Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Nine

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 9

“Prove Your Worth”


Recap:  After three solid months of regimented endurance training, (as well as Jack’s private lessons), the group began showing unusual increases in their Pulse ratings.  After their monthly power scanning, the results showed that everyone was well over a rating of 200, with the exceptions being Jack and Chris.  Although Jack did his best to warm against excessive ratings, Derek couldn’t help himself but to demonstrate just how strong he’s gotten and blew their cover with a rating of 492.


Commander:  (Serious).  Derek, we need to talk.


Derek:  (Raised eyebrow).  About what?


Commander:  I need to know exactly how you learned to focus your energy like that just now.


Derek:  (Scoffs and turns his head).  Feh, I’ve always been naturally gifted.


Commander:  That is not a gift, it is a privilege, and should you decide to abuse that privilege there will be severe consequences.  Already you know something that you wouldn’t normally have been taught until at least age 25, so where did you learn it?


Derek:  My father showed me a few things he knew before I came here.


Commander:  Did Jack teach this to you?


Derek:  I just told you, my dad-


Commander:  (Viciously stern).  Answer the damn question.  Did Jack teach you this, yes or no?


Derek:  No.


Commander:  What else did your, “father,” teach you?


Derek:  Nothing.


Commander:  Alright, I can see that you’re not going to cooperate tonight.  Go get some rest.


Derek:  Sir…?


Commander:  Tomorrow there will be an announcement on the bulletin board; I expect that you’ll read it…


Derek:  (Starts to walk out, somewhat confused).  Right…


Commander:  (Speaks up once more).  By the way, Derek-  (Derek flips around).  I’d be surprised if you didn’t continue surpassing everyone around you over and over again.  With that sort of ability focused into the right avenues, I’d almost expect you to be sitting in my position within a small amount of time.


Derek:  (Snarky).  I’m not entirely interested at the moment, thanks.


Commander:  I just don’t know why you let Jack tell you what to do.  (Derek stops again, letting this sink in).  Now out.


Derek:  (Walks out into the hall where Chris and Jack are waiting for him.  He looks up and sees them angry at him).  What’s with you guys?


Jack:  (Trying his best to contain his anger).  Derek…you just…you couldn’t…what the hell were you thinking?!


Derek:  What?


Jack:  God damnit!  492?!  What……gah, damnit!


Derek:  (Looking a tad bit surprised).  How did you…know about that?  Those tests are secret.


Derek looks over at Chris for a second as Chris taps his ear and shakes his head, turning away.


Derek:  (Annoyed).  So you’ve been spying on all of us?


Jack:  Just you, Lindsey and Chris.


Derek:  Why us three?


Jack:  Everyone else doesn’t have an ego problem, but you however…


Derek:  Why Lindsey and Chris then?


Jack:  Chris hasn’t been giving stable readings and Lindsey’s the strongest thus far.


Derek:  (Hardly trying to contain his disbelief).  Lindsey?  Strong?  HAH!


Chris:  Who do you think held the group record before your little demonstration?


Derek:  (Thinking to himself).  I thought…maybe…no, but not Lindsey.


Jack:  She has no idea how to harness any of it though, she’s just got it and it’s building to a dangerous point so don’t take it as a challenge to your pride.


Derek:  (Flips Jack off).  Forget this; I’ve got things to get ready for tomorrow…


Jack:  Wait, what sort of things?


Derek:  The Commander told me to check the bulletin board tomorrow, that’s all I know.  You were spying; you should know, too.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to bed.  (Walks away).


Chris:  Well Jack?


Jack:  Well what?  I’m not your damned father; go do what you want…  (Walks off).


Chris:  (Looks around the room and gets a random idea in his head.  He checks the room he was in previously and finds it empty).  Hello…?  (Looks over at the scanning machine).  I wonder…  (Takes one last look around the room, checks the hall again, then runs over to the control panel and hits the start button.  Chris runs into the taped off area and tries to concentrate).    (The humming noises are heard, some beeps and buzzes and just like that, the test is done.  Chris walks over to the screen and checks the reading).  117…?  Damn…  (Heads towards his dorm room for the night).


*          *          *          *          *


-The next day everyone gathers around the bulletin board in anticipation of what the announcement could be.


Derek:  (Leaning against the wall, arms folded).  This is a jip; no one’s posted anything today.


Chris:  It’s not even noon yet.  Give it time.


-Ranked Officer walks up to the board and posts a notice.


Derek:  What have we here…?  (Reads aloud).  “Attention all worthy combatants: The nation of Zanretha is hosting the nation of Balobyn for a goodwill tournament to better relations between the two world powers.  The tournament will be held one week from this Sunday at the Trillium City Grand Arena.  All who wish to participate must first pass a qualifying test today at 2 PM.  There are only 4 slots open so only the very best shall be allowed to compete.”  Signed, Commander.


Kyle:  One of these days I’m gonna find out what his name really is.


Jack:  (Scratching his chin).  A tournament between Zanretha and Balobyn?  That’s more than a little suspicious since they’re in war with each other.


Chris:  But it hasn’t escalated into a full scale war.  Maybe this is their way of preventing a global conflict?


Derek:  Who the hell cares what it’s about?  As long as I’m there I couldn’t care less.


Jack:  And you think you’re ready to compete at a professional level?


Derek:  Of course.


Ranked Officer:  (Hears Derek talking).  Excuse me, Cadet Derek?


Derek:  What?


Ranked Officer:  I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re suggesting.  Are you serious that you want to try and…enter this tournament?


Derek:  Of course.  You got a problem with that, Scooter?


Ranked Officer:  Hah, Cadet Derek, you are only a class 1 soldier, you’ll be lucky if you can even come watch.


Derek:  I intend to compete and that is that.


Ranked Officer:  Cadet Derek, I really hate to burst your hopes but all of the higher-classes will be competing for this chance.  Trust me, you don’t want to embarrass yourself.


Derek:  First off, if you call me “Cadet” one more time, I’m gonna bust your face just for the hell of it.  Secondly, I will be competing, and I’m gonna win.


Ranked Officer:  Hah.  Hahahaha, we’ll see now won’t we?  (Turns to Jack).  And don’t tell me, you’ve got the same impression, right?  (Walks off laughing).


Jack:  Assemble the group; we’re gonna compete.


*          *          *          *          *


-Later that day, after everyone’s gathered in the main gym the group makes their way to the registration table.


Jack:  (Already in a frustrating argument with the registration desk).  …No I’m not kidding, I’m here to qualify, as is everyone else in my group!


Chris:  ‘S true.


Registration Assistant:  Ahahahaha!  Fine fine, this’ll be worth watching just to see your smug face hit the floor.  Hahahaha…


Jack:  Okay everyone, you remember everything I taught you about holding back?


Lindsey:  Yes.


Jack:  Today those rules don’t apply.  It’s a known fact now that we’re above average in our class but we’ve yet to see how we compare to the higher-ups.  Give it your best and above all…I don’t know, have fun I suppose.


Ranked Officer:  (Walks up to the group and laughs again).  I don’t believe it, they’re really all going to try.


Derek:  Here’s hopin’ that you and me get a chance to go at it.


Ranked Officer:  Hah!  Oh that’s rich.  You know what?  I suppose I could arrange that, say, right now?  I’m high enough up the ladder that my word is almost law.  What do you say Cadet Derek?  Will you meet me in the ring?


Derek:  (Smiles).  Gents, if you excuse me I’ve got business to attend to.


Commander:  (Sitting up in the stands, watching the events of the day).  What is that idiot doing…?


Ranked Officer:  (Hops around to loosen himself up).  Okay Cadet Derek, this will be a lot worse than whatever your drill sergeants have been putting you through.  Though I’m somewhat curious who’s going to be rooting for you other than your group of misfits.  (Turns to the crowd of soldiers watching the fights).  And now we begin a fight between a level 1 cadet and myself!  (Laughs can be heard from all over).


Derek:  (Smiles and cracks his knuckles).  Showing off before a match won’t prove anything.


Ranked Officer:  Ready?


-Derek smiles and nods.


Ranked Officer:  Good.


Derek:  Pretty confident for a character without an official name, aren’t we?


Referee:  Begin!


-Ranked Officer punches at Derek’s face a few times and each time Derek simply dodges out of the way.


Derek:  C’mon, show a little enthusiasm.  There are people watching us you know.


Ranked Officer:  (Sigh).  Alright, if you insist.  (Takes a much quicker swing at Derek than the previous few.  Derek ducks under, grabs his arm, and flips him onto his back).  Oof!  (Flips to his feet).  So he knows a few defensive moves after all.


Derek:  I’ve got more than defense covered.  Would you care to see my offensive skills?


Ranked Officer:  Come!


Derek:  (Derek runs at him, just egging him on. Ranked Officer kicks at Derek intending to catch him in the face but Derek flips over him completely and elbows him in the back, sending him onto the ground).  Any more moves in there?


Ranked Officer:  I don’t believe this…  (Focuses his power.  There is a machine off to the side that is keeping a running total of energy levels as the fights go on.  It begins beeping loudly at this power flux).  You need to learn some respect!  (Runs at Derek extremely fast.  Derek smiles, closes his eyes, and does a leg sweep of Ranked Officer.  This knocks Ranked Officer’s legs out from under him, causing him to fall forward.  Derek transitions instantly from his kick to a roundhouse-style elbow directly into Ranked Officer’s face.  This pops him into the air as he falls backward and slams his head on the ground.  He instantly grabs his face and screams).  AAAAHA!  (His face is bleeding quite profusely).


Derek:  Ref, call it.


Referee:  (Talking to Ranked Officer).  If you don’t get back onto your feet this fight is over.


Ranked Officer:  (Still clutching his face and whining).  This is just…AAAAHHH!


Commander:  (Stands up in his seat in astonishment).  Son of a bitch, that was one of our top officers…


Derek:  Well?  (Walks over to Ranked Officer and stands with one foot on his chest).  Are you getting back up or do I need to finish you now?  (Ranked Officer shakes his head.  Derek lets his foot up as Ranked Officer is pulled out of the ring by a small group of fellow higher-ups).  Good call drill sergeant.  Cadet Derek, ready for duty!  (Mockingly salutes and laughs as he walks back to the rest of the group).


Jack:  (Smiles back).  Even I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing that.  I’m just disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to do that myself.


Commander:  Bah.  (Sits back down in his seat and slumps).


Kyle:  (Raises his hand).  Hey Jack, question over here.


Jack:  Yeah Kyle?


Kyle:  That there, that flashy, zoomy moving and stuff, we can all do that, right?


Jack:  Assuming that I taught you correctly, yes.


Kyle:  Oh.  Okay then.


Chris:  I’ll go next I guess.  (Chris steps into the ring with a very ready-looking higher-up).  Heh, don’t…don’t expect me to be on par with Derek there.  He’s a bit on the exceptional side; I’m not really that good.


Lindsey:  (Confused and a bit annoyed).  Why does he always talk down to himself like that?


Austin:  He doesn’t have any confidence in himself.


Lindsey:  That’s crazy, he should be proud of how much he’s improved.


Leena:  Pff, I’ve probably even improved more than Chris has.


Lindsey:  He’s still one of us though; he’s got to have some of that potential we’ve all shown.  I mean look at that day in the museum; he was the only one that got in a few shots at the guy in black.


Austin:  He had some good motivation back there…


-The fight starts and Chris takes a few jabs to the jaw.  He stumbles backwards a bit and rubs his mouth.  His challenger doesn’t give him much of a break and rushes him with another series of punches in the stomach.  Chris falls to his knees and huddles over as a result.


Austin:  C’mon buddy!  You can do it!


-Chris weakly smiles back, gets to his feet, and gives a few missed punches as his opponent dodges effortlessly out of the way.  He punches Chris back in the face, kicks him in the stomach, and elbows him in the side of the head.  Chris is now bleeding from the side of his mouth as he’s laying on the ground facedown.


Kyle:  (The group’s excitedly cheering Chris on).  Up!  Up I say!  As you attorney I strongly advise you to get up!


Jack:  Chris!  Keep on your guard!  You’ve got enough strength to fight this guy!


Derek:  (Smirks).  Seriously Jack?


Jack:  (Quietly back to Derek).  My watch is clocking this guy at 357; Chris is toast if he doesn’t actually try.


Derek:  Yeah but how high can Chris get?


Jack:  (Begins to act as if it’s hopeless).  I don’t know, I’ve only seen him get to 219.


Derek:  Hmh.  (Turns around and walks away).


-Chris continues to drop his guard and keeps taking solid hits to the face.  His attacker runs up, grabs him, and throws him into the metal railing surrounding the ring.  Chris slowly stands up.


Lindsey:  (Watches very worriedly).  Come on Chris, I know you’re stronger than this…


-Chris finally stands fully upright, although his arms are sagging at his sides.  His opponent rushes at him once more ready to deal a finishing punch.


Lindsey:  Chris!  Fight back!


Chris:  -Chris looks off towards Lindsey, smiles, and as his opponent comes at him he jumps up and catches him under the chin with his knee.  This results in the challenger flying into the center of the ring with his eyes glazed over.  Chris lands and looks a bit embarrassed).  Oh man, I didn’t mean to hit him that hard…


-Paramedics rush into the ring and check the guy’s condition.  They give a thumb’s up and carry him on a stretcher to the hospital wing.


Derek:  (Standing in annoyed awe).  Jack…what did that register on the scale?


Jack:  (Looking wide-eyed at his watch).  It didn’t…


Lindsey:  (Runs into the ring looking very happy and excited.  Chris smiles).  Great job Chris!  (Quickly hugs Chris and continues into the center of the ring).  My turn!


Derek:  Oh great, now the chick’s getting a chance?


To Be Continued…


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  1. The King of Zing said,

    Anytime the Kyle character speaks… I laugh… job well done.

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