.  Atlas hoists it up onto his shoulder and struggles with turning around to face Jack).  Mwaha..ha!  Are you scared yet?


Jack:  (Turns towards Chris).  Do you see how cliché this guy is?  Come on, honestly.  (Checking his watch).  I expected better than this…


Atlas:  Here little man, catch this one!  (Takes great effort in throwing the sphere stone at Jack).


Jack:  (Looks up from his watch suddenly).  Alright then.  (Effortlessly catches it with one hand and holds it over his head, showing it to Atlas).  Is this what you want to see?


Atlas:  (His jaw is hanging open).  But…how can you?!


Jack:  (Looks up and smashes the stone to pieces with one punch.  He dusts his hands off and places his hands on his hips).  Well?


Atlas:  Ah…um…(Looks around confused.  Turns towards Syrus for support but Syrus rolls his eyes and turns away).  Ooookay…how about this?!  (Runs at Jack yelling like an idiot.  He punches at Jack and cracks the ground where Jack was standing, although Jack is now standing on Atlas’ head).  What?!  Tricky little…  (Reaches up to grab Jack and as he does so, Jack instantly appears in front of him and kicks him in the gut hard sideways with both feet.  Atlas grabs his stomach, stumbles backwards and falls to his knees and then onto his face, out cold).


Jack:  (Jack lands and brushes himself off again).  See guys, no sweat.  (Checks his watch).  And he didn’t even break 100…  That’s not right…


Lindsey:  Oh wow Jack!  That was incredible!


Jack:  Yeah, it kinda was.


Lindsey:  But you moved so fast!  That was even faster than any of us have moved!


Jack:  I was the one who taught you guys you know.


Derek:  (Looks over at Jack with a sarcastic smile and his arms crossed).  You wouldn’t have been holding anything back now…would you…?


Jack:  Why on earth would I do that?


Derek:  Fear.


Jack:  (Pauses for a moment, his mouth slightly open).  …I held nothing back when I trained you all.


Derek:  That’s fine, we’ll let the tournament decide that, which brings us to our next point:  Lindsey, you get to fight with Syrus.


Lindsey:  (Looking down, somewhat solemn).  Oh wow…that totally didn’t dawn on me until just now…


Chris:  (Places his hand on her shoulder).  Hey, you’ll do fine.  Just be careful, okay?


Lindsey:  (Smiles again).  Aw, thanks Chris.  (Turns to Jack).  Jack?  Any pointers?


Jack:  Don’t underestimate him.


Derek:  And don’t suck.  Oh sorry, right, you probably can’t help that now can you.


Lindsey:  (Sarcastically dry).  Ha ha, thanks.


Announcer:  And now, the final match of the quarterfinals:  the lovely Lindsey from Zanretha against the heroic Syrus from Balobyn!  Contestants, please take your places!


Lindsey:  Here we go…


Leena:  (From the stands).  That’s  my girl!  Take him out babe!


Scott:  Ten says she gets wiped…


Clinton:  Yup…


Austin:  Hmm…  (Shakes his head and stands up).  Go Lindsey go!


(Meanwhile, over on Balobyn’s side of the arena…)


Octavious:  Syrus, I expect you to win this.  I didn’t get a bunch of idiots from the small time street-brackets to compete along side you just so that you could lose to a group of kids.  Remember that.


Syrus:  These kids are not amateurs; a few of them know what they’re doing.


Octavious:  I don’t really care how skilled these children are.  Beat them until they have trouble breathing if you must, but just beat them well.  Show the crowd that Balobyn is not to be taken lightly.


Syrus:  I’ll do what I must and no more.


Octavious:  Get out there already.


Syrus:  (Walks into the middle of the arena and faces Lindsey.  He slowly takes off his robe and reveals that he is wearing a much more elaborate gi instead of the skintight spandex the others from Balobyn had been wearing).  You’ve been improving, haven’t you?


Lindsey:  (Nods her head a few times, talking as she does so, sounding very confident).  Oh good, so you do remember us.


Syrus:  (Smiles).  How could I forget a face as lovely as yours?


Lindsey:  (Points at him angrily).  Don’t act like we’re friends, you tried to kill us!


Syrus:  And I didn’t, you should have taken that as a hint.


Announcer:  Let the final quarterfinal match…BEGIN!


-Lindsey shakes her head and rushes Syrus.  She punches at him but he blocks the attack with his forearm.


-She kicks at this head but he catches her leg, spins her, then swings her into his own punch that slams her right in the face.


-She goes down hard.


Lindsey:  Ahh!  (Rolls away from Syrus and back to her feat).  Ouch…(Holds her face).  I shouldn’t be so hasty…


Jack:  Let him play to your style Lindz!  Don’t rush him anymore!


Lindsey:  (Looks off to Jack and nods).  Alright!


-Syrus walks up to Lindsey and does a roundhouse kick that Lindsey ducks under.


-He punches at her and she ducks to the side, trying to catch him under the arm with her knee.


-Syrus catches her knee with his other hand and elbows her in the face.


Chris:  Lindsey!  (Acting very restless).


Jack:  (Holds him back).  Easy slick, she’s not done yet.


Syrus:  (Speaking quietly to Lindsey).  Just stay down…please.


Lindsey:  (Stands up holding her face again).  No, I’m stronger than you think!


Syrus:  Don’t make me hurt you.  (Starts walking towards her).


Lindsey:  (Panics and screams at Syrus, throwing her hand up).  Stay back!  Keep away from me for a second!  (She closes her eyes and starts focusing her power, but she’s not making much progress since she’s so flustered).


Jack:  Atta girl Lindz, use more force…


Lindsey:  (Opens her eyes).  Okay!  Here comes a big one!  (Runs at Syrus and right as she’s about to punch him she disappears and reappears behind Syrus).  HIYAH!!  (She unleashes a straightforward punch that kicks up dust all around her.  Syrus, however, is nowhere to be seen).  What…?  Where’d he go?  (She is looking very worried now).


-Syrus appears behind her and as she turns he uppercuts her.


-Syrus then kicks her in the back, sending her way up into the air.  She can hardly keep her eyes open as she floats up next to the big screen hanging down from the ceiling.


-Syrus appears right above her and delivers a forceful punch that sends her hurling towards the ground.  When she hits the ground the floor cracks all around her.


-Syrus looks down and falls towards her, landing with a punch to her stomach.  Lindsey gives a silent scream and coughs up blood.  Syrus looks over at Octavious who solemnly nods.


-Syrus picks Lindsey up and throws her out of the ring).


Chris:  LINDSEY!!!  (Both Chris and Jack run to her aid, pushing each other to get to her first.  Chris wins and picks her up gently).  Lindsey…are you alright?  Please be alright…


Jack:  She’s just unconscious.  Hey!  We need some medical help over here!  (The paramedic team rushes over with a stretcher. While Chris worriedly hugs Lindsey, Jack glares over at Syrus).  At least someone’s taking this seriously…


To Be Continued…


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  1. The King of Zing said,

    Awesome chapter. I don’t know if I am wrong or not, but I feel like the three competitors before Syrus that the gang faced off against are new characters for the rewrite? I like them though. I like how it turns out to be a plan to make Syrus look like a comeback hero as well. Painful ending though…lol… Good overall chapter.

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