Eclipse Star: Genesis Chapter Two

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Eclipse Star: Genesis

Chapter Two:  “So Much For Silence…”


Recap:  The bus having finally arrived, Chris and the others were on their way into the Trillium City museum for what they figured was an average fieldtrip with nothing more to expect than a pop quiz upon returning to school.  Syrus, however, had other intentions as he cautiously led his small squad of men into position around the area.


Chris:  (Walking around with his hands in his pockets, feeling very bored and very uninspired.  Every now and then he and Derek whisper back and forth to each other).  Hey Derek, you learning anything useful yet?


Derek:  (He’s also bored, looking completely unentertained).  Not in the least.  I’ve already learned all I really need to know anyway.  It’s just a natural gift.  I say we ditch the group and go explore on our own.


Chris:  I don’t know; I’ve never really been the adventurous type.


Derek:  Nonsense, you just need a group to rebel along with you.  You’ve always been one to go along with the crowd, you know?  (Whispers to a friend of his that’s close by.  This kid is average height, very slender, African-American, has a very short shaved hairstyle and wears glasses.  He’s wearing a letterman’s jacket full of track and field related achievements).  Clinton, Chris here’s a puss and won’t skip the tour unless we can get some more people to join us.  You in?


Clinton:  That sounds like Chris alright.


Chris:  (Annoyed).  Clinton, you’re not helping.


Clinton:  (Carefully surveys the area before answering).  Sure, I doubt anyone’d notice that we’re gone.  (Nudges his tour partner, Austin, and whispers the situation).


Austin:  (Becomes excited and has an outburst of joy).  Chris!  That’s great!  You’re finally starting to grow outside the box and live for a change!


Chris:  (Trying to shush him).  Keep your voice down, the main point is not to get caught, or so I’d assume.  I’m a bit new at this whole “rebelling” thing.


Derek:  Good, so you’ll follow us then?


Chris:  Yeah yeah, I can’t take any more of the tour guide telling us how important these artifacts are despite that his only real connection to them being a minimum-wage job.


Derek:  Okay, next corner we hit we just casually walk the other way.  Doesn’t seem too difficult for you, right?


Chris:  Right, I think I can handle at least that much.


Willy:  (Danny and Willy make their way to the back of the crowd to where Chris and the others are).  So Austin tells me that we’re making a break for it?


Chris:  More or less, but don’t talk to me, Derek’s the leader of this operation.


Danny:  Hah, whatever, all we’re doing is walking in the wrong direction.  Heck, I was doing that anyway.


Derek:  Here comes the corner…and look as we get distracted by the pretty paintings…  (Thoughtlessly walks to the left as the tour group goes right, talking to himself).  Oh my, I like the colors in this one…  (Walks up to one particular painting and studies it while the tour group walks around another corner and out of sight).  Good, they’re gone.  I see that everyone followed my lead correctly.


Chris:  (The others are just standing around, Chris with his hands in his pockets).  What lead?  You just started yammering like an idiot while the rest of us stopped walking.


Derek:  Point taken.  Regardless, I strongly advise that you follow my lead next time.  You might not be so lucky in the future.


Chris:  (Waggles his fingers mockingly at Derek).  Oohoo, such deep foreshadowing.


Willy:  Well Derek, now that you’ve done such a good job liberating us I feel like wandering around by myself for a while.


Danny:  What about me?


Willy:  (Rolls his eyes and nods, smiling).  Of course, wandering around by myself and Danny.  (Those two head off in another direction).


Derek:  Meh, they would have slowed us down anyways, right guys?  (Turns around to see that everyone else has dispersed as well).  Damn.  Well, better make the best of it.  (Also wanders off).


(During this time, Syrus and his soldiers are making their way to the basement of the museum in search of the security system).


Syrus:  You two, stand guard at the top of the staircase leading to the basement.  You two, make your way to the room with the Eclipse Star, taking the back hallways, you two take the left-wing path and you two take the right, but don’t attempt to grab it until the power goes out.  (Closes his eyes and rubs his face, annoyed).  In fact, don’t even leave the top of your staircases until the power goes out, just in case you get a sudden urge of idiocy.  (Points at a pair of soldiers).  You two, come with me.  No one touch anything; it could trigger an alarm by accident.  And no talking to anyone.  Keep your firearms concealed; we don’t need a riot before we’re ready to deal with one.  We have ten minutes starting from this moment.  (The soldiers all just stare at him).  Go, now!  (Everyone finally splits up and goes to where Syrus has instructed them.  He makes his way carefully around the basement towards the mainframe of the security system).


(Upstairs on the second floor, Chris is wandering around aimlessly, equally as bored as he was while on the tour).


Chris:  Wow, it’s amazing that so much history can be so very boring.  (Walks up to a statue of armor).  Such as this.  I should find this fascinating since it’s been in countless battles, suffered immense damage as a result, been part of the shaping of history, and yet it’s forced to spend the rest of its days on display in a hallway only to be seen by children on fieldtrips and college students too drunk to care.


Kyle:  (Pipes up from off frame).  And homeless people looking for a place to escape from the rain.


Chris:  (Turns around to face a short, heavy-set kid with very short pale-red hair that he’s carelessly combed forward.  Chris is somewhat baffled).  Where’d you come from?


Kyle:  I heard that a few students broke away from the tour and I figured I might as well join your coup.  (Nodding his head towards the display).  By the way, you make an excellent point about this suit of armor.  D’you know that it was actually worn during the Crusades by a knight fighting for his beliefs and his life?


Chris:  No I didn’t; how did you know?


Kyle:  (Lazily points to the sign next to the armor).  I read the plaque that’s sitting right next to it.


Chris:  Oh, well that explains it then.


Kyle:  I’m Kyle by the way, as you should probably already know.


Chris:  And how would I know that?


Kyle:  Oh, I see that you really don’t pay attention that well, do you?  (Points up at the dialogue bubble, though it’s subtle).  Anyway, nice to meet you Chris.


Chris:  (Looks questioningly at Kyle).  How’re you…? 


Kyle:  Oh for goodness sake…  (Rolls his eyes).  I’ve seen you around school on many occasions.  I pay attention more than people’d expect.


Chris:  Okay…?


Kyle:  Just shake my damn hand.


Chris:  Hahaha, I think I can handle at least that much.  (The two shake hands and continue to chat).


(Back in the basement, Syrus runs into the first group of museum security, probably just on their lunch break.  They’ll probably retire after this encounter).


Syrus:  (Rushes up to one of the security guards and knees him in the stomach.  As the other reaches for his gun, Syrus spins around and kicks the gun out of his hand, spinning again with a sweep kick that flips the guard on his back.  Syrus comes down with an elbow to the guard’s chest, knocking him out).  These two should be unconscious for a day or so, but I’ve let them live.  (Syrus’ men are standing in awe of seeing Syrus in action).  What’s wrong with you two?


Grunt:  (Somewhat shy).  Well, sir, we’ve never seen any of the soldiers with abilities in action before.


Syrus:  Soldiers with abilities?


Grunts:  You know, the ones that’ve been trained to focus those…powers.


Syrus:  (A cautious look is on his face).  And you two haven’t been trained?


Grunt:  No sir, we haven’t had the chance to even watch Octavious’ brother train the higher-class soldiers.


Syrus:  (Suddenly feeling even worse about this mission).  So I’m in charge of a group of absolutely new recruits?


Grunt:  Yes uh…yes sir, or well…no sir, not exactly.  I’ve been in the regular army for over six months, but none of us have been fully trained for advanced combat.


Syrus:  You haven’t been trained to fight?


Grunt:  Actually…no, we haven’t, other than marksmanship though.  I’m excellent with a firearm.


Syrus:  (Walks over to the soldier and takes his weapon from him).  You are trained to fight exclusively with this?  (Tears the assault rifle in half and throws it to the ground).  Only a coward would rely on such a limiting resource.  You must rely on these!  (Holds his hands up and shakes them passionately).  In actual combat the only thing you can rely on is your own strength and skill.


Grunt:  (Pulls another rifle from under his arm).  Hah, sir, this is a great speech but I’m pretty sure that we’ll just have to hear it again when we’re trained for Pulse-related combat.


Syrus:  So you don’t know how to increase your speed or inflate your strength or manipulate your Pulse?


Grunt:  No sir, and I believe I speak for everyone in that regard.


Syrus:  (Now very noticeably worried).  This is bad…  (Turns around and continues briskly walking).  Come on, we’re about out of time.  (Leads them toward the security mainframe).


(Back upstairs, Chris and Kyle have wandered around the second floor where the Eclipse Star is being displayed.  Nearby, there is another exhibit that showcases various weapons from different eras of war).


Chris:  (Pointing at the Eclipse Star’s display).  So, this is the thing that we all came here to see?


Kyle:  It would appear so.  (Taps his foot impatiently).  Hmh, not very wonderful if you ask me.


Chris:  What is so darned special about that?  (Walks over towards the Eclipse Star’s display and reads aloud).  “Found in a remote location in the forests of Zanretha, the “Eclipse Star”, as archeologists are calling it, has been hailed as one of the greatest finds in this generation. Speculating that it was a decorative piece from an ancient crown, archeologists believe that the one who wore it commanded a large army that devastated much of the old world thousands of years ago, although carbon dating tests have come back inconclusive, keeping its actual age a mystery.”  (Blinks, unimpressed).  I don’t get what’s so great about it.


Kyle:  Probably because finding anything from a past time is rare nowadays.  Everything’s already been found, so when they find something new and unexplainable it’s considered amazing and fantastic.


Derek:  Ironic that I should find you here of all places.


Chris:  When did you show up?


Derek:  Right about the time that you started reading the history of the shiny rock.


Austin:  (Excited).  Fascinating, actually.


Chris:  You’re here, too?


Austin:  Yeah.  Looks like we all really wanted to see it after all.  (Motions towards the various hallways, showing that Danny, Willy and Clinton have all wandered to the same room as everyone else).


Chris:  Austin, how can you find this thing so interesting?


Austin:  Because I know nothing about it, nor does anyone else.


Chris:  But why is that so interesting?


Lindsey:  (Fluttering in).  Because it sounds romantic.  Mystery always leads to a romantic adventure in one way or another.


Chris:  And now you’ve wandered here as well?


Lindsey:  Yeah, we all go in search of a romantic adventure now and then, or at least as romantic as an adventure in the museum can get.  Oh, you’ve all met my friend Leena, right?  (Leena is short with long, brown, curly hair).


Chris:  Is this the friend that was feeling under the weather today?


Lindsey:  Yeah, she’s feeling a bit better now, or at least well enough to wander around with me.


Kyle:  Leena, an interesting name.  Is it short for anything?


Leena:  Kinda, it’s short for Magdalene.


Kyle:  Oh, like Mary Magdalene?


Leena:  (Furious).  No, absolutely not!


Kyle:  Could we call you Mags for short?


Leena:  (Crosses her arms in a huff).  No!


Kyle:  Well I can remember the name Mags but I’ll never remember the name Leena.


Leena:  (Entirely annoyed at Kyle).  Fine then, it’s not like I know you anyway.


Chris:  Oh, by the way everyone, this is Kyle.  Kyle, this is Lindsey, Austin, Derek, Danny, Willy, and Clinton.


Kyle:  Pleasure to meet you all.


Leena:  (Sneers).  I’m sure it is.


Lindsey:  Sorry about her attitude, she still isn’t feeling 100% like herself yet.


Kyle:  (Leans in towards Chris).  If this is only a fraction of what she’s really like, I’m glad she’s not feeling well.


Derek:  You know, if we’re attempting to get away from the teachers and the fieldtrip in general, we probably shouldn’t be hanging out in the room they’ll be coming to.


Kyle:  He does have a point.  Besides, I’m growing tired of looking at the star shaped stone.


Austin:  Oh come on, this is one of the greatest mysteries of our time!  Show some enthusiasm!


Lindsey:  And it’s so beautiful at the same time.  It just draws you into it, doesn’t it?


Chris:  (Nodding unthinkably).  Absolutely.


Derek:  (Unimpressed).  I’m not feeling its drawing power.


Leena:  (Practically sneers).  Me either.


Kyle:  Well of course you wouldn’t.


Leena:  No one asked you short man.


Kyle:  Looks who’s talking about short.


Lindsey:  (Frustrated).  No more fighting, please.


Chris:  Yeah, let’s just admire this thing while we have a chance.


Derek:  And I wonder why you care all of a sudden…


Chris:  I just…well, I haven’t had a chance to look at it so carefully.


Derek:  So go take a closer look.


Chris:  Okay, I will.  (Walks towards the Eclipse Star, stepping over the velvet ropes and up to it.  He brings his face inches away from it and squints in a very sarcastic fashion).  There, I believe my fascination has been quenched.


Derek:  Don’t you wanna touch it?


Chris:  What?  No, don’t be silly.


Lindsey:  (Walking up next to Chris).  It’s even more beautiful up close, isn’t it?


Chris:  (Getting flustered again as he looks into Lindsey’s eyes).  So…so very beautiful…  (Stumbles backwards and accidentally bumps the Eclipse Star, causing it to sway.  Everyone holds their breaths in anticipation of what is likely to happen).  Oh no, no, don’t…  (It falls off its pedestal to the ground.  Instantly, an alarm goes off and lights start to flash).  Darn it!


Kyle:  Uh, Chris, you might want to put it back where it was…


Chris:  (Franticly trying to position it back where it was).  Please, stay…  (It falls off its pedestal again).  Ack!


(Meanwhile, in the basement…)


Syrus:  Who triggered the alarms?!  Damnit…  (Points at the two soldiers accompanying him).  You two, meet back up with the men at the top of the stairs and wait for me to arrive, hurry!  (Syrus sprints off towards the security mainframe).  Enough of this quiet…  (Dashes at an incredible speed, causing the area around him to shake slightly.  He arrives at the mainframe in a matter of seconds.  Multiple guards are on their way from the mainframe to the nearest staircase.  Upon seeing Syrus they all grab their guns and bring them to firing position).  I don’t have time for this!  Gadoom!  (A shockwave of energy emanates from Syrus upon him throwing his arms out, sending all the guards to the floor.  Taking aim at the security mainframe, Syrus rushes toward it.  His fingers snap and crackle with electricity as he plunges his hand into the main circuit board.  Electricity flows from his entire body into the circuitry, ripping pieces of it apart as sparks of electricity explode forth.  It moves down the wires and jumps to all electronic devices in the area, including the main power grid, overloading it in seconds.  All power in the building goes out, leaving Syrus in darkness).  I truly hate being sloppy but I don’t have a choice…


(Going back to the scene upstairs a few moments back, Chris and the others have abandoned trying to get the alarms to magically turn themselves off and instead just kinda run around in circles).


Chris:  (Still holding the Eclipse Star).  Crap crap crap crap crap!


Derek:  Do something, damnit!


Chris:  I am!  I’m panicking!


Derek:  Well do something better!


(A shockwave sends everyone falling to the ground).


Derek:  What was that all about?!


Chris:  Don’t ask me, how would I know?!


(A second shockwave hits them, this time turning the power off, silencing the alarms).


Chris:  Oh thank God…


(Two of Syrus’ soldiers run into the room, looking very confused).


Soldier 1:  What’s going on?


Chris:  Oh, heh, you must be security.  I, um, accidentally bumped the exhibit and the alarms went crazy.  You can have this back if you want.  (Chris starts to walk over to hand the Eclipse Star over to him).


Soldier 2:  (Excited all of a sudden).  OH!  That kid’s got what we’re looking for!  Kill him!


Soldier 1:  (Still in control of his enthusiasm).  Syrus said to keep casualties to a minimum.


Soldier 2:  Syrus ain’t here, is he?


Chris:  Wait a minute, I think you’ve misunderstood, I’m not trying to steal it; you can have it back.


Soldier 2:  Well, we are trying to steal it.  (Gets all high and mighty).  In the name of the Demon Regime, I shall send you to Hell!  (Pulls out his assault rifle and aims it at Chris, opening fire almost instantly).


Chris:  Holy hell!  (His eyes grow wide as he dives behind the thick pedestal the Eclipse Star was sitting on.  The gunfire rips it up pretty good but it holds firmly enough to provide coverage.  While Chris is being shot at, the others all freak out and run in different directions).


Austin:  Chris!  (Dives at the soldier shooting at Chris, taking him to the ground).


Soldier 2:  Bah!  Dammit, don’t just stand there, kill this one!


Soldier 1:  Huh?  (Obviously confused with what’s happening but slowly reaches for his assault rifle, nervously raising it up to shoot Austin).  O…okay!


Kyle:  What the hell kind of museum security is this?!  (Grabs the head off a nearby suit of armor and hurls it at the soldier about to shoot Austin, hitting him in the back of the head.  The soldier falls to one knee and shoots in a straight line up the floor towards Austin and the other soldier.  Austin sees this and rolls out of the way and under cover as the gunfire hits the soldier that he was wrestling with).


Solider 1:  Oh…my…  What have I…?  (Drops his rifle and falls to his knees.  At this time the other four soldiers make their way into the room).


Soldier 3:  What’s going on?!


Kyle:  We’ve already covered that line!  Where have you been?!


Solider 1:  I…I opened fire and I missed and now…he’s not moving…  (Shaking uncontrollably, unable to keep himself together).


Soldier 4:  Where’s the Eclipse Star?


Solider 1:  The kid has it, the one behind the stand over there.  (Points towards Chris’ location).


Solider 4:  We have no choice then; kill him!


Chris:  Darn it…  (Huddles behind the pedestal in anticipation of more gunfire).


To Be Continued…



  1. avatarleo said,

    This part is really good. I almost feel the whole story should begin ‘at’ the museum, or maybe Chapters 1 and 2 could be condenced.
    The scenes with Syrus are really good, and I caught the Sin City “No need to keep it quiet” reference.

  2. The King of Zing said,

    I LOVED the whole introduction of the Kyle character. Though I have only gotten to hang out with said Kyle like three times, from what I know about him that is definitely something that a kyle character would do… Meaning, the whole pointing out in a subtle way that this is a comic, the whole breaking of the third wall in a tongue in cheek way… Totally loved it and think it will look cool in comic form. I also loved how the action built in this chapter. I think the characters are really coming into their own in a way. I also found the whole “them running around in circles” scene hilarious with Chris going “crap crap crap crap”…. That’s just funny. Good chapter, and it definitely does feel tigher or more refined than when I read it before… I don’t know for sure, it’s been a while.

  3. frabjousflamingo said,

    I definitely like this chapter.

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