Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Seven

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Eclipse Star: Chapter 7

“Nothing to be Skeptical of…”


Barbara:  I really don’t see why you have to leave, Chris.


Chris:  (Hurriedly packing his clothes into a backpack as he rushes around the house.)  Grandma, I explained this all to you; I’ve got to go find out what’s going on.  I don’t like to admit it, but something’s happening that I can’t explain and…I want to be able to help.


Barbara:  It’s just…you need to be careful.


Chris:  Well of course I’ll be careful.


Barbara:  No, you’re not grasping what I’m trying to say.  I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you and all that cliché stuff.  It was bad enough that you’re grandfather left before you got to know him.


Chris:  You’d met my parent’s, right?  I mean, of course you met my mom since she was your daughter, but what were they like?


Barbara:  (Sigh).  Yes, I did know you mother very well.  I never met your dad, though.  It was very odd.  I never heard your mom talk about him or anything, just one day she left for a week, came back nine months pregnant, had you, then left again.  None of it made any sense, but I didn’t get a chance to ask her about it.  I know it sounds pretty strange, but I don’t know what happened and she didn’t come back after you were born.


Chris:  And then grandpa left?


Barbara:  He…well he left about a year later.  Didn’t really give a reason or anything, just up and took off.  Said he had a client to meet with and that was that.  And I don’t want you to be the same way, just leaving one day without a reason or a return day and never coming back.


Chris:  I see your point.  (Hoists his backpack onto his shoulder.)  I don’t know what to say to that other than I’ll try and make you proud.


Barbara:  You can make me proud right here, around the house.


Chris:  (Gives his grandma one last hug and a kiss on the forehead.)  One year.  I’ll be back in one year, no later.  Does that satisfy you any?


Barbara:  No.


Chris:  Will it do for now?


Barbara:  It’ll have to, won’t it?


Chris:  Good.  See you then!  (Runs out the door to catch his bus.)


Barbara:  (Sadly watches him drive away.)  Good bye…

*          *          *          *          *

-At the Tolkien residence.  Derek is also rushing around packing things.


Marshall:  (A tall man, well chiseled.  It’s obvious where Derek gets his looks from).  You have everything?


Derek:  Where the hell is my hunting knife?


Marshall:  I told you, knives are for pussies.  I raised you better than that.


Derek:  I don’t plan on stabbing anyone with it; it’s purely for survival purposes.  Assuming I was a pussy enough to need a weapon, I’d rather use a rock than a knife.


Marshall:  Good boy.  It’s under the sofa.


Derek:  (Hustles over to the sofa and flings a cushion off, finding the knife).  Great, it’s still sharp.


Marshall:  I sharpened it myself when I heard you were joining the boy scouts.


Derek:  Look dad, call the Legion whatever you want, but it’s the only chance I’ll have to get out and do something worth a damn.


Marshall:  The Legion isn’t the only way make a difference in the world.  There are other options available.


Derek:  Like what?  Terrorist groups or some crap like that?


Marshall:  Depends on what you call “terrorist groups.”  Some of them prefer to be called “extremist.”


Derek:  Well I’m not in any of them now am I?  So they’re inferior until I say otherwise.


Marshall:  Just keep your options open in case something better comes along.


Derek:  (Cocking an eyebrow).  What the heck are you talking about?


Marshall:  It’s just…you know what?  Never mind.  You’re late enough as it is.  Come here.


Derek:  Last time you see me for a while, old man.


Marshall:  Last time I see you for a while, little boy.


Derek:  Words of wisdom?


Marshall:  Don’t zip your cock into your fly.  It hurts like a bitch.


Derek:  I’m joining the army and that’s the advice you impart to me?


Marshall:  You think of anything more important?


Derek:  Ye-  (Stops).  No you’re right.  (Starts to turn).


Marshall:  Derek.  (Derek turns around).  Son…come here.


Derek:  (Walks over to his dad.  He looks a little unsure of what he’s going to say).  What’s up?


Marshall:  Derek…there’s only one thing that most people on the planet pay attention to and that’s power.  If you have it you were meant to, and if you don’t, then you were meant for something else like childbearing.


Derek:  Mom wasn’t that pathetic.  Jeez, let it go.


Marshall:  No she wasn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have wasted what little time I did on her.  You are my son.  I raised you to do something that matters.  Either you do that or you don’t.  You even know what your name means?


Derek:  I means “Ruler of the people,” right?


Marshall:  I didn’t name you that by accident.  I don’t do things on accident.  I wanted you to lead people and that’s what I intend you to do.  Understand?


Derek:  (Smiles confidently).  I’ll make you proud.


Marshall:  I’m already proud; you’ll have to do more.  Make me speechless.  Nothing less than absolute.  Understand?


Derek:  Yes.


Marshall:  Good.  (Hugs Derek close).  I love you son.


Derek:  I love you, too, dad.


Marshall:  Good.  Now get the hell out of here.


Derek:  (Walks away and waves his hand as he walks).  Yeah yeah, I’m going.  Keep an eye out for me on the news in case I end this whole damn war by myself.


Marshall:  I expect it.  (Derek leaves).  One way or another I expect it…

*          *          *          *          *

Recap:  Upon returning to school from their “fieldtrip”, Chris and the others came to a decision, making up their minds to listen to Jack and become members of the Legion.  Every last one of them.  But before they said one final farewell to their old lives, they were able to grab two more unsuspecting souls to come along;  Scott, a guy with nothing to lose, and Kevin, an old friend from Chris’ childhood.  Once arriving at Legion Headquarters on the far east side of Trillium City, our group was lead to their dorm rooms and told only to be ready to attend an instructional meeting that evening.


Derek:  (Taking a look around the room.)  Well this is certainly quaint.


Chris:  Hmm…might as well make the best of it.  (Starts walking towards the stepladder leading to the top of one of the beds.)


Derek:  (Hopping forcibly onto the top bed.)  I call top bunk bitches!


Chris:  (Tiredly drops his bags where he stands.)  This is going to be a long year, isn’t it?  (Sits down on the floor with his legs sprawled out.)  So, guys, anyone else get the feeling that something isn’t quite…kosher with all of this?


Austin:  What d’you mean Chris?


Chris:  I mean with the fact that the Legion is hiring members as young as 16.  Doesn’t that seem just a bit odd?


Derek:  Seems more desperate than anything really.


Chris:  But aren’t there laws against this sort of thing?  Age restrictions and such?


Clinton:  Normally, but in the case of government there are loopholes and extra clauses and if probable reason is justified, laws can be skewed.


Derek:  Exactly, what Clinton said.  The government does what it wants when it needs to. So stop looking into it.


Jack:  (Jack walks into the room smiling.)  Awesome.  This is going to be extraordinary guys.


Derek:  That’s what you promised at least.  You better deliver.


Jack:  And I shall keep good on that promise.  However…


Chris:  (Points at Jack).  Aha!  A clause!


Jack:  Well, aheh, you guys are going to be scrutinized very carefully for a while.


Derek:  Meaning…?


Jack:  Although the Legion recruits mainly on the basis of talent, the higher-ups are gonna be skeptical of your ages.


Chris:  And the reasoning is because…?


Jack:  Because I was the youngest member they had ever recruited and my record is…sketchy at best.


Chris:  Jack, what have you gotten us into?


Jack:  Just what I promised:  Adventure and mystery and all that jazz.  But…


Chris:  There’s always a but…


Jack:  Don’t expect to be going on any missions for at least the first year or so.  You’ve all got a long way to go to get to the level of a trained solider.


Derek:  So start teaching us.  (Hops down from his perch on the top bunk.)  Show me a bit of that razz-a-matazz there Jack.


Jack:  Like what?


Derek:  Like that arm cannon…thing.  With the lights and the explosions.  That would seem to be the most useful thing to learn right now.


Jack:  It took me about four and a half months to learn how to use Pulse energy, and I still don’t have it perfected yet, not that I’m even supposed to know how to use it anyway.


Derek:  Well if it’ll take that long to teach, you’d better start pretty damn quick, don’t cha think?  (Gets uncomfortably close to Jack’s face.)


Jack:  I can’t just teach you out of order.  There’s a progression to these things.


Derek:  (Gets even closer and his eye begins to twitch.)  Teach….


Jack:  Like I said, BACK OFF!  (Thrusts both his hands outwards, palms-first, into Derek’s chest, throwing him across the room and sliding on the floor on his back.)


Derek:  (While lying on his back and looking straight upwards.)  That was seriously sweet, but I’d still like to know how you did it.


Jack:  You gotta learn to control basic energy before you can advance to the fancy stuff.  (Looks around the room at everyone else.)  Also…no one mention to anyone outside this room that I can do that.  I’ll see you later this evening.  (Walks out of the room.)


Chris:  (Happy to see Derek smacked around).  Heh, you all right Derek?


Derek:  Hell yes I’m fine, you think that hurt me?  What kind of a wuss do you take me for?  (Limps out of the room.)


Austin:  (He can hardly contain his excitement).  Ah!  I’m so excited guys!  I wonder what they’ll tell us tonight?


Clinton:  Most likely just the formalities, like hellos, schedule plans, eating times, the usual.


Chris:  Say uh…where’re the girls’ dorms?


Austin:  Down the hall probably.  Let’s go look!  (Drags Chris along.)


Chris:  (In somewhat of a shock).  Wow, there are a lot of rooms.


Austin:  They must have a lot of members.


Chris:  Wonder which room is Lindsey’s…?




Chris:  Bah!  Keep it down man!


Lindsey:  (Walks out from the room right next to theirs, smiling.)  I’m right here, no need to yell.  So, what cha guys want?


Austin:  (Bows).  We are here to welcome you to the building and wanted to let you know that our room is right next to yours, so if you get cold at night we can warm you up.


Lindsey:  (Coy smile).  Aha, and who’s in charge of warming duties?


Austin:  Lady’s pick, naturally.


Lindsey:  (Casually looks around).  Wonder where Jack’s room is…?


Chris:  (Quickly changes the subject).  Um, so how’s Leena settling in?


Lindsey:  She just got here, so…pretty well I guess.


Chris:  Right, right, so I’ll just be…(Points off in the direction of his room and walks away.)


Lindsey:  That Chris, such a goofy guy.


Austin:  I bet it’s ‘cause he likes you.


Lindsey:  Me?  Nah, doubt it.  (Looks off towards Chris’ room.)  You think?


Austin:  Meh, what do I know?  (Walks back into his room with the others).


Lindsey:  (Still standing, pondering to herself).  Then why doesn’t he just tell me…?


*          *          *          *          *

-Once everyone has finished unpacking, they make their way to the auditorium where they are anticipating a very routine lecture.  As they take their seats they notice a large man standing at the podium, ready to speak.  He looks very much like Robert De Niro.


Commander:  Thank you all for coming.  I am the Legion’s highest-ranking officer and commander and you shall treat me as such.  (Waves his hand in an annoyed fashion).  Oh, and welcome to our new recruits.  (Points sternly).  You will not be babied here, so don’t expect us to integrate you slowly.  Basic training starts tomorrow at sunrise, just like you’d expect.  Don’t be late.  Dinner in the cafeteria, that is all.  (Walks off the stage.  A few group members clap awkwardly).


Lindsey:  Well he’s certainly not much for speeches.


Chris:  No kidding.  Jack, what can we expect to learn with basic training?


Jack:  Oh, not much really.  Very similar to the army where you’ll be trained in the most basic hand-to-hand combat and endurance strengthening.


Chris:  When do we get to learn…you know…?


Jack:  I’ve been here for over a year and they’ve yet to teach me any of it.  Everything I know was learned through alternate methods that are heavily frowned upon.


Chris:  Please teach us Jack, it’s important that we learn this stuff.


Jack:  In time, just be patient.


Lindsey:  Please Jack?


Jack:  Not right away.  Give it month or so.


Lindsey:  Pleeease?


Jack:  (Cracks a smile).  …Well when you phrase it so nicely, how can I say no?  Okay, tell everyone that’s interested to meet me in the woods tomorrow after the morning’s exercises have concluded.


Chris:  Yes!  (Chris and Lindsey head back to the dorms with the others and let them know what’s up.)


Commander:  (As he walks back to his office.)  I just don’t care for this idea.


Subordinate:  (This man is wearing sunglasses all the time, but clearly ranks highly in the organization).  Sir, I assure you that no one really likes this idea, but we do have confidence in Jack’s judgment.


Commander:  That’s exactly why I’m not that thrilled with it.  He knows more than he should.


Subordinate:  Like battle strategies and such?


Commander:  Like how to manipulate energy ratings and such.


Subordinate:  But…he’s only 17, sir.


Commander:  And he’s already stronger than you, how does that make you feel?


Subordinate:  I doubt he’s stronger than me.  What with…you know.


Commander:  I know that he’s been spying on us and studying private training lessons.  Does he really think I’m that stupid?  Hell, I know all about his forging documents and skewing Pulse ratings.  Those kids that he has so much faith in could be very dangerous to us.  I want to make sure that they get a very rigorous workout tomorrow.  Make sure that they won’t have it in them to decide to do any extra credit.  And keep your eye on them, Jack in particular.  Tomorrow is going to be a very long day…


To Be Continued…


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  1. The King of Zing said,

    Definitely the line of the chapter had to be Marshall: One way or another I expect it… Very foreshadowing. The scene between Chris and his grandmother was interesting too… Mom leaves for a week comes back nine months pregnant? Crazy. Then grandfather disappears as well? Hmmm… wonder what’s up with that?

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