Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Four

September 27, 2008 at 11:36 am (Eclipse Star: Genesis) ()

Eclipse Star: Chapter Four

“All Quiet on the Zanrethan Front”


Recap:  When we last left our group of teenagers, they had successfully avoided being killed.  Although Syrus himself stepped in to attack the kids, the Legion arrived before he could do any major harm to them and was forced to retreat through a hole he created in the roof.  Even though the Eclipse Star had not been stolen by the Demon Regime, it was gone; disappearing in a flash of light, leaving Chris at a loss for words.  We continue with the Legion finally making a public appearance during this “crisis.”


Jack:  My name is Jack Voss and I’m part of the Legion.  (Stands proudly after saying this).  We’ll take it from here.


Chris:  (Rubbing his arm as he talks).  The name’s Chris, and what took you guys so long to get here?


Jack:  (Bothered).  What do you mean?  We showed up within five minutes of the alarms going off.  I’d say that that’s a pretty damned good response time.


Chris:  Only five minutes‘ve gone by?


Jack:  I know, seems like a lot longer, doesn’t it?


Chris:  Yeah, but being in the Legion you must see a lot of action all the time.


Jack:  (Scratching his head).  Well…not really.  I’m more of a rookie compared to some of the older guys.  I myself ‘m only seventeen.  I haven’t been in real combat per say, only simulated situations, (pleased look on his face, a touch of smugness), all of which I passed spectacularly I might add.  It’s too bad that we’ve only just recently seen an increase in terroristic activities; most of us are just waiting to have some real fighting happen.


Chris:  (Looks around).  What do you call this?


Jack:  Yeah, we weren’t doing the fighting; you were.  Besides, from what I hear most of it was just gunfire; that’s not real fighting.


Chris:  (Blank, angry stare).  Are my friends okay?


Jack:  Don’t worry about them; we’ve got several units tending to them.  They’re all pretty much fine, a few bruises and one of your friends has got a nasty knife wound in the leg, but they’ll all recover within a day or so.  (Chris starts to get up and walk away but Jack forcibly pushes him back to a sitting position, turning Chris around to face him).  I’ve still got some questions for you.


Chris:  (Heavy sigh).  Fine, what d’you wanna know?


Jack:  First thing’s always business.  Do you know who attacked you?


Chris:  Originally I figured it was museum security but that obviously changed when they pulled out fully automatic assault weapons.  (Shaking his head).  Honestly though I’ve no idea who they are.


Jack:  They didn’t tell you anything about who they were or why they were here?


Chris:  They yelled something about some “Devil’s Brigade” and kept demanding the Eclipse Star.


Jack:  “Devil’s Brigade”…?


Chris:  Or “Demon’s Squad” or “Death Eaters” or “Demon Regime” or some nonsense like that.


Jack:  (Slightly taken aback).  Hah, wait, wait, you’re telling me you guys were attacked by the Demon Regime?


Chris:  (Thinking back).  Um…yes, yes that’s what they called themselves.  Heavy on the firepower, not so much on the reasoning skills.  (Taps his head).


Jack:  And all they wanted was the Eclipse Star?


Chris:  Yes, that was the main gist of their demands as far as I’m aware.


Jack:  Why’d they want it?


Chris:  (Really annoyed now, squinting with disbelief at Jack’s questioning).  Who’m I?  Sherlock Holmes?  Go ask one of them yourself.  (Taps his forehead sarcastically again).  Basic interrogation skills, chief.  We didn’t kill any of them and only two got shot by their own teammates, so that’d mean at least eight should be able to tell you something.


Jack:  All of them are dead.


Chris:  (Sits up much straighter).  All dead?  That’s not possible; we didn’t kill any of them.


Jack:  That’s one of the weirdest things about it, too.  Even the two who were shot were only stunned due to some wicked-strong body armor.  All the men appear to have choked to death.


Chris:  (Shakes his head in confused disbelief).  Whaaaat?


Jack:  Were there any more attackers who fled the scene?


Chris:  Yeah, one larger guy who wore black and gray colored robes.  Well, not really robes but more like, um…not really karate clothes but not quite a tunic with armor.


Jack:  What’d he look like?


Chris:  (Trying really hard to come up with anything worth saying).  Black hair, pulled back into a ponytail, dark black beard, um…I don’t know, I’m terrible with descriptions.


Jack:  I assume he’s the one who made the hole in the ceiling, right?


Chris:  With some laser light show or something.


Jack:  An energy blast?  The eleventh guy could fire off focused energy blasts?


Chris:  I don’t know what the hell an energy blast is but yeah, he blasted the crap outta the roof.


Jack:  (Thinking to himself, standing up and pacing in place).  So they sent an actual trained soldier along, huh?


Chris:  Wait a sec, you’ve been talking with me this whole time; how’d you know about the status of the others and the bad guys?


Jack:  (Taps his ear).  Multi-channel radio-receiver.  Technology is a wonderful thing now and then.


Chris:  Standard with all members of the Legion I assume?


Jack:  Not really.  (Whispers to Chris).  No one else really knows that I can hear their conversations.  I’ve planted a small microphone on each of ‘em so that I’m always in the loop with things.  Gives a real advantage for such a new guy in the organization.  I’ve learned a lot of things that I’m not technically supposed to know yet.


Chris:  Such as…?


Jack:  Such as Pulse manipulation and the like.


Chris:  (Looks down at Jack’s watch).  …That’s not really a watch, is it?


Jack:  Oh no, it’s a watch alright.  But let’s just say it’s got a few modifications that aren’t standard.  Here, take a look at this.  (Holds the watch up close to Chris and presses a button.  The watch makes a few funny beeping noises before settling on a calm humming frequency).  See this little radar-looking screen?  It shows us the locations of any Pulse-emitting life forms within a certain radius of where we’re sitting.


Chris:  Like sonar?


Jack:  Nope, not even close.  It can detect the Pulse that each person gives off.


Chris:  You keep saying Pulse.  Pulse?  What the heck?


Jack:  Sorry, more jargon that you probably wouldn’t know.  (Looks around and mentions quietly).  And strictly speaking, stuff that I probably shouldn’t know yet.  Every living creature has a certain amount of natural electromagnetic energy which we’ve nicknamed “Pulse” for easy understanding.  It’s basically how strong someone is, relatively speaking.  Take for example; any normal person is at a rating of between 1 and 18 with some exceptions being around 22 or 23.  With practice you can figure out how to increase this rating.  Most higher-ups are generally around 360 to 810.


Chris:  And this means what to me?


Jack:  It means that compared to an average individual, most of my bosses are a hundred times stronger.


Chris:  Physically?


Jack:  Forcefully.


Chris:  That sound so stupid.  Forcefully?  That more jargon?  So Pulse does what?


Jack:  (Shrugs).  Depends on what your strengths and weaknesses are.  Some guys just get faster, others stronger but each person is different and grows in different ways.


Chris:  That’s a lesson that we all learned at age 3.


Jack:  Cute.


Chris:  Where’d you get hold of a device like this then if you’re not supposed to have one?


Jack:  I know people.  A friend that works for a company named Charles Robotics hooked me up.  I’ve got a few gadgets that aren’t standard issue because of my…shall we say, connections.


Chris:  Fair enough.  (Smiles and cocks his head).  Out of curiosity, what’s your Pulse rating?


Jack:  (Smiles).  I was hoping you’d ask.  According to official Legion documents, my rating ranges from 97 to 112.


Chris:  And what is it really?


Jack:  263 and still going up each day.


Chris:  Lots of push-ups?


Jack:  Eh…right…  This must be a lot for you all to take in at once.  I’m sure you think I’m crazy.


Chris:  It’s just…why do you know these things as an entry-level soldier?  Why do you need to know?


Jack:  I make it my business to know.  Someone’s got to know and it might as well be me.


Chris:  That’s…no that’s actually pretty decent reasoning.  (Stands up and claps his hands together).  So, are we all done here?


Jack:  I don’t have any more questions that I care to ask you; you’re free to go if you please.  Oh but first…(Points his watch at Chris and presses a few buttons)…I want to know what your rating is for Legion documentation.


Chris:  (Smiles).  Making it your business to know?


Jack:  (Smiles back).  Of course.  Just hold still…


Chris:  (Puts his hands on his hips).  I really don’t know what you’ll learn from this; I’m just an average teen who jumps around in his backyard like a doof and thinks he can fight.


Jack:  (Jack’s watch makes some more beeping noises and settles down to a low hum again).  Well this can’t be right…


Chris:  What?  I’m at like, 32, right?


Jack:  78 actually…but it keeps fluctuating.


Chris:  Great, I’m unusually strong and I’m unstable to boot.  (Rubbing his eyes).  I’m sorry, I must sound like a real jerk but…none of what you’re saying makes sense.


Jack:  No, it really doesn’t.  (Looks up at Chris again).  You say that you’ve had no real training?


Chris:  Nope.  Your thing must be busted.  Point it at Derek over there, he’s probably stronger.


Jack:  (Points his watch where Chris tells him.  It makes its usual sounds before settling down).  82…?  What is going on…?  (Starts pointing it around the room at Chris’ friends).  61…59…65?  These numbers don’t add up.  (Continues to scan around the room, amazed).


Chris:  As much as I’d love to stay and chat about…ratings and energy and whatnot, I just don’t care.  I’ve got more important things to worry about than stuff that sounds like it came from a poorly-dubbed cartoon.  (Looks around the room).  Now where’s…


Lindsey:  (Walks up to Chris and slaps him across the face).  What do you think you were doing back there?!


Chris:  (Not so much hurt as surprised).  What do you mean?!  I was protecting you from getting hurt!


Lindsey:  I didn’t ask for your help!


Chris:  I was just…I don’t know what I was doing.


Jack:  (Still scanning around the room, he turns around to face Lindsey’s feet and ends up scanning her, too).  73!  Well that’s just amaz-  (looks up to meet Lindsey face to face).  Oh.  Hello my dear, my name is Jack and I am a member of the Legion.  (Coyly takes her hand and kisses it as he introduces himself).  And to whom do I owe the pleasure?


Lindsey:  (Blushes slightly).  Who, me?  Oh, I’m Lindsey.  Lindsey Sonnen.  Pleased to meet you Jack!  Last name…?


Jack:  Voss.  Jack Voss.


Lindsey:  Ooh, fancy.


Chris:  (Turns slightly, ready to run away).  I’d better…go find Austin or…something…


Jack:  (Grabs Chris’ shoulder once more and turns him around).  You have some great potential my friend.  You and all of your group for that matter.  Don’t let it go to waste.  We can help you, train you.  Something big is about to happen, I can feel it.  Don’t forget that we’re still recruiting.  (Turns towards Lindsey).  You be sure to remind him, okay?


Lindsey:  Hah, you bet I will!


Jack:  My work here is done for the day.  Until we meet again, uh, Chris was it?


Chris:  (Angered).  Yeah, Chris Collins.  Charmed I’m sure.


Jack:  And fair thee well to you, too, sweet Lindsey.


Lindsey:  Haha, you too Jack.  (Jack smiles one last time and leaves.  Lindsey turns to Chris).  Hahaha, what a strange guy.


Chris:  Yeah, I can certainly agree with that.


Lindsey:  …And kinda cute, too.


Chris:  That I cannot agree with.


Lindsey:  Meh, I doubt he’d be my type anyway.  (Grabs Chris and leads him to the others).  C’mon Prince Charming, let’s go find some more damsels to save.


To Be Continued…



  1. New Gadgets | Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Four said,

    […] Original post by Eclipse Star […]

  2. The King of Zing said,

    So yeah, hopefully this won’t get annoying but I am going to begin asking the significance of all the characters last names when and if I see them. So yeah, what does Sonnen mean? and what does Collins mean? Seemed like a pretty basic almost “training level” chapter from a video game where you learn about certain gadgets and learn certain lingo and stuff and get a foreshadow to a bigger plot. Not bad, went by well. Definitely set up the tension between Chris, Lindsey, and Jack well, or at least had it begin. So yeah, that’s that I guess.

    • eclipsestar said,

      Lindsey’s last name Sonnen means “Sun,” a reflection of her sunny personality and positive outlook during most situations. Chris’ last name Collins means “young whelp,” partly because I wanted to give him a name that didn’t quite mean anything spectacular since that’d be yet another thing for him to feel inadiquate with. Collins, however, isn’t his real last name, but we don’t know that yet.

      Chapter Four really did have to be that “training level” chapter since you’ve got to have one eventually. I was able to cram a lot of important info into the little space, though chapters like this always seem too fact-heavy to feel like much fun. The darn things are still manditory though, otherwise there’d be too many questions later on.

  3. The King of Zing said,

    Yeah, like the episodes from DBZ when they take fifteen minutes or more to talk about the Dragon Ball detector thing or power levels or other stuff…lol.

    And… Woah! Not his real last name eh?…. Interesting! lol. But yeah, good idea about another thing for him to feel inadequate about.

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