Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Ten and a Half

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Eclipse Star:  Chapter Ten and a Half

“Journal Entries Vol. 1”




            “I’ve decided to make some of my thoughts public here in this manner so that if for some reason I find myself in a situation where I’m no longer in control, then there’s a chance someone else can come along and be up to speed to take my place.  Admittedly, this puts me in an immediate disadvantage if I don’t want people knowing what I know, but for now I’m okay sharing this, if for nothing more than to keep myself sane next to all the crazy recent happenings.

            About three months ago, an organization calling themselves “The Demon Regime” attacked a local museum with the intent to steal an artifact known as “The Eclipse Star.”  Why exactly they wanted it was and is a complete mystery to me.  Everything we know about the gem is that it’s worth a fair amount of money and that they can’t carbon date the thing to save their life.  I’m ruling out the possibility of it being a grab for money since nothing else in the museum was disturbed.  Furthermore, there are reports that a soldier trained in advanced Pulse manipulation was leading the heist.  Why would a potential terrorist organization want something bad enough to send in a specialist in addition to ten armed soldiers?

            It’s also a mystery to me how the heist was really averted.  Supposedly a bunch of students from Millennium High took out the ten regulars and then stalled the leader long enough to allow the Legion to arrive.  I spoke with one of the kids named Chris, but all he was able to tell me was that everything happened by dumb luck, something I don’t particularly believe in.  I’m not necessarily calling him a liar so much as I’m just convinced there was something more at work.  A third party perhaps?  Regardless I asked the students to enlist with the Legion and they took the bait, giving me the opportunity to watch them closer.

            They had massive potential, but I was entirely unaware of how great that potential would be.  In three months they’ve already mastered everything I can teach them with the exception of energy combat, (I don’t need rookies firing deadly beams everywhere), and a few other techniques I’d rather not share with them just yet.  I’m forced to keep myself ahead of them somehow, so withholding a few secrets will be what I can do to keep them in check.

            In terms of their exact limits, it’s still not clear.  They’ve all shown immense improvements since their arrival, but a few are standing above the crowd.  The aforementioned teenager, Chris, has a lot of power but he’s still not using it when he needs to.  I’m certain that there’s a trigger, or at least a way of getting him to manipulate it better, but currently I’m at a loss.  I’d like to think it’s something deeper than just seeing his loved-ones in danger, but that may ultimately prove to be the case.

            Determining the strongest of the group is fairly unclear as well.  While Chris has the potential, I haven’t seen how much he’s withholding.  The one who sees Chris as his rival, Derek, is my candidate for highest in power capabilities.  He’s shown that he knows how to increase his strength and actually make use of that increase on a regular basis.  However, one of the females, Lindsey, has the highest recorded Pulse level.  The problem is, she really doesn’t know how to use it.  Her strength keeps building but she isn’t venting it.  This could become a problem if I can’t figure out a way to either cause that build-up to dissipate or transition it into something more useful.  Otherwise, there haven’t been any massive irregularities outside of the unusualness of the case as a whole.

            My real worry is that the Legion has become suspicious of the group.  Prompting us to enter a tournament that we’d otherwise have no business entering sounds irregular, even if they are trying to eliminate us.  The worst that can happen at this tournament is we lose.  It must be another test to see how far we’ve progressed past their knowledge.  If I’d gotten a chance to train them in the art of restraint I’d feel better about the whole situation, but I’m certain that one of the four of us, (Chris, Derek, Lindsey, or myself), are going to do something that prompts an even worse course of events to unfold than has already begun.  I won’t mind if I could just have a few more questions answered…”


-Jack Voss




            “By the end of the week I’ll be city champion.  I’m stationed at the Trillium City headquarters for the Legion and at the end of this week the Legion is fighting in a tournament against the nation of Balobyn.  And I’m going to win.  There’s no doubt here.  I’ve looked at my competition and none of the others in my group come anywhere close to how strong I’ve become.  I’m pretty certain Jack’s even scared of me now, otherwise why would he keep hold back techniques?  He knows how to use energy blasts and we don’t.  I want to know why he thinks he needs that advantage.  Does he really see me as that great of a threat?  If so, I don’t blame him.  It’s only a matter of time before he’s forced to step aside and let me start making the shots.  All I need from him is training on energy blasts.

            I will say though, I am rather pleased with how well Chris is getting under my skin.  If anyone’s been able to keep up with me and give me something to rise above, it’s Chris.  Every so often I see moments where he does something I wasn’t expecting, such as that damned obstacle course race.  How the hell did he survive the hard path?  I looked at it carefully and if I wanted to get through it I’d need to set up each step too carefully for it to justify the hassle.  I’d have made it through, but not nearly as fast as what Chris did.  I swear I saw his eyes closed.  That’s not right, but it is intriguing.  Doesn’t matter how tricky the bastard is since I still won.  Let him keep his secrets, in a straight match-up I’m better on both paper and in practice.  Chris is just a curiosity meant to make people think there’s something particularly special about him, but really he just gets flustered whenever Lindsey yells something.

            Speaking of which, idiots.  Both of them.  Chris and Lindsey.  Does that sound like a good match?  No, not really, but one longs for the other and one is totally oblivious.  It’s so cliché I could kill them, and someday maybe I’ll have to.  My dad always said, “Women make men stupid.  They say their hearts make them stronger but I’ve never seen someone win a fight with just some veins and valves.”  Chris just gets stupid around Lindsey, and Lindsey just acts stupid in general.  Plus she’s got a crush on Jack, and that’s just pathetic.  Yeah, go for the older guy when a decent guy is already chasing after you.  Gimmie a break.  I’m just glad I haven’t had to deal with any women issues in my life.  I’ve never had to beg.

            I’m getting more and more curious what Balobyn has to offer for this tournament.  Have they been training anyone like that guy at the museum?  I don’t know why everyone was afraid of him anyway.  Sure, he was strong and he could blow holes in ceilings and crap, but all we saw was three minutes of him before he ran away.  If he was really that powerful, why would the Legion scare him away?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Why’d he want that stupid rock anyway?”






            “We’re going to the big tournament tomorrow!  Yay!  I can’t believe it!  Only three months into training and already we’re fighting in a city-sponsored tournament?  Wow!  It’s like a dream really.  And no, not a bad dream, though I can understand why some would think that.  I’m just having a really great time!  Hmm…oh I’m just so giddy!  Why should I be anything but happy?  Everything’s so good right now!  Ug, okay, let me backtrack so I can keep my train of thought.

            So three months ago we’re at the museum, right?  And everyone’s bored so they ditch the group and wander for themselves?  And then wind up right at the main room anyway?  Yeah, okay, that’s just funny.  I still give Chris crap about that every so often, just because it was so ridiculous.  Anyway, we all went and looked at the Eclipse Star and there it was and no one knew anything about it.  Not even the archeologists!  But then some guy in black showed up and wanted it.  I bet he knows about it.  I wonder what’s so cool about it…?

            So then we all say to this guy, “No, you can’t have this,” and he’s all like, “Fine, then I’ll just take it,” and then he ATTACKS us!  Ack!  What’d we do?  Talk about wrong time, wrong place, right?  I don’t know what sort of mood he got out of bed with, but it wasn’t good, so we found ourselves getting beaten and bruised and before you know it the two of us were standing off, face to face, man to woman.  He jumped at me and I jumped at him and I won!  WRONG!  Chris jumped in and totally blocked me!  What the heck?!  Mmm, but it was sweet.  Long story short, I didn’t get hurt and something even weirder happened:  Chris threw the Eclipse Star out the window and it just disappeared.  VOOSH, gone!  I don’t get it.  Yeah, I gave Chris a hard time about that, too, but only because it’s funny to see him squinch every now and then.

            Oh, get this, the best part happened next.  This totally hot guy named Jack showed up and scanned all our Pulse powers.  And it was…I should say what Pulse power is, huh?  Okay, so it’s a type of energy that all our bodies give off and everything in the WORLD has this energy.  I think it might just be a little hint of God, but don’t tell anyone that’s what I think.  Leena’d give me so much grief for that.  Kevin would smile, but everyone else would look at me like I’m crazy.  Maybe not Chris, but that’s just because he’s so sweet.  He’d probably think I’m crazy in secret.

            Austin mentioned something that kinda stuck with me, though.  When we first got recruited for the Legion, (oh, Jack recruited us by the way), Austin mentioned that Chris and I’d make a good couple.  It’s strange, but I’d agree if Chris actually said something.  MAYBE.  Don’t take this out of context, because afterall, Chris is cute, but Jack’s all mysterious.  And a jerk, but whatever.  Chris is a nice guy and he’s a good friend.  Sometimes I’d rather hang out with him than Leena, but only because she’s a BEEP.  Yeah, I censored that, but only because I don’t really mean it!  Leena’s my best!  If Chris really did ask me out though, what would I say?  Hmm…I’ve thought about this before, you know, back when we were at school?  I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I’d have to say…it’s a secret!  Hahaha, we girls have got to keep some things hidden!

            But no seriously, I’d totally go for Jack.  He looks like he knows how to make a girl swoon.  What with his dark hair and dark eyes and those hats.  Mmm…guys with hats.  Seriously, weird but I’m into ‘em.  Also the shy guys, just a little.  And Austin.  Yeah, go ahead, make fun of me, but Austin’s completely my type and not at the same time.  If we dated we’d just end up hanging out the whole time talking about music and listening to something heavy with guitars, then talking about it some more.  I’d need someone unexpected, like Chris.  No wait, I mean Jack.  JACK.  I meant Jack.  I just hope Chris will be okay at the tournament tomorrow…”






            “For the record if anyone asks, that whole stupid obstacle course thing that I did, yeah, not that impressive.  Like I said, all based on patterns.  I took a few seconds and saw that on every third half-count the path was open, and then it switches to four half-counts then five and so on every few yards.  Not that hard to figure out.  I still consider it nearly cheating, but come on, Derek was being a douche for making me go through with that anyway.  I’m not that fast or that agile and I definitely don’t have the stamina for something like an obstacle course.  I don’t know how I’m gonna make it through a full tournament.  I just hope I’m out by the end of round one.  Really, I don’t want to go through with this.  Any of this.

            Right right, that’s not fair.  ‘But Chris, you wanted to know what’s happening and the only way is for you to keep progressing until something more happens.’  Sure Austin, thanks, you’re right as always.  It’s true that if I want to know more I have to be willing to see this through to the end, but I’m starting to regret that choice.  I mean, I’m the reason we’re all here.  First off, if I hadn’t bumped that stupid pedestal I’d never have knocked the Eclipse Star down and threw everything outta whack.  And then if I had just given that one guy the Eclipse Star and let him leave we’d be back at home and he’d be off on some beach with women flocking to get a piece of whatever sort of money he made for selling the thing.  That’s still what I believe he wanted out of it, even if Jack does say the stone isn’t worth any monetary value, (swear he’s lying to me).  I saw the damned thing, it looked pretty expensive to me.  I mean, why else would he want it?  To destroy the world?  To bring Satan into power or something ridiculous like that?  Yeah, if the Eclipse Star turns out to be a piece in some elaborate scheme to empower Satan, then I hope I die at least twice before the end of this.  At least.  ‘Cause I’m not dealing with that sort of nasty.  I’ve got enough problems as it is.

            Okay, so there’s a bit more of a trick to the whole obstacle course thing.  I can just kinda…patterns come easily to me.  Just little things like that.  It’s nothing special, I just see things that other people don’t.  Like, uh…when that guy tried blowing up the bus.  I saw him doing it, but he was probably a mile away or something.  How did I see this?  I don’t know, I just saw it.  Good thing, too, or else we’d all be dead, so everyone should thank Chris, right?  Nope, no thanks to Chris.  And why?  Because he’s a worthless loser with no girl and no hopes for getting said girl and of course I mean Lindsey.  I can’t help it, I’m crazy about her, and all I can do is write about it here in this worthless journal for a worthless kid.  Pathetic.  If I were someone like Austin I wouldn’t have this problem.  I’d just walk up to her and say, “Hey Lindsey, did you know I’m crazy about you?”  And then she’d say, “What?  I had no idea!  That makes me so happy!  Let’s make love!”  Okay, probably not the last part, and that’s okay because I have no idea how that stuff works anyway, but at least the rest of it.  And that’s not going to happen because I’m a helpless idiot who can’t say a word because I’m too afraid she might just tell me, “Sorry, but I’m with Jack now.”  That’s the last thing I ever want to hear.  If she starts dating Jack, which she will, (mark my words), I’m done.  Game over, I quit.  I don’t care if I’ve unlocked the secret of GOD, I quit.  No more games, no more fighting, no more nothing.  I’m just done.

            What are the chances that things could get worse?  We’ve got a tournament against an opposing nation and as far as I can tell that doesn’t make any sense.  Throw in the fact that our side is being represented entirely by kids just makes the situation all out stupid.  Why why why?!  Why does all this keep happening to me?!  Why couldn’t I be at home, getting over myself, and making a move on Lindsey?  If I hadn’t done any of the stupid things I did, she’d never have met Jack and I’d never be stuck in the position of the ‘good friend’ that I’m in now and that I’m doomed to be in for the rest of my God damned life!  God…I hate me sometimes.”






            “Why Octavious believes this tournament is wise escapes my realm of understanding entirely.  We don’t need to be sparing with the competition, we need to be out looking for another lead on the Eclipse Star.  Ug, the Eclipse Star, the Eclipse Star.  I hate that infernal rock.  If we knew how to play this smart we wouldn’t need something so idiotic, but I’m not the one in charge here.  Nor do I particularly wish to be given the burden that the leaders go through.  I can already sense that the Commander of the Legion is suffering a fair deal from his position, and I’ve seen how Octavious runs things.  Having to keep track of a son and everything, plus planning something like…like this?  Madness.  I prefer the simplicity of a good fight.

            On the subject, I’m still at a loss for words regarding those children from the museum.  Octavious’ jeers at my expense don’t bother me.  No, the event in general doesn’t bother me.  I didn’t desire murder that day, especially not children.  How could my conscience function after that?  Haven’t I done enough already in my life to require atonement?  Add murdering children and it’s near indescribable the amount of damnation I’m guaranteed, even beyond the circle of Hell that’s already promised to me.  Through some stroke of chance those children survived.  Not just once, but twice.  They were able to stall until the Legion arrived, a feat interesting enough by itself.  But then they also avoided my blast afterwards.  No, not they…just the one.  He looked right at me somehow.  He knew I was there.

            It’s curious, this one.  I could see right to him and he to me, but this was never my intent.  He forced this connection.  I could see his eyes so clearly…it’s unbelievable.  Not impossible, just beyond the dominion of understanding when I try to explain it to everyone else.  Of everyone on that bus or in that museum, this was the one threat I truly faced. Whether he knew it or not, he could see right through to my soul.  I got careless and he found the smallest opportunity to strike.  He found the moment of weakness, the finest change in an otherwise normal pattern, and he responded in an instant.  He could tell I wished to bluff and he saved dozens of lives as a result.  I care not that my reputation was tarnished…I just want to know more about him.  He possessed some connection with the Eclipse Star as well.  It boggles the senses to think of it.  He couldn’t be any more than 18 at the oldest, yet he’s managed to attain my notice.  I’ve already informed the right people that he’s dangerous should he ever join a group that knows what it’s doing.  Luckily, he’ll probably get drafted by the Legion before that happens.  Lucky, but a pity.  A match against him in his prime intrigues me so desperately.  Someone with this sort of capabilities just causes tingles down my spine.  Not since Donovan have I felt this sort of rush at the possibility of an all-out match.  And yet the chances of this occurring are very slim.  I suppose we’ll see what happens at the tournament tomorrow.  I shall worry about that first, then perhaps I’ll investigate this child further.”





  1. The King of Zing said,

    I’d never read these all the way through before when you had posted them on Myspace… But now I have! I was impressed with the way that you really captured the female way of speak and sayings when writing for Lindsey… So good job on that. I also like how you alude to past/future events with Syrus talking about Donovan (who I really think you should really consider renaming as you already have a character named Donovan). So yeah.

  2. frabjousflamingo said,

    As a female, I’m going to have to slightly disagree with Mr. Zing on the subject of Lindsey- do you think that, even if she is very perky and energetic, she would write things like “Ug, ACK, and Hmmm?” in a diary entry?

  3. sharleneebeanee said,

    I agree with frabjousflamingo that some of those words could be changed, but overall, I liked how Lindsey’s personality was portrayed. I think this was a great chapter to have because it helped me understand what the characters are thinking, and kind of why certain events in the story happened the way they did. (So it helped clear up perhaps some confusion) Also, it clearly lays out what the inner conflicts are going to be with each character. I think more of these kinds of chapters would work really nice so we can see how the characters thoughts change throughout the story (although since I’ve only started reading the story, you may have already done that) Anyways, good job!

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